Quantico Season 2 Episode 7: Torture


Things got a little better with episode 7 of Quantico. It was hard to watch, honestly, but I still found it somewhat entertaining. I know my previous posts haven’t exactly shed it in the best light but I’m looking forward to what it has to offer now. 

Back on the farm the recruits are being taught about torture tactics and for once they aren’t the subjects. Owen Hall decides that he will be the one tortured and his recruits have to get his alias out of him. He teaches them a few tactics and that’s initially what they use on him. Starvation, loud music, sleep deprivation, blaring lights, the whole thing and Owen still doesn’t crack. Torture is a very touchy thing and honestly not everyone can stomach it and so naturally the recruits are torn. Ryan is all about getting the job done whereas Alex is a bit more conflicted because morals. We see who amongst them can stomach it and surprisingly Dayana has a knack for it. Her knowledge on torture prompts Ryan into talking to her about her past and after she opens up to the recruits about being adopted and originally from Harare. What we learn from that conversation is that maybe just maybe she might have been a torturer. If she was though, she definitely had a lot of experience and was good because she tells the recruits that if they want to torture Owen, they need to torture someone he cares about; Lydia. It worked. They tied him to a chair, tied her up and started to drown her and he quickly gave up his alias. Later on that night Lydia tells him that if it were up to her, she wold have let him drown.


Meanwhile Alex decides to prove to Shelby and the rest of the FBI gang that she’s still up to the task and decides she’ll be the one to break Owen. While he’s being tortured, she sneaks into his house to find a false wall and do some snooping. This ends up with her finding a laptop and six phones but she couldn’t exactly leave with anything because Lydia was coming home just at the same time. Who would have ever thought that Harry would be saving Alex? I mean my guy saw her in Owens house and called her to give her a heads up about Lydia before distracting her to buy Alex some time to get out of there. I don’t know about you but I am so excited for the potential of a Alex Harry friendship. I mean he just makes everything so much better doesn’t he? The wittyness, the banter that is sure to come, I mean I am so ready for this.

You know what I’m not ready for though? Relationship drama. Alex and Ryan are starting again. The torture exercise plus Ryan, Nimah and Miranda shutting Alex out is all starting to affect their relationship. They have another argument but thankfully it didn’t last because I was rolling my eyes as soon as they started and I really didn’t want to watch another scene focused on their drama. The other ‘relationship drama’ and I use quotation marks because they’re not even in a relationship is Harry and Sebastian. Sebastian is so bothered by Harry and constantly says he’s not gay and so the two spend the whole episode at each other’s throats only for him to crawl into Harry’s bed in the middle of the night and kiss him. I. AM. SO. DONE. I can just feel in my chest that I really do not have the patience for these two and what’s about to come. We already get enough drama in the form of Alex and Ryan and we really don’t need more.

Meanwhile drama is about to descend between Alex and Shelby. Shelby is still seeing Leon but Nimah tells her that if she continues to then she would have to go undercover and therefore no longer be Alex’s handler. After Alex’s slip up by not taking a phone/the laptop, Shelby with sad eyes agrees to go undercover. You know the sad thing? Alex doesn’t even know what’s happening. She’s just slowly being left out and I feel so sorry for her. Last season Alex was the perfect student that you hated because she excelled at everything and she was generally so up herself but this season she’s not exactly a failure but she’s not great. I find that so sad, and I just seem to be empathising a lot more with her. I think there’s a huge character development here because generally as an audience we don’t find her as annoying as we used to last season so does that mean she’s relatable now?


In the future Alex manages to set herself loose of Lydia’s chains, grab a phone and call Shelby. She then gives her 6 digits of a phone number but the phone dies before she can finish. She is immediately caught by the terrorists and is taken hostage. The interesting with tis episode was that the flashbacks actually made sense when they cut with the present. We could see Alex being tortured and that cut in nicely with the way the recruits were torturing Owen back on the farm. Initially the terrorists try to torture her by appealing to her humanity but then they turn to her emotions when they bring Dayana into the room. Just as Alex breaks, Harry, Sebastian and Leon come crashing in and ‘rescue’ them. I say rescue because I don’t actually trust anyone yet. Meanwhile across town after Miranda finds out that the CIA/FBI is tracking the phone, she publicly kisses her boyfriend before planting the phone in his bag. He’s then caught and then she puts on this ‘pretends to be shocked’ voice and honestly it just make my blood boil. I really need Shelby to wake up and smell the coffee because I really can’t deal with this anymore.

This was an entertaining episode if I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, but I still feel like something is missing from this season. Not exactly sure what but something is definitely missing.


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