Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 11: Moving Forward


At the end of the last episode, we found out some things about the farm and it made us root for the Bordelon siblings harder than we ever have. The problem with these three though is that when one good thing happens, a bad thing follows right after. This episode wasn’t any different.

After they find out the truth about the farm, the siblings agree not to sell and to finance the whole process themselves. Charley tells them about a mill that’s 16 hours away and they agree to grind their cane then, but they would have to apple for a loan. They get the farm valued and it turns out that with the 300 acres they’ve farmed this season, they could make $1.5 million. That’s a lot right! Charley and Ralph Angel wait to meet with the advisor but instead are greeted by one of the Bordeaux brothers who informs them that their loan will not be approved. As if that wasn’t enough, he just had to threaten them too. This of course means that no loan = no money to finance grinding the cane. So they’re pretty much in trouble.

The siblings as usual have their own issues in their personal lives and Charley in particular had quite the episode. Firstly Micah finds out about her and Remy. After one of the farm meetings, Charley and Remy share a kiss, and Micah happens to walk in on them. He then questions whether she ever loved Davis before walking away. Thinking about that scene I completely understood Micah and why he reacted the way he did. It was just too soon in his mind for his mum to be moving. It completely caught him off guard. It was a little interesting seeing him give her the silent treatment but the best part about that was Violet’s reaction. That my friends is our QOTE.

He needs to get the ass whooping treatment

Micah finding out about Charley and Remy also did some good for the sisters. Feeling guilty and broken, Charley goes to her sister for some comfort. She tells Nova about what happened, her and Remy and that Davis was the only man she had ever been with. Sexually. That was such a sweet moment and I love that they were able to do that. As if the moment couldn’t get any sweeter, Nova tells Charley that she can help her. I immediately thought weed, because in the past we’ve seen Nova hand it to people to help them. I was staring at the tv thinking ‘girl this isn’t the time for some damn weed’ but boy was I wrong. To my surprise Nova prays over Charley to Oshun to help her accept and find herself now that she’s newly single. This is one thing I would like to commend the show for. Most of the time when practices like this make appearances on tv they are usually linked to voodoo and evil and in general negativity. This wasn’t. This was a beautiful scene where Nova was trying to help Charley. They delicately handled tackling the stereotype so gently but effectively, and it was great. Charley after this doesn’t necessarily have much guilt over her wanting Remy but rather over her relationship with Micah. Nova speaks to him trying to get him to understand that his mother is human too and eventually Micah lets loose. Later on that day he gives her permission to dance with Remy.  That was an interesting sentence to type. A child giving their mother permission. Wow.


Moving on to Ralph Angel, he and Darla are growing close this episode. They’re functioning like a family and it really is beautiful to see. Blue tells his mother that there is a kid in school that has been bullying him and Darla tells him to fight back. Ralph Angel joins them and the three have a cute family moment as they tickle Blue on the bed. Darla then takes Blue to school and meets Ms Valez who then says to her “I didn’t know Ralph Angel got a baby sitter.” I. AM. DEAD. I’m still laughing at that. Obviously Darla wasn’t too happy hearing that and you can see her facial expression just change so quickly before correcting her and telling her who she actually is. She then hands a card over with her number on it asking to be called if anything ever happens. She didn’t have to wait long. Later that day Ralph Angel and Darla get called in to the school because our little Blue, got in a fight. Ms Valez then talks to them and the parents of the bully asking them to speak tot heir children. As Ralph Angel and Darla walk about, he places his hand on the small of her back and Ms Valez notices. The look on her face saddened me. She looked so disappointed. It was like finding out that your crush doesn’t like you back. I imagine that’s how she was feeling, and that is not a nice feeling.

In other news, Nova has taken Too Sweet in. After finding him on her door step she has taken on a mothering role. Okay I wasn’t ready for that but wow. It should definitely be interesting to see. If you ask me, I don’t really know what the Too Sweet storyline is doing for the show anymore but I guess time will tell. Also, Aunt Vi is officially running the high Yellow. This episode saw its reopening and it seemed to be a success.

I know this episode is setting up for the finale but I like the way it’s going and people, I cannot wait to watch the finale! (Bare with me, I will get to it soon!)


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