HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 9: Under The Sheet


I am so mad. Mad at myself, mad at the writers, mad at everything. We finally found out who was under the sheet and boy oh boy I was not ready for that. There was a lot that happened this episode but obviously, the body was the most surprising.

The way the season has been going so far, we sort of saw one person at the end of each episode who was ‘safe’ and not the body under the sheet. We had pretty much seen all of the Keating five by episode 8 and so most of us were sure that it was none of them. After discovering that the victim was and African-American male, all bets were on Nate because you know, Wes was in the Police station. BUT NO! YOU CAN NEVER TRUST TV. No matter how many tv shows you watch and no matter how good you think you are at predicting episodes you can never be sure until it actually airs, and even then sometimes you still can never be sure. What I’m trying to say is, we’re not the writers, we’ll never know and we will never be prepared to have our hearts ripped out and discarded to the side like some game of thrones type of thing.

You know how you convince yourself that a character would never die because they’re the heart of the show and it would be nothing without them? Yeah the writers don’t care about that and will do whatever the hell they want to do. Who would have ever thought that Wes would be the one under the sheet? WES! What the hell Pete??!!!! Yes he had his annoying moments, yes sometimes he was a bit hypocritical but he was by far the least messed up person on the show! Their moral compass (to some extent, when you forget about the fact that he murdered Sam) and pretty much the cute one on the show. They called him the puppy for goodness sake! Yet they killed him, like he was some secondary character and not the heart of the show.

I’m not going to lie to you, I am so disappointed in myself for not even seeing that coming. I was so sure that it would be Frank or Nate because there was absolutely no way they would kill Annalise’s humanity. However that’s exactly what they thought they needed to shake things up. I mean if you go back to episode one and look at the way Annalise screams when she sees the body, there were only two people who could evoke that kind of reaction. Nate or Wes and I just didn’t see it being Wes. I don’t know how I feel right now if I’m being very honest. I am just hurt. What the episode did leave me with though were about a thousand more questions.

Remember how episode 8 ended with Frank contemplating life and ready to blow his head off to make things up to Annalise? Yeah that didn’t happen. Bonnie manages to calm him down talking to him about their connection and how wanted he is, telling him that she loves him and that night meant a lot to her. Yet as soon as Annalise is in trouble Bonnie is asking Frank to take the fall. If that’s love, I don’t want any part of it. They can keep it. Meanwhile Frank is also causing trouble elsewhere.


Annalise’s students all somehow manage to pass their finals and she gives them a crate of champagne to celebrate. Listen, I can’t even handle university work, my social life and scrape a 2:1, yet these lot are juggling workload, murders and a social life and they’re making the grades. Ha. Okay. Anyway back to Frank, Wes finds out that he spent the night at Laurels and he’s not happy one bit. Asher tells Michaela that he gave her mum her address and she’s currently on her way to her apartment. If looks could kill, he’d be three feet under right now. Connor accidentally gives Oliver a clue about what really happened the night of the bonfire, a.k.a the night of Sams murder and so he goes digging for information. Basically their all pretty much wrapped up in their own drama and arguing amongst themselves.


Annalise suspects that she’s being investigated by the DA’s office and so goes to confront Atwood but gets nothing out of her and so goes to ask Nate who is clueless about it. Annalise then goes home, drowns herself in a bottle of vodka and then proceeds to destroy evidence. I’m talking burning papers, smashing laptops, literally everything she could think of as possibly incriminating had to go. While that was going on, Nate is doing his own snooping and finds out that she is indeed being investigated and so heads to the house to check on her. Guys, how good of a man is Nate? I mean come on. She put him through HELL but he just can’t let her go can he? Annalise ends up at Bonnie’s and is put to bed. please tell me how this woman wakes up a couple of hours later totally fine?No hangover, nothing. She just goes into beast mode and starts calling everyone to meet her at the house. Before she heads home though she meets Oliver on campus and of course asks him to do some hacking for her. The only one who manages to drag herself into the house is Laurel.

So the two people who were seemingly in the house right before it exploded were laurel and Nate (because he went in to check on her remember?) So please explain to me how he got out unscathed and was just perfectly fine but my poor Wes had to be the one to die? I just don’t get it. To make things even worse, Nate visits Annalise in the cell and tells her that Wes was already dead before the fire. SOMEONE MURDERED WES! I cannot get my head around this. This post is about a month late and I’m still trying to digest this information. Who would want to kill Wes and why? We see him walking out of the station after he decides not to corporate, and so he was killed on his way back to campus.

The second half of the season is going to focus on his final moments. I bet you that’s what the flashbacks will be about. I don’t know though. I keep trying to imagine the show without him and i just can’t do it. Do you think it’ll be just as good without him?



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