The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 6: Summon The Devil Why Don’t You?


A lot went down in this episode of The Vampire Diaries but then again what else is new? It’s always an emotional rollercoaster with this lot and that’s just what we got. 

After they realise that Celine has taken the twins, Caroline and Alaric go into crazy mode, but that’s totally understandable. Any parent would have reacted the exact same way. I mean we saw Alaric give Celine a call and scare her just a little. I mean he did the whole “I will find you and I will kill you” thing from Taken. I don’t know if it was just me but it was honestly like word for word. Who knew Alaric had an inner Liam Neeson. While he’s dealing with all that, Caroline is giving Stefan his ring back because if Damon should get in her way, she and Stefan cannot be a distraction. I get that, honestly I do. A mother protecting her children at all cost, but hold up just one second guys. Last they saw, Damon was chained in a coffin and locked away in the Salvatore crypt. Sybil came and freed him, it’s not like they sent them a selfie to announce it or anything so how in the world did they know that Damon was with Sybil? Did I miss something?

Celine and the twins happen to be in a diner with Sybil and Damon discussing the reason behind the abduction. Celine tells them that she wants to offer the twins to Cade as replacements for her and Sybil. ARE YOU FOR REAL? Wow Celine. After an amber alert is put out, the four of them leave the diner with the kids and Celine continue’s to tell Damon about her plan. In order for it to work, consent needs to be given so that you can become Cade’s missionaries. After almost being caught again, Damon takes control and tells Celine to summon Cade while coming up with a plan with Sybil. We never really knew what the plan was, just that it involved Stefan. Sybil gets Stefan to come and meet them alone however she pretty much Sirens everyone in the motel they’re in to kill Stefan so he’d know how ‘serious’ they are. Okay so this was when it hit me. They were trying to taint Stefan’s soul even more so he’d want to avoid hell. In the end it turns out that I was right (I love it when I guess these kind of things, might be a sign that I watch too many shows). Celine manages to summon Cade and he’s interested in her proposal that is until Sybil gives him hers. Instead of the twins, she offers him the Salvatore brothers, and the choice is a very easy one to make. Later that night, we see Stefan break the news to Caroline and she does not take it well. Honestly it’s like just as soon as these two get together, they’re ripped apart again. Can there not be more than one happy couple at a time in this universe? Jeez.


Speaking of Caroline, while on the search for they’re children both she and Ric were not in they’re right minds. Emotions were high and it just wasn’t an ideal situation. Stefan tricks them into heading to a different location so he can fight for the girls and honestly Ric completely loses the plot. In his frantic state he reminds Caroline of the fact that the twins are not genetically hers and that when all this is over, he’s taking them far away. Well damn Alaric. Like we get that you’re upset and all but the girls are Carolines’. You can’t take that away from her. After they get the girls back and things have calmed down a bit, he apologises to her and honestly we haven’t seen such great acting from Candace. Who knows, maybe it’s because she’s a mother herself now. I just really appreciated that scene and her standing up for herself like that. The heartbreaking thing is that she recognises that danger follows her everywhere and that to truly protect the girls, they’ll have to be away from her and so she asks Ric to take them away. I can’t begin to imagine how hard that must have been. First she loses Stefan and now her children. Oh my. Poor Caroline.

Remember how Alaric went all Liam Neeson on us? Well my man was not joking! He’s full of anger, and definitely hatred. He goes tot he other person who has also just about had enough, Matt and after a conversation about how tired they both are, the two share a meaningful look amongst themselves and you just know something was about to go down, and something did. The next scene shows Damon alone in a bar waiting on a bartender but instead gets shot in the back by Matt. He then gets shot by Alaric who has apparently been dying to kill someone all day. Wow I just realised that was an interesting set of words. Anyway moving on, Alaric daggers Damon. Alright, TVD writers, let’s just get this straight. WE ARE TIRED OF THE DAMON ‘DYING’ PLAY. We’ve seen it too many times in different forms. Damon Salvatore cannot be killed, will never die and cannot be gotten rid of, so just stop. It’s starting to get annoying. The final shot may have been of Damons pale veiny body but I bet yo the first shot of episode 7 he’s going to gasp and wake up like nothing ever happened.

In other news, just when Bonnie and Enzo were getting used to having each other back, Sybil decides that he needs to be punished for getting away and so enters his mind. No we’re not talking about the same type of entering Damon’s mind and tweaking things, we’re talking making him feel physical pain. It was next level. Thankfully Stefan manages to save him too by taking the deal and honestly I’m glad. Bonnie deserves happiness and these two shared some of the sweetest scenes this episode. I can’t wait to see the rest of their story unfold.

Things have taken a very interesting turn that I did not see coming but I’m excited to find out the rest and discover what Sybil is up to.


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