Humans Season 2 Episode 5: Open Your Eyes


A lot went down on this episode of Humans. Niska comes face to face with her fate, Mia makes a decision that may be difficult to come back from, and Leo crosses a line. However none of that even compares to the major twist the end hit us with. 

In the previous episode we say the Hawkins household attacked by a synth threatening Laura to step down as opposing counsel. This episode the family decides that Laura should not step down but what they do need is a little break from Synths. This results in Joe taking the children away for the day to a town without synths. I don’t even know why that came as a surprise to me. There will always be people who would just rather remain human. It’s just in our nature. I felt like the family needed that as well. For so long synths have been such a huge part of their lives that they’ve forgotten what normal looks and feels like. I had high hopes but I don’t think the trip did much good. On their way back from the town Joe drops Toby off at Renie’s house and Sophie gets excited. She asks Renie and her friends how they got their eyes green. Next time we see Sophie, she’s wearing plain clothes and colouring blue dots onto her mirror so she can look like a synth when she looks at her reflection. Okay can someone call me another child psychologist? I don’t understand why Sophie wants to be a Synth. It doesn’t make much sense to me. How much of an impact did Mia have on this poor girl? 

Speaking of Toby and Renie, once their over at her house he tries to get to know the real her a bit better. He sees photos of her with someone who is clearly her father but they refer to him as her “primary user”. Renie tells Toby that her “primary user” is away a lot for work and he just happens to be on holiday with his 27-year-old girlfriend at that time. See the whole Synth thing makes sense with Renie because she’s trying to remain emotionally unattached so she doesn’t get hurt. I get that, but Sophie? Her parents are together and at home and give them attention. What could possibly be her reason? Anyway Toby and Renie head up to her a room and she quickly puts away a pack of sweets but not before Toby could notice them. She then hands him an adult card telling him that he’s authorised to use it. Toby immediately scratches the back and reads out the words and Renie is ready to go. Okay at this point I just thought to myself ‘woahh’ when did we get there? Yes we’ve seen their friendship develop and her warm up to him but I didn’t think she had warmed up that much you know? And apparently neither did he. Renie tries to kiss him but Toby quickly pulls away telling g her that that wasn’t how he wanted to get that from her. He then goes on to explain himself saying that the only reason he scratched the card was because he thought he could get to know the real her. Ladies and gentlemen what he meant was the human her. Renie doesn’t respond very well to this. I mean first of all she’s pretty much just been rejected, secondly she feels judged and so she asks him to leave. 

Toby returns home and Mads who’s quick to notice his shift in mood tells him that she has news for him that could cheerhim up. She takes him to her room and shows him a laptop with a code. Toby looks confused and trust me he wasn’t a lone. Mass looked pretty pleased with herself so I knew it had to be something big but at the same time what? She then tells him that she’s tweaked Elsters code and that the initial version was immature but she’s manages to make it mature. Ladies and gentlemen, Mads has in her hands every thing that Athena wants. She then tells Toby that she needs to find Leo who mind you is very good at hiding but Toby gives her the idea that maybe it would be better for Leo to find her. Mads then  poses as a Synth and sends an error message into the cyber verse. Okay okay wait a minute. This girl has absolutely no idea what she’s just gotten herself into. Yes her plan may be a great way to find Leo or Max but it also means that Qualia can find her and now with this new possession of hers, she’ll be everything they want. I’m almost scared just imagining it. 

Niska vs The Crown. Okay that’s not exactly what the hearing is called but that’s what I want to call it. Laura returns to represent Niska but she can immediately sense that something is wrong. She asks Laura what happened and Laura eventually tells her what happened with the utility Synth. On top of that, Niska reads the lips of the opposing counsel and the appointed judge and is convinced that she’s doomed. Laura on the other hand is pretty optimistic about the whole thing. When it’s time for the hearing where the judge delivers his decision, Niska feigns sickness and that allows her to steal the watch of one of the guards. After she’s checked and is given the green light, she’s taken in to hear her fate. The judge calls on Laura but Niska asks to speak. She accuses every one of colluding and pretty much just rants about how the system is unfair. The judge then quickly sentenced her tonne terminated and as they step into the room there’s an explosion. It turns out that she used the watch she stole as a makeshift bomb. In the chaos she breaks free and escapes. I don’t care how angry at the world this girl is. Niska. Is. A. Badass!   

