The Flash Season 3 Episode 6: Who Wants Powers?


It was only a matter of time before we got The Flash x 2. Okay we haven’t exactly gotten two flashes. This episode was one that we all saw coming but that didn’t make it any less stressful to watch. 

If you were wondering what happened with Caitlin we finally sort of got an answer. In the earlier part of the episode, Caitlin is still keeping her powers a secret and steals Cisco’s power dampening cuffs to control hers. After he suspects HR of stealing them, she comes clean and asks him to vibe her just to put her mind at ease. He does b=vibe her but what he sees isn’t pretty. Cisco sees himself fighting killer frost and it’s a fight for survival not a play fight. However he can’t bring himself to tell her and so he lies saying that everything will be fine. However Cisco isn’t that great of a liar and Caitlin knows that he’s keeping something from her and so she confronts him. He comes clean the second time and this convinces Caitlin that she has to leave. Personally I don’t really know where she’s going but I feel like she won’t be gone for long. You can’t really have team flash without her. Also this is a very interesting point the show is trying to make. Just because you know what could happen, does it mean that it will definitely happen? Even though Caitlin knows she’s supposed to become evil, is her going away going to stop her from becoming evil? Am I making sense or just rambling at this point? Okay okay enough is enough. Let’s move on.

Ever since Barry came back from flashpoint, we knew it was a matter of time before Wally went to Alchemy. Except it didn’t exactly happen like we thought it would. Wally tells joe about his dreams of being kid flash and joe is not too happy about it. This causes some tension between the two because Wally can’t understand why Joe is so against him having powers but fine with Barry. Wally came into their lives, there was some tension between him and Barry. There was this whole other son his dad had who wasn’t even his biological son yet seemed so perfect. It took a while for Barry and Wally to be cool, but this, this whole power thing seemed to stir up old feelings. Wally really doesn’t understand why Joe is so against him having powers and eventually Joe is able to explain that the reason he worries is because he sees himself in Wally. Fearless and reckless, and that’s why he’s scared what may happen if he were to get powers. That is completely understandable. You know what I found a bit contradictory though? He worries about Wally so much yet he can go on a date when he really shouldn’t be. But hey, just my opinion.


I love this show and how it tries to mix and sort of balance the light heartedness with the serious stuff. That is something Arrow just doesn’t do. Most of the time the flash succeeds at this but I felt like with this episode, it just wasn’t the time you know? After Wally tells Joe about his dreams Alchemy hits him with full force, taking over him, calling his name, basically driving him to come and see him. It get’s so bad that they have to lock Wally in one of the cells in STAR Labs to protect him. Your son is under attack by some power giving creature and is literally falling to the floor because he’s in so much pain yet you decide you can take a time out and go on a date? Cool. In fact they all decide yeah let’s just go and see a movie. I mean it’s not like anything urgent his happening. Obviously while they’re at the park watching the movie, Wally is under attack and they themselves at the park come under attack by the meta of the episode who is a shadow. A freaking shadow. After they handle that situation they return to star labs where Iris catches them up to what happened. Joe then decided enough is enough and that they need to go after Alchemy using Wally as bait. Do these people not know that these plans never work? You can’t just go and trap the ultimate villain just like that. Obviously their plan doesn’t work. They get there, SWAT team and all but they didn’t achieve anything they set out to do. They didn’t catch Alchemy, they didn’t stop Wally from getting powers and they didn’t even protect Barry for good ness sake. Wally ends up touching some stone which is guess is the power wielding stone and goes into a cocoon. A cocoon. What is he, a butterfly? Out of nowhere Savitar appears! SAVITAR! As in the god of speed. I’m sorry whet? I did not see that coming. So while Wally is in a cocoon, Barry is in the grip of Savitar. Yup. okay cool. What now?

In other news, HR suggest to Caitlin and Cisco that they reopen STAR Labs but as a museum to sort of mask their involvement in team flash. He also suggests that he could be the face. How? You have the face of a murderer’ you may ask, well ladies and gentlemen, our dear HR has a solution for that too. Weird right? He has this device that can give the illusion of him looking like his business partner from his earth so problem solved. Funnily enough I never actually wondered about their jobs. They clearly spend all their time in star labs, and don’t seem to have actual paying jobs. How do they survive? Anyway that’s not important.

I’m excited to see what could be next now. Wally will obviously come out of his cocoon and it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamics will change once he does.



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