Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 10: Son of A…..


I don’t even know where to begin with this episode. I’m at a loss for words to be honest. I mean much happened I’m not even sure where to begin. I just want to talk about that ending but that wouldn’t make much sense would it? I really want to get to it though so let me start.

The episode begins with Regina, Emma and Hook walking to Regina’s vault but on their way there they bump into EQ who is at Robins grave. She tries to pick a fight with Regina but in the end it’s Emma’s buttons she ends up pushing and we make a discovery. In her anger, Emma lunges at EQ with the sword that’s destined to kill her and scratches her face. Everyone panics because they think naturally Regina is injured too. Well no. It turns out that sword can kill EQ without hurting Regina. I KNOW RIGHT? As soon as the Evil Queen realises this, she’s out of there before Emma can act. Rumple then appears in front of her as she’s digesting what happened and places a cuff on her. He then tells her that he will never forgive her for costing him his son and that he will end her. I don’t know about you all but I actually love seeing Rumple like this. The Evil Queen in all her frustrations takes the lamp from Jasmine and wishes that Emma gets what she asked for and is no longer the saviour. Just with the wave of a hand, Aladdin makes her disappear. The rest of the family does not take it well and Regina heads back to her office and finds EQ and Aladdin. After EQ claims victory and toast to it, Regina also makes a wish that she be sent to exactly where Emma is, and just like that, with another wave of the hand, she’s gone.

Rumple continues his search for his child and after coming up short he begins to worry and so approaches Belle. Belle is not happy to see him but Rumple is there to voice his concerns. Initially she doesn’t believe him, but he takes the cuff he put on her earlier in the season off to show that this isn’t about control but he truly is worried.  The gesture makes her worry too and so she calls the orphanage only to be told that something happened to mother superior. The two make their way there and find Blue looking beat up. She tells them that she fought as hard as she could but the black fairy took Gideon. They return to the shop where Rumple tells Belle that his mother may have taken Gideon to a very dark place where time is not normal but he assures her that they will make things right. Honestly I’m just tired of Rumpbelle. They just need to leave things, but maybe this experience will bring them closer, who knows?


Emma opens her eyes and she’s back in the enchanted forest on her birthday making a wish. She’s surrounded by the kingdom and a very old-looking David and Snow. She tells them about a dream she had of a place called Storybrooke where she was the saviour and they were still fighting the Evil Queen. Her parents tell her that it was nothing more than a dream and to forget about it. Later on, she’s walking through the forest picking flowers and singing. Yes. Emma Swan walking in a forest singing. They really had to remind us that she’s Snow White’s daughter didn’t they? Regina runs up to her but Emma backs away because you know… Evil Queen. Regina tries to talk some sense into her and convince her that she’s the saviour but before she can get anywhere the Charming’s arrive and try to fight her. This makes Regina retreat back to the Evil Queens Castle and there she hears a snigger.

Yes dearies…. none other than the one and only dark one, locked up in a cell. He makes it very clear that he’s disappointed in his apprentice but then Regina tells him that she’s not the Evil Queen. Surprisingly, fake rumple is intrigued and wants Regina to help awaken Emma but for his freedom. He tells her that he will get her a magic bean so she can go back home but only if she lets him out of his cell. She agrees and before the part, he tells her that she needs to inspire fear and so she needs to look the part. I actually love this sick twisted version of the dark one. He makes my skin crawl sometimes but he can also be such a delight to watch.  Robert Carlyle is actually such an amazing actor. I don’t know how he executes both roles so perfectly. It’s amazing. Anyway, Regina crashes Henry’s knighting ceremony and kidnaps Snow and David, hoping this will trigger the hero in Emma. Instead Emma returns to her castle with the key to the kingdom and surrenders to Regina. I just kept face palming at this point. It was like really Emma? Fight for what you love! Regina and i seemed to be on the same wavelength as the next thing she does is rip out Snow and Davids heart and starts to crush it hoping Emma reacts but all she does is cry and Regina turns their hearts into ash. The most surprising thing happens then, Henry, this boy decides he’ll be the one to avenge his grandparents. just as he’s about to send a sword right through Regina, Emma stops him. That’s when she wakes up. The two meet fake Rumple as promised for the bean, which he hands over and disappears, but as they’re ready to leave, they’re interrupted by no other than FREAKING ROBIN HOOD. ERR WHAT? I thought he had been obliterated? As in no trace of him whatsoever? How is there even a fake him? naturally Regina is thrown by his presence and they miss the portal. And so yes readers and fans of OUAT, our saviour and Regina are trapped in this fake enchanted forest.

Back in Storybrooke, the Evil Queen is making her way down the road past Granny’s when a portal opens and out walks the hooded figure. She tries to them him who they are but instead she gets turned into a cobra in a cage. Can we all just laugh out loud for a little bit. The snake was literally turned into a snake. I can’t. The hooded figure makes their way to Rumple’s shop and before Belle and Rumple removes their hood to give us QOTE

Hello mother, Hello Father.

It’s no other than Gideon. Does this mean Gideon is the one destined to kill Emma? Is he evil after the black fairy took him? What is happening?

I have so many questions but i loved every single minute of this episode. March 5 dearies. We will have some more answers then.


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