Leo and Hester continue their plan to break into Qualia and the Sylo. They take up residence in something that seems to be like a motel for sex with Synths. Hester asks him questions on why humans have sex with synths when they know that there’s no real pleasure and Leo tells her that humans can believe whatever they want to. After the scope the enemy’s territory aka the Qualia HQ, they head to a pub around the corner and try to listen in for some information however they come up short. What they do find is the woman who killed 10 and they follow and knock her unconscious. Hester tells Leo that she can get information out of the woman but he needs to leave. I mean at this point it was pretty clear that she meant torture. Leo asks her not to do anything permanent before he leaves. What I’m assuming is a few hours later Hester returns to the room with blood on her clothes and neck. She assure Leo that the woman is alright and she tells him everything she learned. The codes to the rooms are changed every morning and security had to do a facial recognition before you can even get in. Yeah I have no idea how they’re going to be able to  get around that but I’d like to see. As Hester is cleaning the blood off herself she makes a realisation and then walks over to Leo. She tells him that she’s still trying to figure out who she is but what she knows is that she’s his strength. All of a sudden there’s all this sexual chemistry and tension between the two and the lust was as clear as ever. Was I the only one who missed this because WHAAAAT? Leo initially says no and that they’re like family, they can’t mix it with pleasure. Hester reminds him that pleasure is something she’s yet to feel, next thing we know, clothes are flying off.  I’m still hella confused guys. What? Also I always thought that if anyone had that weird investors relationship it would be Leo and Mia. I’m just confused. 

Speaking of Mia, she wakes up chained in a van with Ed looking down at her. She asks for an explanation and he tells her that he needs to take care of his mum. Mia tries to remind him of what they shared but he says to her that it wasn’t real. What the fuck Ed! I liked you! I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU! We all were! This is one of the brilliant things about this show, they show us the bad and  good sides to humanity. Mia takes it all in and asks Ed to give her one last kiss and as he leans down. She grabs him by the neck and strangles him. Luckily his friend manages to pull her off and they shove her back into the van and drive off. While I. The back of the van she finds a phone, plugs it into herself and types in a code before shutting off. Ed and his friend meet with some potential buyers but when they tell Mia on, all she says is “Hi, my name is Anita Hawkins. How may I be of service to you?” Ed tries to convince them that it’s just an act but they tell him otherwise. The Synth before them is abnormal Synth. They leave and Ed is left confused. He tries to shake her out of it but guys.. it wasn’t an act. I don’t know what the hell Mia did to herself in that van but the consciousness is gone. I’m not sure if that’s permanent or not but so far, all we know is that she’s no longer conscious. What does Ed do? Leave her in the middle of the street. Urggghhh…  I liked him. 

Onto the major plot twist of the episode. Two storylines leading to the same thing. Back I Qualia Athena speaks to a scientist  who tells her that she thinks she’s met Leo Elster. This conversation somehow makes Athena think that one of the synths in the sylo may have had contact with Leo and so she makes her way there. Meanwhile Pete focuses on work trying to figure out what Seraphim is. His detective work leads him to a garage and he follows the owner on a high-speed chase as his Synth tracker informs him that there is a Synth in the mans car. The car crashes into a pole but the boot is empty. Pete follows his tracker and back in they sylo Athena hacks her way into a restricted area. The two make the very same discovery. In a children’s park and in a restricted access room in the sylo: synthetic children. Yes guys, were on a whole new level now. 


In other news Athena’s daughter died this episode and she’s made it her mission to find one of the originals so she can put V into them. Also Karen ended things with Pete this episode. Apparently she likes living a lie but with him, she can’t do that. Lastly Max rescues another newly conscious Synth and I think there’s going to be more there. 


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