Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 2: What The hell Is A Stiles?


Dear readers, I know I have been gone for a while but now I’m back and I am so glad I picked up with Teen Wolf. It’s really gotten me back into things. Alright so this episode was frustrating to watch but that was because the whole time I just needed the pack, sans Stiles, to remember and trust me, the build up was worth it. 

It was no secret that Stiles not being in the show would make the show about him. I’m sure I said that in my last post. If you haven’t read it, maybe you should. I’ll make it easier for you and just link it here. Our big bad villains of this season are the Ghost riders who apparently ‘erase’ people from existence. Well welcome to the 21st century fake cowboys, you can’t erase technology, and more importantly, you can’t erase Stiles. Nice try though, but no, he is way too important.  You’re probably wondering why I brought up technology but bear with me, it’s about to make a whole lot of sense.

The episode begins with Liam and Scott practising on the field whilst Mason and Cory are inside with some people practicing their physics, or should I say chemistry? See what I did there? Anyway Coach comes in and kicks them all out but before they leave, Mason realises that he forgot his phone in the room, so he heads back. While he’s gone, Cory gets an odd sensation and before he knows it, he’s seeing the ghost riders but very quickly he turns himself invisible and hides from them. He eventually grabs Mason, turning him invisible too and the two watch the Ghost riders string up one of their classmates and make him disappear. After this all goes down, they bump into Scott and Liam and tell them everything but  cannot actually remember what the Ghost riders were doing in the library.

The next day Cory has a hunch that something wasn’t right, and after he and Liam  decide to put their differences aside for Mason’s sake, they work together and make a discovery. Back in the library, while they are both invisible, they spot a library card which could otherwise not be seen in normal reality. Initially it’s blank but after they swipe it and check the schools system, they see that it belongs to a Jake Sullivan. There and then they remember that he was taken! YES TEAM! Alright so does this mean that Cory might become a member of the pack now? I mean what’s going on there? Hopefully this answers your question on why i mentioned technology. You can’t truly erase someone in this age. I’m not sure if the show was intentionally trying to make a point about the internet and technology and how nothing is every really deleted or not, but if not, what a coincidence.

While this was all going on, the rest of the team experienced memories, or lack of. Let’s start with Malia. The first we see of her is on some unknown man, well rolling off him. Honestly I don’t know what the point of that scene was. I feel like we could have done without it, but moving on, the next time she’s highlighting her notes, and she comes upon the word ‘style’ this makes her hesitate. She then highlights it in red and then moves on. I have no idea why but this got me so excited. I mean what are the odds? I just think it’s so great. Eventually she starts to get a bit more aggressive and so she decides to chain herself. She reaches out to Lydia who is a bit shocked that she’s come to this conclusion and the two realise that someone who wasn’t Lydia or Scott must have helped Malia. Come on guys…. remember.


I miss Scott and Stiles, and so does Scott, he just doesn’t realise it yet. From the beginning of the episode where he mistakes Liam for being the one with the terrible back shot, to randomly stopping in front of Stiles’ locker he yearns for Stiles. As his day goes on little things just don’t add up so he goes to speak to Deaton who just tells him to go to sleep. Once he does that, he wakes up in the woods. He then calls Lydia and Malia who meet him and he walks them through the night he was bitten since that’s what his memory is telling him to remember. So many clues just point out to one thing, he wasn’t alone. Almost there guys, remember!

Lydia on the other hand experiences some next level trippy thing, but then again that’s normal for Lydia; being a banshee and all. She starts seeing things in the middle of the night and during the day, hearing trains and just getting a weird sense. Like I said, all normal for Lydia. It’s not until she and Malia meet Scott in the woods and he’s talking to them about what he’s been feeling that they finally put the pieces together. Scott says he thinks he had a best friend, Malia thinks whoever chained her wanted her to remain human, and Lydia says that she thinks she loved the person. OH MY FRIKKING GOSH LYDIA NOW YOU WANT TO SAY THIS? WHEN HE’S GONE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Okay okay I’m just going to take a few deep breaths. Okay. I’m calm. Let’s carry on.

The three head back to the animal clinic and Deaton put’s Lydia in some trance like state. It’s some banshee thing I guess, which is supposed to help her do this thing called automatic writing. They leave her to it, and Lydia goes in. This girl is writing like a crazed person and it starts to get a bit intense so Deaton quickly snaps her out of it. Wondering what she wrote? Mischief. Repeatedly, however when looked at from a distance, it spelled out Stiles. Lydia snaps out of her trance and asks the question which titles this post, “What the hell is a Stiles?” MY TEEN WOLF STYDIA HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS OMG. Who else is getting major S1E1 vibes here? I mean this plus Scotts flashbacks of the night he got bitten, i just can’t. Putting all that aside though, it looks like we’re finally on track to getting Stiles back and I’m so happy.

Side note, okay not really side note because it was sort of a major omg! wtf !did not see this coming! moment but still, side note. STILES’ MUM IS ALIVE! Ooops, let me rephrase. In this reality, Stiles’ mum is alive. You read that right. We see the sheriff share a cute little scene with his wife who brings him dinner at the office and it just ends in a kiss and embrace. Okay they need to stop this. My poor heart. We know it’s not real. She’s not really alive but I’m just so happy for the Sheriff. It made me sad thinking how alone he would be so the fact that he’s not warms my heart a little.

In other news, is anyone else noticing how the juniors are having to step up? I’m loving it. Firstly we have the battle for captain. Now that Scott is about to graduate, the leadership position needs to be filled. Liam initially doesn’t fight for it, but by the end of the episode he takes charge. Secondly Cory following his hunch like that? major Stiles vibes. It was just exciting to see.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m so excited for the rest of the season. Yes I know by the time I upload this post it would have been over but I’m still allowed to type this. EXCITED!

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