Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 6: The Unmasking


Scream Queens has been one that has provided us with laughs, ridiculous twists and turns and always tried to keep us guessing. That has how it’s been especially when it comes to the identity of the murderer, and this season they tried to do that.

Note that I said ‘tried’. From the moment Zayday suggested that the baby in the belly was the killer and we saw that the baby was in fact Dr Cascade, was there really any doubt tat he’s be the killer? I mean logically. Therefore it was to absolutely nobody’s surprise when it was revealed that the killer was in fact him. Nurse Hawful fearlessly confronts him just as he’s about to kill Chanel #9 and makes a pact with him, asking him not to touch the chanels. This sparks a conversation between the two and what I found more surprising was the fact that there is apparently a second killer. If you ask me, that’s a great way to pull it back. I mean who else could possibly be interested in seeing the hospital shut down? I am so intrigued. it would be highly disappointing if it was Dr Holt because of his hand. I hope they do better than that.

If you’re wondering if it could be Nurse Hawful, let me just stop you there. It’s not her, but I completely understand why you’d think it was. The woman is very odd, but this episode we find out why. It turns out that Hawful’s maiden name is Bean, as in Ms Bean from season 1. Who would have thought that that death would have consequences? Nurse Hawful is the sister of Ms Bean and her mission in the hospital is to avenge her sister’s death. She comes up with a plan to send the Chanel’s to blood island which is infested with flesh-eating spiders and volcanoes to die a slow painful death. however her plan does not come into fruition. She’s quickly cheered up by Cascade who gifts her with another Green Meenie suit and asks her to join his little crusade. I don’t know about the rest of you but this new alliance has gotten me a little excited.


While all this was going on Zayday continued her investigation and came very close. The hospital decides to have a blood drive as they’re pretty low on blood, and Zayday uses this opportunity to rule out who the killer is not. After Chamberlain’s help, she discovers that the baby has to be O+ and so she decides to compare that with the staffs blood types. however Cascade beats her to the chase and swaps his blood sample sticker with that of Dr Holts’. This leads to a conversation in Dean Munch’s office and honestly I’m not sure if she was trying to fire him or not but a conversation was had and a very angry Holt left the room.

In other news, Hester is pretty much working in the hospital. It was interesting to see her crazy twisted mind be put to work. I enjoyed that, but other than that the episode was just alright. This makes me a bit sad considering that I shouldn’t really be feeling like this since we just found out the identity of one of the killers, but oh well.


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