The Flash Season 3 Episode 7: End Of A Chapter


You know when an episode is just packed and at the end of it all you just sit there like whoa….? Yeah that was this episode. There was just so much happening, and don’t get me wrong, none of it was in a bad way. This was just a very enjoyable episode.

Alright so first things first, Barry vs Savitar. Last episode we left Barry at the hands of Savitar and that’s exactly where we picked up from. Savitar makes it very clear to Barry who’s boss but taking him for a ‘run’. That wasn’t a run, it was more like teleporting, needless to say Barry was outmatched. Luckily for him though, Cisco and Caitlin came to his rescue however that meant that Caitlin had to use her powers, therefore awakening Killer Frost.

Before we get onto Killer frost though, back at the lab after they have all recovered, the team starts to stress out about Wally who is still in his cocoon. Caitlin warns against forcing him out just incase it messes with the transition. However does Joe listen? No. Later on in the episode, after being spooked by Killer frost, he runs back to the lab to save his son and cuts him out of the cocoon. Unfortunately for him though, Caitlin was right and Wally speeds off. So yes, Kid flash has officially been born.

Okay now back to Killer Frost, using her power to save Barry pretty much pushes Caitlin over the edge. We’ve seen Killer Frost a number of times but my oh my never have we seen anything like this. Caitlin heads to the precinct where one of Alchemy’s acolytes is being held. She asks him about alchemy but when she’s interrupted, she kidnaps Julian on her way out. I could not figure out why in the world she took Julian but that question was answered pretty quickly. She takes him to an abandoned warehouse and asks him to find alchemy’s acolytes so they could take her to him. He complies because to be honest when someone threatens to freeze you to death, I don’t think you have much of a choice. Barry comes rushing in and tries to talk some sense into her but she doesn’t listen, at the same time Julian is shouting for the Flash to take out Caitlin so Barry knocks him out instead. After the police open fire on her, Barry moves Caitlin to the side but she shoves an icicle into his leg and instructs him not to follow her. Cold right?  Before she leaves, she tells the rest of the team, mainly Cisco that Barry is the reason Dante is dead. Even colder right? Well it get’s colder.


Caitlin makes her way to one of the addresses and asks Alchemy’s acolyte a few questions. He however tells her more than she asked about. Apparently Savitar has a vision and she is killer frost. The news obviously throws her a bit but this is the part that confuses me, she clearly doesn’t want to be Killer Frost yet she’s resisting help. What? Cisco is outside, offering help to her, however she asks him to get out of her way and battles him. Barry comes along and to be honest he didn’t really do much, except get injured again. Cisco eventually takes Caitlin down and the next time we see her, she’s locked in a cell in STAR labs. The team tell her that they will help her but once again, she refuses their help and so they have no option but to lock her up.

After Wally runs off, they’re faced with the fact that they can’t do it all alone and that they need Caitlin and so Barry goes down to speak to her. He lets her out and tells her that she’s free to go if she can kill him. Killer Frost may be a killer, but Caitlin Snow is not and so of course she’s unable to kill him. Also it’s not like she would have anyway or else we wouldn’t have a show. After this, she comes up with some sort of drug that is supposed to stabilise Wally. Joe and Barry head to the house where Wally grew up in and there he is, just vibrating and looking lost. Barry quickly injects him and just like that, we get Wally back.

Just as they get Wally back, Joe gets a text saying Julian is awake and so Barry rushes over to try to talk him out of turning Caitlin in. I knew this was going to be a difficult task to achieve but to my surprise, it wasn’t impossible. Julian agrees to say he doesn’t remember anything but only on the condition that Barry quits his job because apparently he is unfit to be law enforcement. BIGGEST HYPOCRITE OF THE YEAR. Wow. I just can’t deal.

JULIAN IS ALCHEMY. Yeah. I mean some of us suspected this. It might have been a surprise to others but yeah, he’s alchemy, yet he’s going around preaching about broken moral compasses and being unfit to be law enforcement? Can someone please come and shut him up? After Barry leaves the hospital, we see Julian being called by Savitar and as he tries to escape him, he’s blocked by Savitar himself. The thing is Julian could see Savitar, but normal people can’t, so what does this mean? Anyway, let me not give myself a headache trying to figure it out. Savitar asks Julian to serve him once again and be Alchemy.

Alright so now we know who Alchemy is and we also know who the true big bad of the season is. Things are about to get real interesting right now. I can feel it. Before I finish this post I should mention that things are not okay between Barry and Cisco. It’s completely understandable though. Hopefully the two can work things out.



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