Humans Season 2 Episode 3: Let Yourself Feel 


This show has always shown the struggle between humanity and not feeling. The characters beautifully represent the struggle as well and this episode we got a picture of how things develop when you let yourself feel and when you don’t. 

Niska who is fighting for her right to be tried as a human this episode had to undergo a series of tests to prove whether she’s conscious or not. The whole time I was watching the scene I kept thinking ‘really? The one synth that does like to show emotion is going to be the one to have to show emotion?’ and she doesn’t exactly prove me wrong. Before the tests start Laura tells Niska to open up and she asks why. Err Niska? So you don’t get terminated that’s why. They then proceed to show her a series of images meant to evoke some sort of emotion. However this initially gives no results because well Niska is cold and doesn’t really care about anything. I mean I was watching the pictures to and I was wincing at certain things but she just sat there perfectly still just staring at the screen. Just like a synth. Yes I know she’s a synth but the purpose of the test was to show them that she can indeed be human. X then realises that if they keep going the way they’re going, Niska is going to be shut down and so she begins to ask her about the night she killed the man. I was expecting rage from her but she showed us vulnerability. Niska tells them that in that moment she was scared. The use of the adjective ‘scared’ is proof that she understands and recognised emotion. That’s one proof of consciousness and I’m not judge but I know that is not enough. To win the case X needs more. After looking at the surveillance footage of Niska in the holding cell she sees her playing with a hair tie on her wrist. You can immediately tell it’s sentimental. I mean we know that because we know that the hair tie belongs to Astrid but Laura doesn’t know that. She goes looking trough Niska’s things and finds the hair tie and Astrid’s phone number. Okay I’m going to do a little predicting and go out on a limb here. I think that Laura is going to call Astrid and get her to come see Niska. If not, she will use Astrid to taunt Niska and maybe that is what will get her to open up. The frustrating thing about Niska is that she feels. We know she feels, she just doesn’t like to show it. She did react to the stimuli that was being thrown at her. We saw that when the music reminded her of when she and Astrid first met but she just wouldn’t show that she was in her feelings. If she doesn’t fix that, it will be her downfall.

Niska and .jpg

Somewhere else we have the opposite going on. Mia wears her heart on her sleeve and just bares all her emotions. She confides in Max that she has feelings for Ed and Hester overhears this. After Leo notices that their hostage has gone missing he rushes back to the house and tells them that it’s time to leave. Mia however, decides that she wants to stay put and is not going anywhere. Leo asks why and Hester chooses to be a tattle tale and tell him that Mia has feelings for Ed. Okay so now Leo is mad. He doesn’t really support Mia in her decision to stay but that’s the least of his concerns. Can we just talk about those two for a second. I know that they’re supposed to be like brother and sister but they have some other weird vibe going on. I can’t exactly put my finger on it but it’s not innocent. Anyway they leave her there and she plucks up the courage to go and see Ed. He isn’t too happy to see her but she’s pretty determined to talk. Somewhere by the sea Mia tells him her secret and also tells him that she’s basically in love with him. Next thing we know, they’re back in the ice cream parlour sitting on the floor and talking. Ed tells her that there were times when he felt something but he quickly dismissed it because he thought he was turning into one of those people who desire synths. However now that he knows the truth, he’s not one of those people and so he lets himself and there on the floor of the ice cream parlour behind the counter, we see them share their first kiss. I don’t know why that made me so happy because if we’re being real, this relationship is not going to work but I am so happy for Mia still. I mean she’s in love! The two spend sometime just sort of wrapped up in each other’s arms and while all that is happening Ed’s friend who doesn’t exactly like synths or Mia (I’m not sure) spots them and sees him stroke Mia’s cheek. I smell trouble already.

This episode we get to know Dr Morrow a little better. She pays a visit to her daughter who is hospitalised and seems to be in some sort of coma. Her (ex?)husband then makes an appearance asking her to agree to take their girl off life support but Athena is not having it. She then flies over to England to meet with another scientist to learn a bit more about conscious synths. We don’t know what exactly he tells her but by the end, she knows about the original 5, that Leo is still alive and that consciousness is possible for synths. We then find out that her IA V shares the same memory of a waterfall as herself. I’m not exactly sure but I feel like maybe V is supposed to be her daughter? It could explain why she’s trying to put her into a body. I don’t know though.

In other news, Karen and Pete try to keep their relationship secret at work but one suspicious colleague finds out. Karen rips her bag and starts to go into shock so Pete has to quickly take her into the car and turn her off. If iyou ask me, their relationship doesn’t do much for the show. Mattie succeeds with giving Odi consciousness but he’s still pretty messed up. Sophie is starting to act strange and if you ask me, a bit synth like.  Hester doesn’t know who to follow as Max and Leo both but want to do different things. Lastly we find out where the sylo is. It’s the HQ of where Dr Morrow works.


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