Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 1: Remember

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This is a really emotional post for me to write. I say this for many reasons, the first being that Teen Wolf is coming to an end and the second just being what this season is about. Earlier this year, we had a scare regarding Dylan O’Brien. If you love him as much as I do, or just know what goes on in general you may have heard that our dear boy was involved in an accident while filming ‘Maze Runner’. Dylan’s schedule had already made filming for Teen Wolf difficult but his accident created a new issue which meant he’d be gone for longer but Teen Wolf graciously embraced that.

Most shows do this really annoying thing where they just kill a character off or send them away for reasons that make absolutely no sense when the real life actor has scheduling issues. Some of you may be reading this and thinking, “nope, they don’t do that to main characters,” well they do. Think ‘Chasing Life’ and what happened with Leo when Scott Michael Foster had to go and film ‘Blood and Oil’. You can understand why after that traumatic experience I was a bit worried about Stiles’ fate on the show. Thankfully for us all, the writers of Teen Wolf have graciously and sensibly yet infuriating -ly incorporated Dylan’s absence. Do you know why Season 3 was the best? And also if you want to argue with me about season three being the best then my dear you have no argument because it’s in the numbers. Season 3 was the best and most watched so sshhh. It was because it was about Stiles. Simple. I absolutely love that this season, its final is also about Stiles. It’s weird isn’t it? Stiles is not the protagonist of the show yet seems to be the heart of the show. The fans adore him and the characters love him. Stiles makes Teen Wolf, not Scott. Can you imagine my horror when the promo for the season came out and I realised that Stiles was going to be forgotten? Yeah my mouth pretty much just dropped to the floor. For those of you who did not see the promo when it aired, boy are you in for a surprise.
The episode begins with Liam and Hayden on a date somewhere, and Liam’s car is broken down. The two somehow end up making out and then try to stop a car heading towards them so they can get a lift. Only the car is empty. As they investigate, a boy comes up to them and begs them not to let him get taken too. Somewhere else in the town, Scott and Stiles are playing superhero but not really. They seem to be doing more harm than good. Scott is ready to accept that the police department doesn’t need them anymore, Stiles on the other hand is adamant that something is about to happen. He just can’t seem to let go of the idea of the supernatural. As it turns out, Stiles is right. I mean we are talking about Beacon Hills here. Nothing is normal. Stiles is convinced that there is more to the story and gets Scott to come with him to an abandoned house which is apparently where the young boy lives. For protection, the boy is being held in lock up at the station so the men who took his parents don’t come for him. These men are some eerie cowboy’s that come in on horses while the leaves blow and it’s just creepy. I’m not talking about the dread doctor’s kind of creepy. This is new. While he’s upstairs investigating, Stiles is almost attacked by one of the riders and is shot at, thankfully nothing happens to him then. Later on in the episode he’s trying to figure it out with Lydia and the two identify what the men are. Ghost Riders who come in and erase people and apparently they only take those who see him.
After Stiles and Scott return to the station to check on the boy, they discover that he’s no longer there and that in fact no one remembers him. The two then make their way to the school because a body has been discovered. Before they go their separate ways, Stiles almost says goodbye to Scott, like a ‘I love you’ type of goodbye, but he doesn’t and instead goes to speak to Ms Martin. She looks at him like a crazy person but he ignores her, finds Liam, Hayden and Mason and starts to speak to them too but they don’t know who he is either. He then spots his dad, runs to him and the first thing the sheriff says to him is ‘Are you okay son?’. This part really messed with me let me tell you right now. I didn’t want to get too excited because honestly I knew what was going to happen but it was hope. I had hope and that’s what let me down. Stiles tries to talk to the Sheriff only to be asked what his name was. Can you imagine!!! You’re freaking out and you try to talk to your dad but he has absolutely no idea who you are. My heart would break just there. Stiles then calls the next person he knows, Scott, but he doesn’t know who he is either. The only person who comes through (kind of but barely) is Lydia. She is the only one who remembers Stiles and with her banshee powers and the help of Malia realises that Stiles is about to be erased. She finds him and the two dramatically try to escape the Ghost riders but he eventually realises that there’s nothing he can do. Before they take him, he asks Lydia to do one simple thing. Remember. Does she? NO SHE DOES NOT.
The frustrating thing about this episode is that the whole time I was watching it, there were little things, clues they were leaving. I just pushed it to the side like ‘oh Stiles just isn’t ready to let go of his high school life’ but NO! They were trying to tell us what was coming. Firstly someone else got his lacrosse jersey, secondly he hadn’t taken his yearbook photo and lastly he just wasn’t even going to classes. They were erasing him during the episode!
I love how they’ve done this, I really do but I just know that I’m going to be getting frustrated this season. It’s not just that I want them to get Stiles back, I’m yearning for Stiles back, yearning! Do you understand the weight of that word? Obviously I know they will get him back, It’s just a matter of when and how. #FindStiles #BringbackStiles #YouHadOneJobLydia #REmemberStiles
Pretty much hashtags to sum up how we’re all feeling.

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