Arrow Season 5 Episode 8: Invasion


The crossover continues in episode of 8 of Arrow which happens to Arrows 100th episode. WE’RE AT 100 EPISODES!!!!!!!!!! Okay okay I’m done. The Dominators have taken most of our heroes and it’s up to them to fight their way out. The thing with this crossover was that it gave Arrow some heart and that is what has been missing from this season. It was probably one of the best episodes if not the best of season 5 so far. 

My last post was the prequel to this episode. For those of you who don’t watch the flash and so had no idea what was really going on here let me quickly fill you in. Aliens called the Dominators landed on earth and in attempt to battle them, The Flash recruited Team Arrow, the Legends and Super Girl however all the heroes minus The Flash were taken. That’s where we pick up this episode. We see the heroes in some sort of pods while everyone else back on earth desperately tries to find them.

It becomes clear to us very quickly that Oliver is in some alternate reality where Laurel is alive and his fiancé, he is not the Green Arrow, and his parents are still alive. Oh the feels! I don’t know about the rest of you but this was a big deal for me. It was a throw back to season one but not really. Seeing all those familiar faces, how genuinely happy the characters were, it was all so beautiful to see. However as expected it was short-lived. in his alternate reality, Oliver begins to experience visions which feel like memories. The are memories of his life as the Green Arrow and it leads him to the den. There he walks in on Felicity, who panics at the unauthorised entrance and the Green Arrow who happens to be John hits him. Okay I knew John could be aggressive but wow, the suit must do something to people because he had the aggression Oliver usually has when he wears the hood. Oliver starts to tell John about his life which only makes John angrier and asks him to go back to his life. However the very next day, which is supposed to be Oliver’s wedding day, John shows up and tells Oliver he’s also been having the visions. Just as the two come to a realisation that none of this is real, who appears? SLADE! I AM SO DONE! I never thought we would see him again. Even though it may not have been under the circumstances we would have liked, it was still pretty darn great.  Can we just appreciate that fight scene between Deathstroke a.k.a Slade, John and Oliver and how clueless Olive was? He could barely fight and that was just different and nice. The fight is brought to an end by Sarah who goes all assassin on  deathstroke. With that, they remember.

Oliver heads back into the mansion because they realise that they need to get the other two and leave. Sarah takes Ray and Oliver Thea. We very quickly see a conversation between Malcolm and Thea who talk about Tommy who is now a doctor in Chicago. We see what you did there writers, very clever. For those of you who may not know what I’m talking about, Colin Donnell, who played Tommy is now on Chicago Med. Anyway After Sarah speaks to Ray and gets him to remember she goes to Thea and Oliver tries to talk her into coming back with them but Thea wants to say. She says that in this reality they have everything they ever wanted and that she can’t lose her family again. Oliver is understanding and doesn’t force her to come and goes to meet the rest outside. Before they can leave though, they are attacked by some familiar faces. Malcolm, Deatstroke, Dahrk and Andy. plus another guy who I couldn’t recognise. 5 villains and 5 heroes. Yes 5 heroes because Thea has a change of heart and decides that Oliver is her family too and so won’t leave him for a fake life.  I thought this scene was brilliant because they each came face to face with one of their demons and I just thought it was brilliant. i mean Sarah especially got to come face to face with the man who killed her sister and fight him. I mean wow. Thea and Malcolm, Oliver and Deathstroke, Sarah and Dark, John and Andy, and Ray and the other guy. I mean I knew we were getting a crossover but I was not ready for a villain return. Is it weird that I’m so happy to see all these monsters? The final fight scene was pretty epic and as a team they work together to defeat their demons however before they can leave, there is one more obstacle, Laurel. She appears in her wedding dress asking what’s going on.


Someone get the tissues because this scene nearly brought me to tears. I mean Sarah finally got to say goodbye to her sister properly. I mean a real goodbye. Although it may not have been a real goodbye because Laurel is already dead, it was real for Sarah and you could see that. She gives her one last hug goodbye and tells her that some things just can’t be fixed. Oliver then says goodbye to Laurel and tells her that he loves her but she always deserved better. With that the team make their way out of this reality and find themselves aboard an alien spaceship. Yup. That really happened. The escape from the spaceship is not easy as they have no idea how to fly the ship they steal but they’re saved by the Waverider and aboard that Gideon tells them that the mothership is headed directly for earth. We’re in trouble aren’t we?

In case you were wondering, the crossover still continued in this episode. Yes the majority of the episode focused on original Arrow characters although they’re on different shows now. The truth is the 5 that were taken were all birthed on Arrow, but our guests still made an appearance. Felicity brings Cisco over to Team Arrow in their den and there he helps them find tech that would enable them find the missing heroes. Barry and Kara work with the B team to retrieve the tech they need. It becomes very clear that Rene has a problem with meta’s and he makes a very valid point when he tells them that ever since the showed up, bad things started happening. He claims that superpowers are evil and he doesn’t want anything to do with them. Okay Rene, fair point, but Rory has super powers when he puts on that suits? What you saying about that? After Kara and Barry subdue the woman who has the tech they need, he tells them that he’s thankful that there are super heroes like them.

This was a very entertaining crossover. The rest of the plot continues on episode 8 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Although i don’t watch that show I will make it a point to watch the episode. There will not be a post on it but I just need to know what happens. One thing I would like to say is that I sooo did not miss the Arrow flashbacks this episode. It was nice not having them. However now that this has all happened I wonder how it will affect the characters. John learning that he had a baby girl in an alternate universe and Oliver having professed his love for Laurel out loud. I mean it’s got to have some sort of impact right? Can’t wait to watch episode 9.


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