The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 7: Not So Merry Christmas


The fall finale of season 8 was for me a little underwhelming, but then again, it’s only a fall finale. It’s Stefan’s last day with his loved ones and he has every intention of spending it with them but he doesn’t get a chance to. 

The plan is to have everyone come over for a Christmas dinner, eat lots of food and drink lots of wine before he can start his new job as a soul collector. No biggie. However their plans are changed a little when Sybil and Damon crash the party. That of course throws Alaric and Matt because you know, they killed him. The look on their faces…wow. Naturally Alaric feels the need to keep his daughters away, Matt doesn’t really say much and Damon enjoys the tension. He asks Stefan to help him get some ornaments and that was apparently code for ‘come with me so I can stab and kill you and send you to hell where Cade would like to have a conversation with you.’ Not to worry though, although Stefan was dead he wasn’t going to stay dead.

Damon makes his way down and joins the rest like nothing happened. He then tells them that his gift to them is an all expense paid trip to hell. Meaning he was going to kill one of them that night. Yeah, the person who has done the most evil would be going to meet Cade. This whole thing leads Damon to start asking the question we haven’t heard in a while. ‘What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?’ At first the question is directed to Matt but Damon brings up Penny. That was harsh. I mean it was a low blow. He shot her by accident! When he gets the reaction he wants from Matt, he turns his attention to Peter, Matt’s father. He asks what the worst thing he’s ever done is and Peter starts talking about tax. No one cares about your taxes Peter! Damon isn’t impressed either, and finds it surprising that Peter doesn’t think the worst thing he’s ever done is abandon his family. Honestly I sided with Damon on that one. Damon then holds a knife to his throat asking why he never came back and Peter says that it’s because he was ashamed. He didn’t want to come back and be a toilet scrubber. Wow. Damon decides that neither one of them are worthy of Cade and lets them leave. Although they were alive, things between Matt and his dad were definitely different.

In the spirit of Christmas Caroline hands out gifts, the last of which is given to Damon. We don’t know what it is when she gives it to him but it’s supposed to be something for when he’s ready to ask her forgiveness. When Sybil and Damon leave she thanks him for getting her out of the house and the two have a moment. Like a romantic moment. It made my skin crawl. Sybil is gorgeous but this is all kinds of wrong. She feels the gift in his pocket and asks if it’s for her. Damon lies and hands it over. Lo and behold, the gift is Elena’s necklace and that brings back some memories of her. Damon has always been predictable yet unpredictable and his next actions were the latter. In a very swift motion Damon rips out Sybil’s heart, sits her on a bench and places her heart next to her before leaving to go pick up his brother. First of all I highly doubt Sybil goes down so easily. She’s still immortal, and somehow I don’t think this is going to stop her. Also I’ve seen her in the promo pictures. What does this mean now though? Is Damon remembering Elena going to change something? Who knows?


Speaking of remembering, once he’s been sent to see Cade the two go on a little trip. Cade takes Stefan back to 1917 where he murdered a whole campsite back when he was a ripper. Cade talks about the moment, telling Stefan that it was the moment that he knew Stefan would be his. Stefan doesn’t remember killing all those people on Christmas eve but right there we see Seline. Lurking in the back like a creep she’s humming her little song. Cade shows Stefan his first ever interaction with Seline. Seline was supposed to claim Stefan’s soul for Stefan however when she looked in his mind she had a change of heart. For some reason she decides to spare him and that’s when Cade had his eyes set on Stefan. The next stop is the high school just a few moments before he met Elena. Cade tells Stefan that by getting to know Elena he pretty much put her on a path to destruction.

The whole point of the little trip down memory lane is to show Stefan what he’s really capable of. Cade tells him that it’s the ripper he wants because there’s just no one like him. Stefan then makes a deal with Cade in order to protect the twins. He’ll turn off his humanity and work for him for a year but when the year is up, Cade lets him and Damon go. Funnily enough I don’t think it’ll be as easy. Cade tells Stefan that after a year he’s not going to want to stop. Guys, do you remember how difficult it was to get Stefan to flip his switch last time? How in the world is he going to flip it this time? I don’t even want to think about it. After they make the deal Stefan wakes up and all he wants to do is spend his final moments with Caroline. Honestly it was sweet and I wanted time to stand still for the two of them but you know, the devil calls. Damon picks Stefan up and as they drive out of Mystic Falls, Stefan flips his switch and gives us a very sinister smirk.

While all this is going down at the Salvatore household, Bonnie and Enzo are sent on a mission to retrieve the fork/weapon that can be used against Sybil. In the house they enter they also find Seline. Seline tells them that she’s trying to make things right and needs to speak to Alaric before she hands over the weapon. Sybil calls Alaric and tells him that she needs to see the twins and sever the link she had created. Alaric is hesitant but agrees to it, and with that Sybil hands over the fork. Bonnie and Enzo make it back just in time and use it on Sybil but it also affects Bonnie and the twins. Eventually bonnie realises that they are all psychic and that’s probably why it affected all of them. Meanwhile in a sad scene, Seline breaks her bond with the twins and takes away their memories of her. Shortly after, Caroline has to say goodbye to them.

The finale set up for a really good second half of the season and I’m so excited for that? Is Stefan going to be able to come back to Caroline? Will Damon try to remember Elena? How will Sybil come back to life? So many questions.


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