Queen Sugar Season Finale: Moving Forward


The time finally came upon us, the end to Queen Sugar. Well season 1 at least because thankfully OWN decided to pick it up for a second season pretty early on in the show. The finale mostly gave us closure but in a way that made us yearning for more. The drama my readers, the drama. Let’s get right into it. 


It’s been clear for a while now that Charley has been plotting and planning to get David to sign for New Orleans and in the last episode she used Micah as a ruse to get David to come. She sets up a meeting with Davis and Micah so the two can work on their relationship but oh wow, what a coincidence, Frank Rovener just happens to show up. He makes his proposal and funnily enough Charley is extra nice to Davis. She even holds his hand. I didn’t but it. Not one second of it. I was proven right when the next morning we see her climbing on top of Remy and apologising for forgetting their first date. He also apologises telling her that he accidentally told Ralph Angel about the mill. We’ll talk about that in a bit. Later that night Davis calls her up and asks her to come over, just as she’s made plans to go over to Remy’s. She tells Remy that she can come over later but understandably he doesn’t want her to. To be honest I would have been surprised if he was cool with it all. Remy is a lovely guy but even nice guys draw the line somewhere. I wonder what this will mean for them in the future .

Charley makes her way over to Davis’ and as his caresses her she quickly runs across the room. in that moment Davis knows that it’s too good to be true. There’s no going back. He tells her that he won’t sign for New Orleans because truth be told, there’s nothing for him there. Charley doesn’t want him and neither does Micah. She then asks him how they got to where they are now, reminding him of how much she loved him, everything she gave to him and just like that he threw it all away. With that, she leaves. Good for you Charley! I feel like she’s finally said everything she wants to say to Davis. In a way this was that closure talk. yes she’s told him how she felt many times in the past but that was always from a place of anger. What we say in this episode was raw, genuine emotion coming from a place of reflection rather than anger. These two are dead and honestly I couldn’t be happier for Charley.

Charley Bordelon-West has always been a very complex character and for most of the season I’ve struggled with my feelings towards her. The other two siblings over the season have grown. We have seen the changes in them and their actions as the characters have developed but with Charley, she’s always been the same. She’s had this whole ‘I know everything and I don’t need anyone’ thing about her and although it tends to work for her, it’s not great. This episode she does the exact same thing and it causes some tension. After Remy tells her that he told Ralph Angel, a meeting is called where she tells her siblings what her plans regarding the mill. Nova although upset that Charley did not tell her is happy and proud that she’s taking this huge risk, Ralph Angel on the other hand feels disrespected. He tells Charley that their father would have just wanted to harvest enough so he could plant again the next year, not play some game to take on the Landry’s. Charley on the other hand believes that it’s systematic and that if there’s going to be change, they might as well change the game. See this is how you know she has a Business MBA. After speaking to her siblings, the next step is to speak to the local farmers and she makes a pitch telling them that their ancestors risked everything for them, so it’s only fair that they take some risk and change things. The farmers seem to be on board and so all that’s left for Charley to do is to actually buy the mill. However she still doesn’t have all the money.

Although I may have mixed feelings about her, there is no doubt that Charley is a very resilient woman. She does not back down and I admire her for that. After Lina calls her bluff Charley decides to go directly to the source, Felix. She has a conversation with him and names all the women he has violated in the past, threatening to ruin his career if her doesn’t sign with New Orleans and get Davis to sign too. If you thought that was all, then you were mistaken. Charley also asks Felix to wire 5 million into her account. Clearly that’s for the farm not her own personal gain but that’s still not all! Before she leaves she leans in real close, looks him in the eyes and tells him that if her ever violates another woman again, she will personally see to it that he pays for it. Well damn Charley. Felix of course doesn’t want to ruin his career and so does as he’s told. Next thing we know, Charley is getting a call from Rovner informing her that the deals have been closed and that he will wire her 5 million. She decides to donate 1 million to the Sex Workers Outreach charity. I thought that was big of her. The last time we see Charley, she’s writing ‘Queen Sugar’ into the sand at the mill, staring at what is about to be hers. Charley has been through a lot this season but she’s risen above all of it. No doubt that things are still going to be tough but hey, she made it this far.



