Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 7: Time To Face The Hand


Surprisingly, we don’t get many murders this episode but we do get the screams. Brock struggles with himself, Cassidy’s eyes are opened to a new truth and things seem to take a turn for the hospital.

The very first few minutes of the episode are somewhat intense. Dr Hot/Holt/Brock, okay maybe let’s just stick with Brock, tells us about his newest problem. His hand. Apparently the more stressed out and tired gets, the less likely it is for him to have control over his hand. He decides that what he needs to relax is some good Chanel loving. However over a salty dinner and Chanel asking personal questions, the hand takes over and Brock nearly stabs Chanel. Yep. As in he grabbed a butcher knife and lunged forward in her direction. Err first of all, where in the world did he grab a butcher knife? They were having pasta. Why would there be a knife near him? Anyway let’s leave that. Naturally Chanel freaks out and ends things with Brock. She tells him that it’s hard enough trying not to be killed by one serial killer, she doesn’t need this from her boyfriend too. Honestly I was so proud of Chanel. i thought that for once she was going to be normal but I spoke too soon. Later on in the episode we find out that she has decided to forgive him and help him relax so that he doesn’t kill her. Gosh I love how outrageous this show is.


For most of the episode Brock struggles with his hand. The thing has a mind of its own and legit just wants to spill blood. Yet everyone acts like this is completely normal. I mean you could look at it as them being supportive which is great. Dr Holt’s client this episode is a woman who has the remnants of a parasitic twin attached to her. She had an extra set of arms and legs. Spider much? Wow. In order to cure this woman, she must have surgery to remove the additional limb but with the stress Brock is under, he doesn’t want to do it. As if that wasn’t enough, he has his first encounter with the Green Meanie in this episode but I don’t think it was Cassidy. It was the other one, and I’ll get to why I think so in a minute. He’s attacked but to my surprise and his too, his hand takes control and pretty much batters the Green Meanie. I mean wow. in all seriousness though I’m glad he didn’t die. Munch forces Brock to perform the surgery as it would be good for the hospital and to my surprise it goes well. He performs the surgery with one hand literally behind his back. Well it was tied down so that it wouldn’t just murder everyone in the OR. During the surgery though, the stress tarts to get to him and there’s a point where he can’t do it anymore but Chanel and everyone else in the OR is able to calm him down by singing him a song. It worked, because the patient did not die, and all her extra limbs were removed.

Dr Cassidy in this episode is told by number 3 that for them to have a future together, he can’t be dead and so she runs a series of psychotic tests which reveal to him that he’s not actually dead, just thinks he is. What she doesn’t tell him is that the test also revealed that he’s a psychopath and most likely to be a serial killer. She confides in number 5 that she thinks he might be the Green Meanie. Yup. Eventually once she realises that she loves him, she tells him that she knows he’s the Green Meanie and that she’d like it very much if he doesn’t kill her or any of her friends. He tells her that he can’t promise to not kill Chanel and she threatens to turn him in and he threatens to kill her. Err what kind of love is this? I don’t want a part of it. Eventually though the two make up and he tells her that he wants to be a better man for her. This is so messed up but it’s great.

In other news, the hospital had two clients in this episode and both of them survived. one of them actually walked out and the other one recovering from her surgery but still. They’re alive? Things are looking up but we’d be deluded if we think this will last long.



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