The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 5: I Will Not Leave You


Matt makes his return to Mystic Falls this episode but it wasn’t a happy one, we say goodbye to Tyler, Damon has a crisis, Bonnie makes a breakthrough and we get a new arrival. This was a very entertaining episode.

Let’s talk about Matt first. He returns to Mystic Falls shaken up. In episode 4 He had to deal with Damon almost killing his dad, then he found Tyler’s body and now he’s had to bring Tyler home. He calls up the gang and gives them the news. Matt, Alaric, Caroline and Stefan carry Tyler’s coffin to the graveyard to put him to rest (I could have sworn the Lockwood’s had their own crypt) and find four graves waiting for them. Damon pops up out of nowhere with the sole intention of getting everyone to hate him. To make sure they really do hate his guts, he force feeds Matt some of his blood and then disappears. Needless to say that that ruins Tyler’s funeral. Matt goes back to the Lockwood mansion with his dad to pack Tyler’s things away and he receives a box which Tyler left for him. It turns out that Tyler was helping Virginia find Seline, but now that he’s dead, he’s leaving the task to Matt. By the end of the episode they all come together once again to try to give Tyler a proper funeral. Okay so maybe it wasn’t a proper funeral, more like a goodbye ceremony. They all meet at the carnival, say some nice words and then try to have fun because that’s what both he and Elena would have wanted. It’s crazy how far this show has come. Who would have thought that we’d ever be at a point where Elena would be gone and Tyler would be alive? To be honest once he made it past season five, I figured he would just always be there.

During the day, after Damon makes his little appearance at Tyler’s funeral, he begins to feel. A little bit. Personally I found this really weird. Never ever has Damon Salvatore even felt a twinge of guilt when his humanity is supposedly switched off, so how does this make sense? I’m saying all this now but when I was watching the episode I would be lying if I told you I didn’t think he would flip his switch back on. Damon goes to see Sybil after he realises he’s feeling something and Sybil realises that it’s a problem for her. She provokes him a little, he smacks his hand against the glass and cracks it just a teeny tiny bit and then he leaves. (We’ll come back to the crack). Damon then goes to see Stefan and asks for his help. Stefan tries to convince Damon to come home with him and he can help him be happy again. We’ve seen how indecisive Damon can be, so of course he sort of argues with Stefan but he wants to be better but he doesn’t want to feel. In the end though he decides not to go, but Stefan tries to shoot him with vervain, and very swiftly Damon catches it. While Damon is almost about to beat Stefan into a pulp, Caroline fires three shots of vervain into his back. Stefan then chains him up, puts him in his coffin and leaves him in the crypt.

Meanwhile while everyone is focusing n Tyler’s funeral and Damon’s battle with humanity, Seline is baby sitting the twins. She takes them to the carnival and we see her use her powers to get them gifts even when they don’t win. She later takes them to a very creepy warehouse and gets them to set a fire right after she tells them that they are going to call Cade. We later find out that the fire they set was also used to burn Georgie’s body and not just summon Cade. But GUYS. Can we talk about the fact that this woman is getting little girls to unknowingly summon the devil? Not just summoning but almost reincarnating/bringing to life/ feeding the DEVIL. I AM SO DONE WITH THIS SHOW. I mean let them be innocent. She takes them home straight after and does her nanny duties. Following a conversation with Matt, Caroline and Alaric find out who Seline really is and quickly rush home but they meet an empty house. The twins have been kidnapped. Yup. Seline just took them. What’s her plan, use them to seduce Cade?


In other news, Bonnie finally manages to get through to Enzo and get him to flip his switch. After talking to Caroline about her lack of progress, she realises that she has to get Enzo to face his fear; being abandoned. So because Bonnie is the ride or die we all know she is, she sets the house on fire, with both of them inside it, and assures him that she will not leave him. Of course she passes out from smoke inhalation and only then is when Enzo realises that she was not playing. I’ve never seen him save anyone so quickly. Anyway glad she finally has her boo back because miserable Bonnie is just painful to watch. Remember how I mentioned that we would get back to the crack in the glass? After one of Alaric’s interns gets called to identify Georgie’s body, Sybil realises that she’s all a lone in the armoury and uses her singing powers and apparently very high frequency voice to crack the glass and escape, but not before taking the fork. She then makes her way to the Salvatore crypt and let’s Damon out. This time he tells her that he’s completely loyal because he’s angry at Stefan. Sigh.

I don’t feel like this was a heavy episode, especially considering there was a funeral but it was one I particularly enjoyed. I’m actually liking this storyline a lot more than I thought I would. I’m excited for what’s to come.

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