Arrow Season 5 Episode 7: Truth is a Matter of Perspective


You know when you’re watching a show and you’re desperately hoping for it to get better but it just isn’t doing it for you anymore? That’s how I feel about Arrow. In this episode, Team Arrow encounters a new villain that makes Oliver doubt himself and we find out something that is supposed to shock us back into interest. 

The team is challenged by a new vigilante this episode and he gave me major season one ‘The Hood’ flashbacks. The vigilante is one who has taken it upon himself to be judge jury and executioner, murdering criminals because in his opinion the Green Arrow just isn’t doing his job very well. Oliver tells the rest of the team that they need to make the vigilante a priority and get the ‘psycho’ off the streets. The recruits all then try to be deep and what not and challenge Oliver by questioning who decides who the good vigilante and bad vigilante it. Oliver quickly puts them in their place by reminding them that just a week ago If you’re wondering how come he doesn’t have a nickname, that’s just it, it’s Vigilante.

After team Arrow baits him out, he has a conversation with the Green Arrow telling him that he’s failed at his job and it’s probably because he hasn’t lost anyone. Little does he know that Oliver is pretty much racking up all the points when it comes to loss. When Vigilante says this, it naturally hits a nerve and so the Green Arrow goes on the attack. He manages to subdue the vigilante and ties him up to a wall to unmask him but just a he tries to, he’s greeted with an explosion and as soon as he lands on the other side of the room, the vigilante is gone. While the rest of the team returns to their hideout, Artemis/Evelyn is making plans of her own. It turns out the Evelyn has been working with PROMETHEUS! She meets him on a rooftop and assures him that the others don’t suspect a thing. I will admit it, it took me by surprise. It really did, but I don’t find it that surprising. If you really think about it, it makes sense. Evelyn has always blamed the Green Arrow for the death of her parents and she never really got over their death so finding out that she actually still hates Oliver is no surprise at all. Someone needs to give her an oscar though because she had us all fooled.


While all this drama is going on, Thea is dealing with her own drama. Quentin hands his resignation letter over to her and finally tells her the truth regarding his drinking. I don’t know when or how she developed this concern for him but it pushes her to go to his apartment and try to talk him out of it. He then confides in her and tells her about the arrow he found, all of this eventually leading her to taking him to rehab to get better. Hopefully this time he allows himself to get better because at this point I don’t know about you but I’m struggling to see what good Quentin is doing for the show.

I think most of us forgot that John is a fugitive but we were reminded of that in this episode. We see John is very frustrated as he takes out his anger on a punching bag. He opens up and tells Rene that he missed his son’s second birthday because the US Marshall’s are watching his home. That hit me in the feels, I will not lie to you. Can you imagine what he must have been feeling. If he was still in prison it would be a little different but this time, he’s free in the sense that he’s out, but he’s not free because he can’t even go home. To my surprise, Rene takes it upon himself to invite Lyla and John’s son. If he can’t go to the party, bring the party to him. That was just a really sweet scene.

In other news in the past, Oliver is told by Kovar that Taiana’s mother actually works for him and that he hired her after her children went missing. This of course suggests that he had nothing to do with them going missing but maybe I may be jumping the gun a bit here. He also tells Oliver that the Bratva is using him and never really accepted him. He doesn’t believe them initially but after he sees a Bratva superior discussing the terms of the agreement with Kovar himself.

I still don’t have any expectations for this show after this episode. Yes I’m intrigued by the Prometheus and Evelyn revelation but I am by no mean excited. I just want to keep watching this show to see how it will pan out but that is it.


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