Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 7: Sola(no)?


In the fall finale of Jane The Virgin there’s a major news being revealed to Rafael. Jane struggles with her faith, Michael anxiously awaits a phone call and Rogelio still has baby fever.

For a while we seem to have forgotten that one of the reasons Jane was still a virgin, besides her grandmother was her faith but what most of us may have failed to notice was her distancing herself from it. This episode she’s reminded by Alba just how distant she’s become. The conversation with Alba makes her want to start taking Mateo to church but Rafael objects to this. Rafael believes that it’s way too early to take Mateo to church and he doesn’t want him to be super religious anyway. Jane on the other-hand want religion to be as important to Mateo as it is to her. In the end, they decide to go to church but Mateo could no stay still. Honestly parent don’t like it when their young children start fidgeting or making noise in church. It makes them uncomfortable and they just end up leaving. That’s exactly what happens and so Rafael ends up taking Mateo out of the church. While he’s doing this, he gets a memory and it triggers something.

Michael continues his investigation into the bank account Rafael’s mother left and it leads them to a convent in Italy. At this point it becomes pretty obvious that Rafael’s memories and the investigations are linked. According to the information received from the Italian police, during the 1980s some art pieces went missing from the convent. As Rafael is looking at the photos one of them seems familiar to him and he leads Jane and Michael to a storage room. There he unlocks a door that contains a few pieces of art. The stolen art. Michael naturally wants to report it to the police but then Rafael asks him not to and comes clean about covering up his fathers tracks. This of course puts Michael in an uncomfortable position because it means now he may have to lie. Jane however reassures him that he does not have to lie.

To help trigger Rafael’s memory and help move the investigation further, Jane and Rafael visit the convent. While on a tour, something feels familiar to Rafael and so he leaves Jane to the rest of the tour. He breaks into the Mother Superiors office to snoop but is caught by her in the end. Most of us were probably sitting there like ‘oh shit oh shit’ but Mother Superior had no plans to hurt him whatsoever. Instead she comes clean. She confesses to  Rafael that yes, she did steal art for his father but then when his mother found out about the deal she asked her for a favour, which she’s been paying her for ever since. Mother superior hands Rafael a note, and that ladies and gentlemen, is when I knew. I mean it doesn’t take much to figure it out does it? A nun, an orphanage, being paid off? I mean come on. Rafael reads the note and is pretty shaken up but then gets Jane and they leave the convent. Once in the car he tells Rafael that he will return the art and turn himself in. I mean whoa! I did not expect that. I expected the other thing which I will tell you about in a bit but I didn’t expect this. Later that evening Catalina gives Jane a call telling her that Rafael seems off and so Jane goes to pay him a visit and there he tells Jane what mother superior told him. Rafael is not a Solano. Shocker right? I mean who would have thought? Well before this episode but wow. I wonder what this means for Rafael now.


While Rafael was talking to Mother Superior, in an effort to distract the nun she thinks is mother superior, Jane finally comes to a realisation. She asks the nun for help with the church situation between her and Rafael and it comes up that she hasn’t been to church in a while. The nun asks her while and she says it’s because life got in the way, and then Michael almost dying comes up. That is when Jane realises that the reason she’s been so distant is because she had all this anger towards God. I didn’t expect that either but I think it’s safe to say that most of us could understand why. She realises then that she needs to work on her relationship with God before she can give Mateo the chance to develop one with God. That seems fair.

If you were beginning to wonder what was up to this episode, Rogelio was a man on a mission. He decided that he wants a baby and he wants a baby now and so he goes to a celebrity match maker. She puts him on a date with Denise Richards but on that date he spends the whole time talking about how he’s struggling not to tell Jane about Xio and Bruce. By the way he confronted her about that. It was a pretty hilarious scene to be honest. I mean it was not as jealous as you may think. It was more ‘what would Jane think’. After the date with Denise fails, Darci sends him to a mixer but there he doesn’t find any of the women attractive. Eventually he’s honest with C and tells her that he doesn’t mind not finding love now but it’s a baby he wants. Surprisingly it turns out that Darci wants the exact same thing, and so she comes up with a proposal. She has the baby with him and the share custody. If you ask me it sounds a lot like a business proposal but hey, as long as Rogelio is happy, I’m happy.

In other news, Catalina is very shady. Jane finally plucks up the courage go ask her to leave but then she moves into the Marbella. Why isn’t this woman going home? I honestly don’t understand. Jane finds a bag of cash and jewellery in her bag but Catalina says it’s to auction off for some cash to send back home to Venezuela. Yeah right. In the final moments of the episode we see Catalina visited by an older man who greets her with kisses and tells her that he doesn’t appreciate her running off with his mothers jewels but the two laugh it off like it’s nothing. Okay so she’s clearly a criminal right? I mean who just runs off with someone’s jewels? She reminds me a bit of Margaux from the catch. That’s probably what she does. Just a con woman who works for some crime family. Maybe I’m wrong but I like the sound of that so I’m going to go with that theory.

For a fall finale this was a pretty enjoyable episode but I missed Petra. It just isn’t the same without her making an appearance.


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