Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 6: Rivals


This episode we find out a bit more about Catalina,  Rogelio comes to a realisation and Petra is served. 

Episode 5 left off with Catalina showing up unexpectedly at Jane and Michael’s’. I found it very shady then and I still find it shady. Even more so now. Jane of course is excited by Catalina’s arrival. All of a sudden she has this almost sister just dropped at her doorstep and she’s finding out so much about her life and she’s loving it. Another person who completely took to Catalina was Rafael. After the two were introduced there was a spark and after a night getting to know each other, Rafael tells Jane that he wants to date Catalina. That’s just weird, at least to me it is. Initially Jane doesn’t want him to and it’s not because she’s jealous and still has feelings for Rafael, but rather because she’s comparing her life to Catalina. After Michael reminds them both that they’re still young and fun, jane realises that she really is okay with Rafael and Catalina getting together. The two waste no time and as soon as Jane gives them the green light, they’re getting familiar, let’s just say.

You know who’s not loving Catalina so much? Michael. He finds it a bit odd. Honestly any normal person would, but Michael is a policeman, he probably knows best. If that isn’t enough for you, Alba also tells Jane to be cautious and that Catalina is a lot like her grandmother, which probably means she’s a snake. I believe her. I won’t lie. There’s something just not right about Catalina.  I’m not sure if it’s her just showing up, or whether it’s all her stories but something doesn’t sit right with me. We will find out soon I’m sure.


While all this drama is going on, Petra informs Rafael that he needs to be out of the hotel by weeks end. He really doesn’t understand where all the hostility is coming from and she tells him that it’s just because he didn’t notice she was gone. I understand that, she’s hurt. Scott is also hurting though and we see him try to get Petra back but she tells him that they are never ever getting back together. Next thing we know, he’s suing her for sexual harassment. This sends Petra running back to Rafael for his help and he agrees to help her in exchange for his shares and to be equals again. To my surprise Petra agreed. After Rafael threatens Scott and gets him to drop the case we find out that the two were working together. Rafael used Scott to get his shares back and no Scott didn’t do it for free. He got paid a ‘bonus’. Sigh. Rafael has also told him the truth about Anezska being the one he was dating and not Petra. I wonder if this means Scott will try to get back together with the real Anezska, since you know, he apparently loved her so much. Petra on the other hand when she finds out she’s been played, all hell will break loose. When she caved so easily I was so disappointed. I thought to myself, wait, what happened to the bitch being back? After this though, all my worries have faded. I know the bitch will be back once she finds out, and I’m scared for Rafael.

Rogelio is pretty much on a diet this episode. He’s preparing his body for his big appearance remember? All we see him do is eat Celery and be even more dramatic that usual because his blood sugar is low. I enjoyed every single scene with him. Rogelio helps Xio get her dream studio by getting the ‘celebrity discount’. However it just so happens that the studio is right across from the office of a man who toyed with Xio’s heart for a long time. I’m not sure if it was his low blood sugar or spending time with her but whichever the case, he realises that he still has feelings for Xio and as he makes his way to tell her, he sees her kissing the guy who hurt her in the past. There has been some amazing character development here. normally Rogelio would have thrown a fit or would have been petty but he channels his disappointment and I love that.  He realises that he wants children and just because Xio doesn’t want any doesn’t mean he can’t have any. Ladies and gentlemen, Rogelio is looking for eggs. This will be very interesting. Also if you were wondering what the deal he made with the studio was, it was a product placement one. A cereal brand had to make an appearance in Tiago to make the studio some money. This is one of the brilliant things about the show, they cleverly wrote a real life product placement into the show and made fun of it but in a light way. I love a show that can laugh at itself.

In other news, Jane got an interview with a publisher, one which she messed up but after buddying up with the reception, it’s looking like all may not be lost. We may see her making some progress with her book soon. Who knows? Lastly the bible Rafaels mother left did contain a bank account number but the owner is unknown. I sense a plot twist coming along. I can’t wait.

You could definitely tell this episode was a set up for the fall finale but I don’t mind at all. it was still very enjoyable to watch and honestly I just want to know what the deal is with Catalina. I NEED TO KNOW.


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