Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 3: Losing Control


In this episode of teen wolf we’re reminded even more that things are not the same and will not be. That may seem like a strange sentence but I promise you it makes sense. The seniors follow a hunch which may lead them closer to Stiles, the babies (as I like to call them) are put to the test and a familiar face makes a come back. 

We ended the last episode with Lydia asking what the hell a stiles was. Well this episode they get an answer to the question. After Malia has a panic attack and shifts into a coyote the sheriff is called down to the school. She calms down and shifts back into human form and her shifting makes Scott realise that it could be because of Stiles being missing. Lydia once again asks what a Stiles is only for the sheriff to tell them Stiles is a he not a what. He takes them home and tells them about his father who was nicknamed Stiles. The sheriff explicitly tells them that they are not allowed to speak to him but what do they do anyway? Speak to him. 

Malia walks right up into the care home and knocks the nurse unconscious. The three then  find the sheriffs father who has dementia. They spend the rest of the afternoon and evening trying to get something out of him but it’s to no avail. It’s only after Lydia makes him do some math problems and his mind settles that they can have somewhat of a coherent conversation with him. The conversation is more abusive than it is coherent and the more he speaks, the more he angers Malia who is already struggling to control herself. Honestly I’m worried for this girl. It doesn’t seem like she will be able to take herself and it feel like she’s about to go all wild on us. Just as Malia is about to attack the Elias in walks the Sheriff and  he’s not in the least bit pleased. The three are then taken back to the station and put in a cell until Natalie comes and grounds Lydia forever. 

Before they left the care home though Elias said something to the sheriff. He tells him to go back home to his loser son and dead wife. Now of course that confuses the sheriff a little because in his universe his wife is not dead and he does not have a son. However he remembers Scott talking about memories and goes to pay him a visit. During this visit the Sheriff tells Scott about a conversation he had with his wife back in college where they talked about their son being called Stiles. Okay I have just one complaint. I had to sit through 43 minutes of all that, hearing Elias talk and back and forth for the sheriff to only remember a conversation about a maybe? Really guys? What was the point of all this then? I really don’t know what substance this episode really brought to the Stiles story line. Episode 2 ended on such a high and that made me expect more than I should have I guessed. I just wish they were a lot more closer to remembering. 

A team .jpg

While the seniors were dealing with Elias, Hayden is approached by a fellow classmate, Gwen who can’t seem to find her sister and no one remembers her either. Hayden tells her about the ghost riders but the girl doesn’t believe her. Now the babies tell Scott  what’s going on but he has his ken things to deal with and so tells them that they’ll simply have to protect her. Malia’s solution is for them to kidnap her but Scott tells them not to. Okay this is one of the things I was talking about when I said that we were reminded that things had changed. This whole situation meant that once again the babies had to step up and be in charge. Scott not giving Liam much advice was almost like he was preparing Liam for the leadership position. It was like an unspoken “you’ll have to make the decisions someday” kind of moment. 

They decide that the best way to keep an eye on Gwen would be to have her in their presence all night and so they decide to throw a party at Scott’s. Gwen comes over but just as the party has gotten into full swing she comes screaming down the stairs saying that the man is back. At this point no one can see who she’s talking about but then Cory does his thing and can spot the man walking towards Gwen. In order to stop him, Cory touches his arm and somehow this makes him visible to everyone in the party. While the rest of the people run out of the house mason pours some mountain ash on the floor but using his magical whip,  he manages to break through the barrier. Just as I thought all hope had been lost in walks Parish and very quickly he shots the ghost rider in the back.  This gets his attention though and he walks right up to Parish. This was me at thins point.

I was seriously staring at my laptop screen and thinking  “Parish is a death hound, he’s supernatural. He can’t take him, can they take supernaturals? Omg I’m not ready to lose Parish” but no. Nothing happened to Parish or Gwen. The Ghost rider merely disappears. Scott finally comes back home to a trashed house and an apologetic Liam. He tells Scott everything that happened and they both come to the realisation that once everyone saw the ghost rider at the party, they will all be taken. How morbid.

In other news, Argent is back!! A part of me wishes he brought Isaac with him but I’m just as excited. He enlists Melissa’s help with a body he’s looking into. Down in the morgue Argent tells Melissa about a body that was missing their pineal gland and that  he fears that the one before them is missing his too. After Melissa sticks her finger into the body’s brain she confirms that it is indeed missing its pineal gland. 

So remember the dread doctors? Well we haven’t quite seen the end of them yet. They were trying to make the perfect true alpha, we know that. They had experiments, we know that. We thought all of that died with the beast didn’t we? Well it didn’t. It turns out that the crazy doctors were successful. I don’t know what it is with teen wolf and new teachers but every time we get a new teacher they turn out to be a psycho. Remember Jennifer Blake? The English teacher from season 3, yeah. That was bad, so now that Mr Douglas is the success, well…. I said that too casually didn’t I? Okay so while teaching a physics class, Mr Douglas has a coughing fit. After it starts to get out of control, he quickly makes his way into a closet and starts to inhale helium. Right so he’s the helium thief but why? I still don’t fully understand the relevance of the whole helium thing. Later that night, he attacks a janitor, bites his  skull open, takes out his pineal gland and just eats it like a fricking mint. 

That’s a lot to digest right? To be honest I found the whole Mr Douglas storyline a lot more interesting than the ghost rider one this episode. Now that there’s another arc going on, I hope we don’t lose sight of what’s important. Stiles. 


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