Empire Season 3 Episode 6: Hack Hack, Who’s There?


Do you smell that? Anyone smell that? Betrayal is in the air my friends! It’s reared its ugly head once again and this time it’s definitely making a huge impact. This is Empire, it’s full of drama, back stabbing, you know, the occasional betrayal here and there but this time…this time was different.

Let’s get straight into this betrayal business. The episode begins with a scene with Cookie wishing Angelo luck as he announces his bid for mayor. She quickly emails him a picture of her ‘cookies’ and quickly shoos him out of her apartment. Immediately after, her phone automatically starts playing Tiana’s single which wasn’t that great. Next, we see Jamal in the studio with Derick and as they discuss the track they’re working on, Jamal’s phone starts playing the same Tiana song. Finally Lucious is at home with Anika when the very same thing happens. At this point it’s obvious Empire has been hacked. Everything was being released. The Tiana track, private emails, all of it. This is all so weirdly familiar. (Who’s trying to remind Sony of their crises?) Later on in the day, Luscious receives a text message demanding a million dollars on the hour every hour. You can imagine how he reacted, Lucious was not having that. On top of all that, remember the picture Cookie emailed Angelo? Yes that got leaked too. So at this point I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out who is responsible for putting Cookie’s cookies out there. She deserves QOTE because the way she handled that, I couldn’t stop laughing.

What the hell y’all lookin’ at — they perky

Alright so a list of possible suspects, Anika? Or Shyne?  Maybe Vaughn and birdman? Probably any other person Lucious has crossed. As the episode progresses we start to strike off names. Anika and Shyne were quick to be cleared because it just didn’t make sense if you really thought about it. Shyne had just gotten his imprint so it really wouldn’t make sense for him to hurt the company. Anika has had the opportunity to go against Lucious before and she hasn’t, plus she’s a mother now so I don’t think she wants to be getting on his bad side either. That leaves Vaughn and Birdman. Lucious eventually gets Vaughn over to ask him himself and he denies having any involvement. Who does that leave then? I was out of ideas at this point. I genuinely thought we were about to be introduced to a new enemy of Lucious’. After some investigating, Andre finds a flash drive in one of the studios which happened to be the one Tiana was working in. She then tells them how Graham had promised to humiliate them. We had our answer then! Or so we thought.

In the final minutes of the episode we see Andre and Nessa walk into an abandoned factory where he asks her to be quiet and just trust him. That was when I knew. I just knew. Andre makes his way down and meets with Vaughn, shakes hands with him and hands him a duffel nag of money. He then condemns him for leaking Cookie’s nude picture since it wasn’t part of the agreement. That, ladies and gentlemen is how we find out that Andre, the most loyal Lyon of them all was responsible for the hack. After they leave, he tells Nessa that he knew his father would put him in a position of power and with her musical talent and his criminal tendencies they could become so powerful. It’s no secret how badly Andre wants to run the Empire, and he and Rhonda always tried to scheme their way to power but this, this was on a whole new level. Rhonda would approve. It will be interesting to see what the consequences of this will be. It won’t stay a secret forever.


In other news, the hack released all emails, including some death threats Jamal was not aware of. This, accompanied with losing his track in the hack all pushes him past his limit a little bit. Jamal this season has been battling some form of mild depression if you ask me and this episode he went over the edge. He went against Philip’s advice and mixed his pills and alcohol. He also invited Derick over and the two got re-acquanited. Normally I would be furious over him letting Derick back in his life but in this case if Derick wasn’t there our Jamal would have died. In the middle of the night, Derick finds Jamal unconscious and panics and so calls Philip who then comes to the rescue. This could either be the beginning of the end or a serious wake up call for Jamal.

After Cookie’s picture leaks, she ends things with Angelo. Honestly I get why. On the day he’s announcing his bid that happens and totally overshadows everything. I have been rooting for Cookie to escape the claws of Lucious for so long and Angelo looked like he could have been the one to free her. Listen I felt like I was right there in that break up too. The thing is Cookie wasn’t exactly wrong especially since later on that day instead of the media to ask him questions about his bid, they asked questions about his relationship with Cookie. His answer was him taking off his shirt too in solidarity with Cookie. I mean if you don’t love Angelo by now then good luck to you. After that, I can promise you these two will get back together.

This was an interesting episode. It had its ups and downs definitely, but it still hasn’t changed how I feel about the season so far. I’m not too sure what is going on. I’m still hoping for the best though. Fingers crossed.



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