The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 4: Which Sister Are You?


This episode we got a history lesson, saw an old friend and had  our perspectives changed a little bit. A new villain was introduced, a bombshell dropped and we learn Tyler’s fate. It sounds like a lot doesn’t it? I promise you it wasn’t, just a lot of information to process, so let’s get right into it.

After Sybil’s capture last week there hasn’t been much progress in terms of what her end game is. The episode begins with two girls stranded on an Island and one asks the other to tell a story. She tells her the story of Arcadius, the first ever psychic. He was loved, friends with everyone and saw the good in people. He genuinely wanted to help, but one day he crossed the wrong person. The man managed to turn all Arcadius’ friends against him and they stoned him and then burned him alive. With his last breath as he realised that men were truly evil, Arcadius let out a scream so powerful that it created a world of it’s own, aka hell. Long story short, Arcadius or Cade as we will come to know him is the devil. I don’t mean to make this a race thing but why is the man who plays the devil a black man? Just wondering.

The Vampire Diaries has a tendency to make the audience empathise with all it’s villains. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but every single villain the show has had always had some sad back story that made them the way they are. It’s almost as if the writers think that if we see the villain in a situation that made them the way they are we will like them more. No. A villain is a villain. The show has done this so many times and the annoying thing is that most of the time it works. Take Katherine for example. The shows number one ‘villain’ if we can even call her that. Katherine was the way she os because she had no family. Every single member of her family that she knew of was murdered. Minus her daughter, but still. When we found out the truth we understood why she was the way she was. Even Klaus, as messed up as he is all Klaus wants it’s a family, to make more like him and have them love him for who he really is. I mean you find yourself rooting for Klaus, especially if you watch The originals (By the way that returns on 17th March). I brought this up because Sybil when she’s interrogated by Stefan gives the back story of her life and pretty much tells us why and how she became who she is. This scene also gave us QOTE. 

Stefan: The all-powerful Siren, imprisoned by a fork

Sybil: Says the man who can be killed with a stick

The girls on the island I mentioned earlier? Bombshell number one, one of them was Sybil, the other her sister. That’s right. Sybil has a sister, as in there are two Sirens. Just shoot me now. As a young girl she started to develop psychic abilities, something that was banned in her village and so she was exiled. She drifted onto an island but there she found another girl. They two became sisters in everything but blood. On this island there was no food they could actually survive off, and after being tricked into murdering sailors so they could eat their provisions, Sybil makes her sister promise not to do that ever again. So at this point there is the good sister and the selfish older sister. Parallels to Stefan and Damon’s story. Sybil asks Stefan one question, ‘which sister are you?”


Georgie, Alaric’s intern then injects Stefan with something putting him to sleep and he collapses. This allows Sybil to get into his head, and she continues the story. Back on the island her sister convinces her that there are wild boars on the island and so they feed off them, but then one day Sybil stumbles onto her sisters hidden stash of dead bodies. She had been luring sailors to the island to kill and eat. She had turned them both into cannibals. It is then that Stefan finally sees Sybil’s sisters face and it’s Seline. Bombshell number two! I TOLD YOU SOMETHING WAS OFF ABOUT HER! This whole time she has been parading around as a good innocent harmless nanny but this crazy lady is a cannibalistic siren! I cannot even deal with this. Outside of Stefan’s head, Seline makes Georgie trap Alaric in the vault and save Sybil but Georgie returns sans Sybil. She passes on a message from Sybil telling her to piss off. Seline tells Georgie to give her regards to Cade then snaps her neck and then starts eating her. That scene was just too weird for me. I’ve gotten used to seeing vampires sucking the life out of people necks but i don’t think I could ever get used to seeing Seline munching on another human. After Seline kills her, we see Georgie’s soul being sucked into the sky. In other words she goes to hell. I’m officially scared.

Sybil continues her story and tells Stefan what happened next. After Sybil found out she had unknowingly been eating other human beings, she threw herself of a cliff but Cade appears. In order to save Sybil’s life, Seline makes a deal with Cade for immortality, beauty and youth and in return they would feed him the souls of  evil men. Sybil was a good girl who just wanted to help people but instead was forced onto a path of darkness she never wanted. This prompts her to ask Stefan the question again, “which sister are you”” The selfish one that forced their sibling into a life they didn’t want because they were scare of being alone, or the victim. Stefan says he is both and Sybil tells him that the only way to save Damon is to kill the devil. Are you serious right now Vampire diaries? Kill the devil? What’s next, go up to heaven and make an alliance with God? That wasn’t even the worst part. Sybil also tells him that they are both damned to an eternal misery. Listen, I get that they’ve done horrible things in the past and that they are monsters deep down but i don’t want my babies to go to hell! Also I don’t know how but they will kill the devil (I say this but there’s still a bit of doubt in my mind) and they will get their happy endings. I’m speaking it into existence.

In other news, Damon goes on a little road trip to retrieve a Maxwell family heirloom for Seline. He finds what he’s looking for but he also bumps into Matt’s dad on the way. You guessed it right, Matty boy is back. Also Tyler really is dead. Matt finds his body in the trunk of a car. Bonnie is trying to switch Enzo’s switch back on and finally Seline secret is still a secret because Stefan doesn’t remember who the other Siren is.

Okay that was a lot, but it was a good episode. Now that we the audience know her identity and the rest don’t, I think this is going to get very interesting very soon.


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