Humans Season 2 Episode 4: Trust No One


As we reach the halfway point of the second season, Humans is turning up the notch. This episode oh my oh my was just full of twist after twist. Every corner we turned, oh, a twist. It was fabulous. Every single sub plot had a twist and I loved every minute of it.

Let’s begin with the ongoing case this season, Niska.  Towards the end of the last episode, Laura found Astrid’s phone number in Niska’s things and I suggested that she would call her. She did. Laura heads in to see Niska, gives her a pair of blue contacts, asks her to pop them and in and then asks for Astrid to be brought in. Laura begins to ask Astrid questions about her and Niska, and then finally asking how she felt when she found out Niska wasn’t human. Niska of course has no idea what she’s talking about, and after she finds out the truth she says “She was human to me. She is”. My heart. That hit me right in the feels. Niska gets some time to speak to Astrid on her own and confesses that she didn’t tell her the truth because she was scared that if she did, it would scare Astrid away. Astrid then tells Niska that she could have loved her.

giphy (6).gif

If you still happened to be fine and emotionally unphased by that then the next twist might just shock you. The very first scene of the episode shows Leo, Max and Hester sitting in a train station and discussing a new conscious synth. They eventually arrange a meeting point with her and the three head to their destination. Upon arrival, Hester suggests that they use the synth as bait, wait for the people who track them to come find her, then the three of them follow them. Max on the other hand does not agree. To him it’s not right to use this scared and lonely synth as bait and so he tells Leo that that’s not what they’re about. Leo however decides that he likes Hester’s plan better and that he will wait it out then follow the people. The thing I really like about Max is how strong he is when it comes to his morals and what he believes is the right thing. You cannot sway him. Max then says to Leo that if that’s the case, then he’s out, and before he walks away he says to him what will be our QOTE.

I hope you remember who you used to be

MYYYY HEEAAARRTTTT. How do you throw away this bromance over something like this? Max and Leo are supposed to have each others back no matter what. Max is his rock. Without him Leo is going to fall into a lot of trouble. He really doesn’t need Hester whispering ideas into his head. If he follows her, nothing good will come of it. Okay except this one time because they did follow the people and now they know who they’re really up against; Qualia.

If that still didn’t stir your emotions how about this. Mia confessed her feelings for Ed last episode and the two hit it off. This episode they’ve taken things to the next level. That scene was awkward to watch. Don’t worry, we didn’t see the process of them taking it to the next level, just the after. A nervous Ed asks Mia if she liked it, or if she felt pleasure and she tells him that she felt happy and enjoyed the ‘proximity’. Wow. Anyway, things seem to be alright between the two at this point. They go back to see Ed;s mother in the home and that as usual was very heart warming whenever Mia and his mother interacted. Ed also finds out that he’s significantly behind the payments for his mothers care and if he doesn’t pay up soon, she’ll be evicted. Once back in the shop, his friend stops by and starts to ask them questions about their whereabout the night before. It was just uncomfortable, even for me. Later on, Mia returns to the shop from running errands and as she’s speaking to Ed about wanting to go somewhere where no one knows them and how badly she wanted to hold his hand when they went out, HE SHUTS HER DOWN and then his friend emerges from the back. I AM SO FRICKING MAD. I have a really bad feeling about this guys. Think about it, he needs money, Mia is literally a cash cow, put two and two together. He’s going to sell her to the highest bidder. The worst part of all this is that he actually cared about and liked her. Just look how they have portrayed such an ugly side to humanity so beautifully.

However that is exactly what they’re trying to juxtapose this season. In season one we saw the ugly side of humanity. Humans were the once capable of greed and violence. This season however they are pushing the limits. It’s not so black and white anymore. Synths are starting to display these qualities too.  We continue to witness Odi experiencing consciousness and feelings and this episode and it was just so sad. He goes back to George’s house and takes a walk down memory lane. He then tells Mattie about how he now feels the impact of George’s death. Bless him. Mattie and Odi get home just as Laura and Joe are almost attacked by a Synth sent to threaten her to drop Niska’s case. Odi is overcome with emotion and defends the family. A synth displayed violence towards another synth. This is new territory. They’re pushing boundaries and I absolutely love it.


In other news Joe finds out that him being made redundant was completely orchestrated by synths. Errr surely this couldn’t have been intentional, could it? I mean it’s very suspicious. I don’t see why the synths would be sitting there plotting to get rid of Joe. It just doesn’t make sense. Pete is on the trail of what he thinks are conscious synth but after his meeting doesn’t go well and he’s beaten, it’s pretty safe to say that Seraphim’s are not conscious synths. Lastly Athena is almost fired by Milo in this episode. He asks her why he should keep her on and he tells her about Leo and the originals. Clearly they’re going to find try to find them now.

This was a brilliant episode. There are so many twists and turns and somersaults and I’m just so excited. I cannot wait for the rest.


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