Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 5: The Bitch Is Back


Drama, drama, drama, was pretty much how you would sum up this episode. It was heart warming, entertaining and full of excitement. Oh and before I forget, the bitch is back! 

We picked up right where we left off where Jane tells Rafael that she doesn’t think Petra is Petra. However she’s not too sure, so the two debate about it and decide that it would be riskier going in without proof. After the help of a nanny cam in a teddy bear, Rafael storms in and confronts Anezska. Petra is finally able to move and to everyone’s surprise she lies about her identity when he asks her. I know right?

Eventually Petra takes her place back and doesn’t report Anezska because of the bond she has developed with her children. Petra comes back and first things first, she wants the relationship with Scott to be over, but he ends up proposing and Anezska says yes. The interesting thing is that when Petra ends it with Vests, she doesn’t do it in a cold way like I thought she would, but rather she tells him that she needs time to be on her own after two failed marriages. It made sense you know.

Now you’re probably wondering why in the hell she would still want to go through with blackmailing Rafael and selling his shares of the hotel, since you know, she loves him and all. Well my dear readers it’s because she’s hurt. Rafael told Anezska/Petra that initially he didn’t think she had the mum gene but looking at her (Anezska/Petra) with the kids now, he was wrong. I mean that had got to hurt. On top of that she was paralysed for months and no one noticed. Minus Jane, but that’s not important. Petra finally admits to Rafael that he was right and that it in fact was not her but the reason she’s doing this aka blackmailing him is because she’s tired of playing nice. Listen that scene gave me chills. I know Petra technically didn’t go anywhere but gosh I missed her. Anezska tried but no one plays Petra like Petra. That may seem like a stupid sentence but if you think about it, it really does make sense.


Jane The Virgin — “Chapter Forty-Nine” — Image Number: JAN305b_0298b.jpg — Pictured(L-R): Yael Grobglas as Petra and Justin Baldoni as Rafael — Photo: Robert Voets/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Jane on the other hand is dealing with some drama of her own. Alba finally agrees to handover the letters her sister has been sending over to her. After reading them, Jane just had to pull a Jane and reach out to one of her cousins. Her cousin then tells Alba’s sister who reaches out to Alba and I have never seen Alba this mad. Not even at Xio. She was fuming and when I tell you she was cold, she was cold. Jane tries to make things up to her and apologise and Alba says that she can move past it as long as Jane never contacts the family. Does she listen? No. Jane starts messaging her cousin Catalina and that leads to a Skype call and jane absolutely loves it. If you think about it though I don’t think we can really blame her. She has a whole family that she has no idea about and we know how family orientated Jane is. She has this need to be involved with them and so its unsurprising that this trait applies to her extended family as well.

Eventually she digs up the courage and apologises to Alba for contacting her family but not apologising for wanting to keep in contact with them. I know this is something that they are not going to agree on and may make their relationship a little tense and so it will be interesting to see their relationship dynamic change. Jane and Michael make their way home only to find Catalina at their doorstep. Eerrr whats up with that? You literally skype’d one time not knowing of or speaking to each other your whole lives! How did she even find Jane’s address? Also it’s hella creepy just showing up like that. She’s weirding me out and I have  a really bad feeling about her.

When you put aside all that major family drama we saw some interesting scenes as well. Michael and Rafael went on their first man date this episode. It was absolutely hilarious watching the two in the gym..Such opposites omg. I mean Rafael all muscles and tan and you know, Rafael, next to Michael, pale, cute and not so muscles. Plus Michael desperately reaching and trying to find something in common. I honestly laughed at that scene. It didn’t end on a high though. Michael spots Rafael chatting up a lady wearing a wedding ring and goes back home to Jane and tells her about it. On one of his man dates with Rogelio, Jane calls Michael to tell him he was wrong about Rafael and the lady was in fact not married. Rogelio takes this as his cue as the head of the family to get the two talking again and pretty much kidnaps them and gets them to talk. After some back and forth it all comes down to the fact that when Rafael took Jane from Michael, they were engaged. I’m not going to lie to you, I had a feeling that had something to do with it. Rafael eventually apologises to Michael for that and the two eventually find something to bond over..soccer. Before they made peace they briefly took their eyes of Mateo and they lost him. Those were the most intense 14 seconds ever. I was seriously thinking ‘not again not again not again’. They finally seem to be on track to being a somewhat functional family so that’s nice.

In other news, Rogelio auditions for his breakout role on American Tv with Rafaels help and he actually gets the part however there’s a clause in his contract for Passions of Santos. This means that he has to do something for his network but I have no idea what that could be. I’m sure we’re in for a surprise. Xiomara decides that she wants to open a dance school and that will be her next career venture and lastly Michael and Rafael crack the code Rafael’s mother left them.

Like I said, drama, drama drama and I am so ready for more.


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