Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 12: So Close


In the episode before the finale of this fantastic show we are dragged through different emotions. Confusion, hope, frustration, anger, relief, you name it, we probably felt it. In episode 12, Charley plays a very risky game, Ralph Angel tries to make his mark, Nova receives some news and lastly Vi and Hollywood may just be over for good. I bet you want me to elaborate right now so let’s get right to it.

The episode begins with Charley giving Remy a tour of an old mill that she wants to buy, This is her master plan and how you see she went to business school. If you can’t outsource, just make. Therefore in Charley’s mind, since they can’t mill their cane at the Landry’s, they might as well just mill it themselves. Sounds like a good idea right? Wrong. When it’s going to cost you more to make than it would to outsource, you outsource. Buying this mill is going to cost $13 million, which they clearly can’t afford. The thing that I probably admire most about Charley is how determined she is. She doesn’t let anything get in her way so I already knew she had a plan to raise the cash. I just couldn’t figure out what that plan was.

Later on in the episode we see her meet with Frank Rovner, the owner of the New Orleans Stingers. He tells her that he wants David but only if he comes with Felix but he questions whether Charley will be able to deliver because he doesn’t think she has as much influence anymore. She tells him she’s used to being underestimates, and that’s cool and bad-assy sounding and all but the fact of the matter is, she doesn’t have that influence anymore, and her actions proved that.

Charley finds out that Felix and his wife, who is an old friend (the word friend here is being used very lightly) are in town and so she invites the wife to drinks. She tries to talk reason to her asking for them to move to New Orleans but Felix’s wife is not having it. This is when things get ugly and the claws come out. Charley realises that this woman has absolutely no idea what her husband and the rest of the men did to Melania and so she tells her the truth. That’s not all though, she also tells her that if she does not get Felix to come to New York, the rest of the world will also know what really happened to Melania. Did anyone else feel that breeze? It just got real cold up in here. I mean we knew Charley could be cunning but wow wow wow. While she was busy blackmailing her friend she forgets that She and Remy had dinner plans and so we see a very nicely dressed Remy with flowers in hand being stood up outside her front door. Aww bless. Somehow he understands and isn’t angry at her at all. Honestly where can we find more of him? Charley makes her way home and gets a text from Davis saying that he hasn’t heard from Micah in a while. She uses this as an opportunity to trick Davis into coming to visit by telling him that Micah has been acting out. I’m sorry but WHET? Ever since Micah found Kiki, he’s been a darling. I don’t know what game she’s trying to play here but I really hope it doesn’t blow up in her face.


Let’s move on to some happier things why don’t we? Things are starting to look up for Nova. Nova gets interviewed at Xavier University which is a HBCU. See this is what I mean by this show being so black centric and I absolutely love it. Okay onto the important stuff. Nova is asked what her thoughts on the BLM movement and law enforcement are and before she answers, guess who we spot in the audience looking all fine and what not? Calvin. As she answers her question, she makes eye contact with him and says that we need to work with the policemen who are not racist because they exist. I mean…. she couldn’t have said I love any better. Calvin obviously got the message and calls her later that night. This man really knows how to fight for a woman you love because damn. You know how with some people they say the way to their heart is food? Yeah not with Nova. The way to her heart is fighting social injustice and Calvin knew exactly that. He informs her that he got the case against Too Sweet dropped and that he still loves her. She tells him that she still loves him too but she can’t share him anymore. We feel you girl, we wouldn’t want to share him either. Just after he says that, he drops the bomb. he left his wife. HE LEFT HIS WIFE FOR HER. OMG this is giving me major Olitz vibes right now. I mean what happens next? Is she going to let him back in her life? I can’t wait to find out.

Remember how Charley was cleverly running around town trying to scheme her way through things? She also happened to be avoiding Ralph Angel. Now Ralph Angel had come up with a plan to mill the cane except it involved a 16 hour journey. That was going to be expensive but honestly I doubt it would have been $13 million kind of expensive. Charley won’t let him have the freedom to make the decisions for the farm himself but with the way things are going and how impulse our boy gets when he doesn’t get his way, he’s bound to do what he wants. Everyone can see that he’s been doing a good job with the farm since they planted and he’s really gotten himself together but Charley for some reason doesn’t trust him with the farm. I just hope this lack of communication doesn’t do the farm more harm. Oh! Before I forget, Ralph Angel wasn’t just sulking this episode. We’ve been seeing him and Darla getting close again so it was only a matter of time before they became intimate and well, episode 12 it was.

You know who else is suffering from communication problems? Vi and Hollywood. She pays Ralph Angel a visit and finds Hollywood there too but then Ralph Angel accidentally tells her that Hollywood has been back for a week. Vi isn’t too happy about that and so storms out, with her mac and cheese and throws it in the trash. Okay so apparently, the reason why Hollywood didn’t reach out to Vi was because he was waiting on his divorce papers. He wasn’t going to approach her until he knew he was a single man but he didn’t get the chance to explain himself. Vi in a pretty bad mood after the Hollywood thing accepts Roberta’s invitation to go on a night out and just as she’s letting loose and dancing with a man who is crushing on her, Hollywood walks in and sees them. After this he decides that it’s time to move away for good because there’s nothing left for him anymore. DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO FIGHT FOR LOVE HOLLYWOOD? DO BETTER! HOW DO YOU JUST UP AND LEAVE LIKE THAT? Clearly I’m still not over the whole thing.

The way this episode has set up for the finale I’d be lying to you if I told you that I knew what to expect. At this point I hope they all just get their happy ending. The farm included.


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