The Flash Season 3 Episode 8: Invasion



Best. Crossover. Ever. I don’t even watch half of these shows anymore but this episode for the most part blew me away. The crossover episodes are always meant to be exciting and thrilling and this episode was exactly that. Don’t get me wrong, there were the boring bits but for the most part, I loved it.

Team Flash are receiving a presentation from HR on his plans for S.T.A.R Labs when the satellite starts alerting them that there’s a meteor heading for downtown. However it was not a meteor. It was a spaceship. As in aliens came running out. Yeah. The next day Lyla comes and tells them what she knows about the aliens. They are called the Dominators and their first visits to earth was in the 50’s. They abducted a few people but then left. Lyla then goes on to tell them that a few months earlier they received a message informing them that the Dominators were returning and expected not to be hurt. Lyla then tells team flash not to get involved but hello? Crossover!

Barry runs to Star City and interrupts Oliver and John on a hunt for Vigilante. he rushes them back to Felicity’s apartment where Thea shows up and he catches Team Arrow up on everything that’s going down. Obviously they’re all down and ready to save the world, however two teams are not enough. Barry reaches out to another team, the legends and since they’re fighting aliens, it makes sense that they have one on their side right? Barry gets Kara, as in Super Girl. Personally I don’t watch ‘Super girl’ or ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ show so I can’t talk much on the characters but the banter between all of them was great. (I’ve been meaning to watch Legends, I just haven’t found the time, and with Super girl, i gave it a shot, really but i just couldn’t take it seriously. I’ve heard it’s better now though? Is it worth me watching?)

I would have thought that because it was the first time all the teams came together it might have been a little tense but far from it. The chemistry was great. The banter, the respect, all of it was just very amazing and light to watch. Speaking of respect, yeah that went out of the window pretty quickly. Dr Stein and Jax pull Barry and Oliver aside and play a recording they found. I have absolutely no idea what that was about, because like I said, I don’t watch Legends so I assume it’s something they found in the last episode.  The recording is of Barry 40 years in the future telling them not to trust present day Barry because he tweaked the timeline. This makes Barry come clean about flashpoint but the four decide that it would be best bot to tell everyone else about it because they don’t need a distraction. Oh, my, gosh. Does no one in this universe learn? I genuinely don’t understand. Time after time, every time they keep secrets, it always comes back to bite them! Secrets don’t help anyone and they always come out. This one in particular, didn’t even last 5 minutes. Cisco finds the recording and confronts Barry about it and once he finds out that Barry hasn’t told the rest, he puts him in a position where he has to tell them. He has no choice but to come clean about flashpoint and they don’t take it well. Especially John. Before things get too heated though, they get a call from Lyla informing them that the president has been taken and with that everyone minus the techies, Barry and Oliver leave.


The heroes make a return but it’s not the kind you’d expect. First of all they come without the president and secondly they were on the offensive. Completely and totally brainwashed by the Dominators and they were attacking Barry and Oliver. As in they came for blood. It was amazing how long the two were able to fight them off until Wally came to offer his help although he didn’t do much because Super girl knocked him out as quickly as he got there. Oliver manages to fight them off while carrying Wally over his shoulders. *Fans self*. Meanwhile Barry is racing Kara in an attempt to anger her. Eventually she flies into some alien orb thing and that breaks the hold and the rest come to their senses. However just as they’ve taken a breather, what happens, the aliens jus beam them all up except Barry. Are you kidding me? WHAT NOW? He literally had to recruit three other teams because he couldn’t do it on his own. how in the universe is he supposed to get them back? I’m dying to know.

In other news, drama is still very much alive. Cisco is still pretty mad at Barry. He tolerates him in this episode because they have a job to do and well, aliens. However, there were moments in the episode that the two had to interact and it took a bit away from the episode because all of a sudden a very light and banterous atmosphere became tense and awkward. it was annoying to watch. Do you all understand how amazing this would have been if things were normal and Cisco was his normal cool self? Think of all the nicknames and jokes we could have had. Also Wally has his own drama. Irish for some reason thinks it would be a good idea for Team Flash to lie to him about how well he’s doing because it’s for his protection. I’m sorry but LOL. ROTFL. Whet? Who do you think you are Iris? You can’t protect Wally from himself. No one ever learns on this show and I’m just tired. Wally eventually finds out they they’ve been lying to him (shocker) and then asks for HR’s help. the two people who aren’t listened to pair up and this is going to be very interesting. Kid Flash is about to be born.

This was so exciting and with all of them gone, Invasion continues on Arrow. I can’t wait!


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