OUAT Season 6 Episode 8: Mirror Mirror On The Wall


The battle between good and evil continues in episode eight of this season. Snow and Charming try to make do with their situation, Belle recruits unlikely allies, Regina and Emma find themselves in an undesirable situation and we see The Evil Queens parenting tactics.

Regina comes up with a plan to trap the Evil Queen, but to do so they would need to use Henry as bait. The plan seemed likes one that could very easily work. Trap her in a mirror while she was talking to Henry. Unfortunately for them it doesn’t go according to plan because as usual Queen is one step ahead. It’s like Regina forgets that she and the queen used to be the same person. Everything she thinks, Queenie has thought, and so when she whips out her mirror and tries to use it, the Queen informs them that she already swapped the mirrors before trapping them in the mirror they were going to use on her. Emma and Regina find themselves in a word of one way mirrors (which apparently used to be Sidney’s home).Eventually they realise they are not alone when the Dragon appears and tells them that the evil queen trapped him in there as well. On the bright side though he found a way out that could work.

While they are trapped in the world of mirrors, the evil queen is masquerading around as Regina. She convinces team saviour that she’s Regina and explains Emma’s absence as her going to New York to find the Dragon. The only person who senses something is wrong is Hook, who leaves Emma about seven voicemails. Later on in the episode he finds her phone and pieces of the broken mirror on the beach shore and as soon as he does Queen comes and knocks him out. This gives her more room to continue tricking Henry and get closer to him. This episode we find out that Henry and violet have been having some troubles as she’s stood him up twice and it’s affected his confidence. Queenie pretending to be Regina gives him a pep talk, telling him to remember that he is royalty, no matter where he goes. Henry genuinely believes that’s his mother until she tells him not to slouch. That was something only the Queen had said to him, and with that the light bulb goes off. He realises that is not his mum and quickly makes his way to the vault to try to reach them but is caught by the queen.


She tells him that all she wants is for him to have a choice and understand her and that she’s not evil but she’s also not a hero. Alright EVIL queen. She gives Henry a hammer and asks him to make a choice and save his mothers. I really don’t understand how darkening Henry’s heart is supposed to make him understand her better but oh well. In the mirror world, the evil Queen controls the dragon using his heart and instructs him to kill Regina and Emma. Now these two have no magic in that world so they can’t exactly fight the dragon. Henry has the choice of saving his mothers by using the hammer to smash the heart of the Dragon. Thankfully they raised a better son than that and so he finds another option and smashes the mirror instead. This creates a crack in the mirror both in their world and in Regina and Emma’s prison world and with a little Dragon fire a portal is created and they break free. Needless to say the queen is not too happy about this and as she’’s about to charge at them, Hook grabs her by the neck and asks her to step off. This man just keeps getting better and better in my eyes. I won’t lie to you, I genuinely thought Henry would smash the heart to save his mothers but it was great to be proven wrong. The Charmings truly are a heroic bunch and it’s great to see henry has picked up a lot of things from them. He’s the next generation of hero.

While all this drama is going on, Belle hatches a plan to try to get away from Rumple. She goes to Zelena and asks her to create a portal to the enchanted forest but Zelena isn’t of much help without the sorcerers help. They get Aladdin to agree to steal it from Rumple’s shop. Since Aladdin is supposedly the best thief in the world he succeeds. I don’t know but it seemed a bit too easy to me, or maybe that’s just a testament to how skilled of a thief he is. Anyway before Zelena can even use the wand Rumple appears and takes it from her. He and Belle get into it and it’s the same old same old. She threatens to run away, he refuses to let her, they exchange words, and this time he puts a bracelet on her that will allow him to find her wherever she is. Zelena makes a comment and he tries to kill her but hurting her himself will only hurt him. Remember when he was in the real world and powerless in a hospital and Zelena saved his life? She made it so that he could never hurt her. If he does, he hurts himself. However since Rumpelstiltskin is the master of loopholes he finds one for this situation too. He asks his new girlfriend aka the queen, to kill Zelena. Her own sister. I don’t even know if she’s going to go through with it. A part of me feels like she will do anything to get what she wants and so if it means killing Zelena then so be it, but another part of me wants to believe she’s not heartless enough to kill her own sister. Then again this is a woman who killed her father to enact the curse so she very well could.

In other news Snow and David are still trying to make do with their situation. They have this cute little system where they communicate through a notepad and videos on phones etc. Henry and Violet make up, turns out she was just worried about school because she didn’t know where she fit in, and Aladdin and Jasmine are still searching for Agrabah and it looks like we may have a new Genie.

I really liked that this episode focused primarily on Henry. I feel like he was a bit forgotten and it also allowed us to see a softer side of the queen. I don’t really know what’s next but I can’t wait to find out.


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