OUAT Season 6 Episode 9: Mommy Dearest


This episode we find out something about Rumple from his past and it explains sooo much, Belle tries to escape him and Emma struggles with her visions.

First things first, Belle and Rumple. Rumple sends his wife and the rest a message that he’s coming for his child, whether they like it or not. He uses some magic powder on one of the fairies, ageing her to let them know what his intentions are. Belle immediately starts doing research as to how she can prevent her husband from taking their son away and ends up finding herself in the dream world again talking to him. He then tells his mother that the answer is right in front of her.She wakes up and sees a book right in front of her, which Hook happens to spot is written in squid ink. He and Emma then take the ink and use it to immobilise Rumple as they search the shop for the clippers. That however did not last very long because Emma immediately experiences a tremor and gets a vision, except this time she sees the weapon used to kill her.

Rumple isn’t too happy with this ambush so as soon as he’s able to move again, heads straight for the library in search of Belle. He finds her alone (as usual) and tells her that this baby is his fresh start.

Rumple: Maybe he can love me.

You had a wife that loved you. Duh? I don’t know why he’s so hell-bent on trying not to act like a man who can be loved but hey, do you Rumple. Belle eventually tells him that if he does it though he will lose her forever. Of course he doesn’t want to lose her forever because he still loves her. He then walks away and this my friends is proof that Rumple still wants her back. I mean he’s been acting like he doesn’t really care and he’s okay with the fact that she won’t accept him for the monster he is, but this makes it so clear that was all bull. He cares. When our dear friend Queenie finds out about him backing out, and then getting dumped she takes things upon herself and gives Belle the potion. Of course Belle doesn’t know who did it and they all just naturally assume it was Rumple. Even I did.

Belle’s pregnancy is sped up and Emma takes her to the orphanage. We see Emma holding Belle’s hand as she pushes the baby and enters another dream world. She tells her son that they’re out of time and that she’s sorry. He then tells her that she knows what she has to do and at this point I’m sitting there going “WHAT? WHAAAT?”. She snaps quickly out of the dream and gives birth to her son. It wasn’t long before I got my answer. Belle gives her son to blue and asks her to take him somewhere far away so his father will never find him. Damn Belle. Rumple walks in just as Blue flies away with the newborn and you could just see the pain on his face. I actually felt bad for him. He then asks Belle why she abandoned their son and all she says is “I didn’t abandon him, I gave him the best chance at a good life, without you in it”. Which parent wants to hear that? Gosh I can’t even imagine. The thing with Rumple is he didn’t just become like this. Things happened to him.

bye baby.jpg

Back in the enchanted forest or wherever in the fairytale world Rumple lived in, we find out something from his past. It happens that one day he just returned home with a baby. He then told Belle that he didn’t want to form an attachment to  it, which of course meant that he was going to do something to it. After some snooping she finds an incantation summoning the Black fairy. Since Belle is nosy she follows Rumple into the woods where he summons the Black fairy and freezes her with squid ink so he can ask her a few questions. Okay so here’s the best part. Apparently Rumpelstiltskin’s mother is the Black Fairy and she abandoned him when she was just a baby. When he asks why all she says to him is that sometimes you choose power over love. Sound familiar Rumple?

After all this has gone down, Emma and Hook have a discussion about her vision and the two agree that it’s time to stop ignoring it. They return to Rumple’s shop to try to find what caused the vision and lo and behold the sword that kills Emma was lying right there. Emma picks it up and then declares that it’s time they find who is under the hood. Okay great but how are you going to go about it Swan? I don’t have the slightest idea but I’m glad she’s taking things into her own hands. It’s about time!

In other news, remember how Rumple asked Queenie to kill Zelena? Yeah she was actually going to do it. That was until Regina showed up and threatened to crush her heart that she spared Zelena. Zelena then thanks Regina for saving her life and tries to apologise but then Regina tells her that she will never forgive her. Apparently she still blames her for Robins death. This makes me so sad. I was really hoping these two would develop a sisterly relationship. Also after a talk with Snow, Jasmine decides that she’s ready to find Agrabbah. She rubs the genie lamp but just the cuffs come out, so Aladdin takes it upon himself to become a genie. WHET? I mean I get it him feeling guilty about abandoning Agrabbah but dude, you have imprisoned yourself tot he lamp for all eternity. Errr okay?

If you ask me, this was an alright episode. Personally I’m getting tired of this whole Rumbelle drama so this episode didn’t really do it for me. I do know that they’re setting up for the main event though so I’m looking forward to the next one.


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