Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 5: Chanel Open Call


Yes it’s been confirmed. Special Agent Denise Hemphil of the FBI is officially dead. After the ridiculous hiatus the show went on, we finally have confirmation. Channel number 5 however, is not. This episode we came closer to the actual mystery of the show, and as usual, we got some drama. 

After the Dean Munsch and the Chanel’s find number five and Denise, Dean Munsch finally accepts that she can’t keep the murders from the police anymore especially since everyone at the party was butchered. Luckily for her though, like they say, you can never have bad press. The murders get her even more clients and the hospital is crowding with people with interesting illnesses. The Chanels take this as their opportunity to recruit more Chanels especially since they’ve pretty much been demoted. The influx of clients means that they can’t act as doctors anymore and do actual medical work because you know, they’re not qualified. With their new-found spare time, the pretty much hold an open call and try to recruit as many Chanels as possible just so they can use them as body shields.


Nurse Hawful is loving that the Chanel have been demoted and well treats them even worse that she usually does. Dean Munsch for some reason I can’t really understand supports the Chanels and fires Nurse Hawful. Little does she know that Hawful knows her secret and she uses that to her advantage and blackmail Munsch to get her job back. Honestly I was just waiting for her to finally use the information. It was clear that we were heading towards blackmail, so I’m just glad that that’s out-of-the-way now. Munsch then has a word with the Chanels, telling them that she’s fine with their little recruitment plan and asks if they happen to know where Hester is. They say no but they really do. Harbouring a criminal that’s what they’re doing! In order to protect themselves for some reason that I cannot even begin to understand, they decide to have the girl who tried to murder all of them and openly hates and has said she still wants to kill them, move in with them.


In other news, someone that’s actually trying to solve the mystery is Zayday. `She recruits Chanel number five to come with her to visit the woman whose husband was killed that night. Zayday suspects that the baby is Chamberlain because he lied about his employment, but upon meeting the woman, she dismisses him as a suspect. only to find out that her husband was black so it could be Chamberlain after all. What they don’t know, that we now do is the identity of the baby. Ladies and gentlemen Dr Cassidy is the baby! I had my suspicions after they said he would be around 30 and after Chad died he was the only one left, well it wasn’t like it was going to be Chad. For all we know he’s the green meanie! It would make complete sense, but hey, what do I know?

In other news, Chanel recruited a male Chanel for the first time this episode. I love that they called him Chanel pour homme. Loved it. Unfortunately though we wouldn’t be seeing more of him because he was murdered. The patient this week was a lady from the UN whose accent changed every sentence. It also happened to be contagious so it was pretty interesting seeing that whole change of accent thing.

I just really want to know who the monster is. This season is starting to feel like a repeat of season one but I’m hopeful that it will get better and sort of find its own voice.


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