When we first see Nova in the episode, she’s saying goodbye to Too Sweet who is moving away to start a new life. He thanks her for everything she did for him and it was a really sweet moment. I’m glad they wrapped up this storyline though. It was great to see Nova in that light but like all things, it’s come to an end. Shortly after Too Sweet has left, Nova gets a call from Calvin who is outside her house. She runs over to him and the two share an embrace so tight that you can see how much they missed each other. The hug is followed by a kiss that although short was full of passion. Calvin says to her that he can’t wait to ‘Breathe her in’. I’m melting. The way he looked at her, the tone of his voice, the way he said it, man I wish I was her just then. It wasn’t even a lustful thing, okay there was lust but it was more passion and love than lust. it was beautiful to watch.  He asks her out, promises her a night of dancing and food and she accepts.

Later that night the two meet in town, Calvin wearing a suit and Nova looking absolutely gorgeous. Things were good, you know they were dancing, laughing and it was great. Just as I thought wow, things are really looking up for these two, what happens? It all comes crashing down. While at the bar Calvin bumps into a fellow officer. There’s banter, they’re laughing until Nova introduces herself and Bruce, the officer recognises her as ‘that bitch’ from the paper. What he’s referring to of course is the article that caused these two to break up in the first place. The expose on corrupt police officers. Bruce reaches over to grab Nova’s ass which leads to a fight between him and Calvin. The two are separated by security but not before Bruce spits in Nova’s face. I AM FUMING. I cannot describe the rage I felt watching that happen. There’s something degrading about anyone spitting in another person’s face but it’s even worse when it’s a white man spitting in a black woman’s face. It was painful to watch. In the final moments of the episode we see Nova crying, wiping her tears with what looks like Calvin’s shirt and honestly that broke me. I just could not deal with that. I don’t know how to explain it but it was like I was feeling her pain too. Nova and Calvin have been through quite a bit and just when things were looking up this happened. How will they come back from it?

Ralph Angel

Speaking of couples that have been through a lot, Ralph Angel and Darla are one to mention. The episode actually begins with the two in the shower. Obviously they weren’t just showering but the way the were in that scene took me back to the pilot when we were first introduced to Nova and she and Calvin had that dressing scene. one of the things i love about this show is how they portray sex between black people. In most media it’s very violent and aggressive but Queen Sugar shows it intimately. it’s always passionate and tender, full of love and the blurry lens, white light, focus on details like eyelashes, the curves of Ralph Angels back, the contrast of their skin against each other, it was beautiful. I feel like I’ve used the word ‘beautiful’ to describe a lot of things this episode but i don’t even care. Later on, Darla reminds him about the meeting for the farmers but he tells her he’s not going because Charley doesn’t respect him but Darla tells him that he needs to respect himself. That, with a discovery made at the end of the episode will definitely put things in perspective for him.

He comes across a box which belonged to Ernest and in the box he finds a letter addressed to him. It’s a revised will and letter and just a few months before he passed, Ernest has decided to leave the farm to Ralph Angel. In the letter he tells Ralph Angel that he was proud of him and also something that will be our QOTE but could also serve as our quote for the season.

“You are more than you know”

After everything that has happened between him and his sisters regarding the farm, him not wanting to sell and them wanting to, messing up the buying, coming up with a solution to the grinding problem and more recently having to take a step back and let Charley control everything, Ralph Angel definitely needed to hear this. The discovery brings him to tears and he sits on the porch, staring at the land that is meant to be solely his. What does this mean? Is Ralph Angel going to fight to the land?

In other news, Vi finds out the truth about Hollywood. Ralph Angel tells her why Hollywood never approached her when he came back before handing over his divorce papers. He also tells her that he moved away after seeing her dancing with that man. Vi realises then that she played herself and so calls Hollywood but he tells her that just like she needed time, he needs time. He’s going to be spending six months out on the rig. I am sos ad about these two. They had such a good thing going and they were so happy. It’s sad to see that this is what it’s come to.

All in all this was a show I didn’t even realise was missing from our screens. It is unapologetically black and celebrates culture in a way that is different from other black shows on tv. The characters are real and you find yourself rooting for them even though they make you want to pull your hair out. We got some answers in this episode, answers to questions we didn’t even know we had and I can’t wait for the Bordelon’s to be back on my screen. Gimme Sugar.



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