Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 1: A Fresh Start


Do you know how long it has been since Being Mary Jane graced out screens? It’s been 1 year and 12 days. Just take that in. They really made us wait a Game of Thrones type of hiatus. This season, MJ is back and it’s a new city, new job but definitely drama, oh and our one year wait translated into a one year time jump.

The season 3 finale left us on such a massive cliffhanger. The last thing we saw was Niecy being tased by a police officer.  I was under the impression that season 4 would pick up right where we left off and we would see MJ’s retaliation but to my disappointment we didn’t. However we did find out that MJ reacted exactly the way we thought she would and it even led to her being let go. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see her push the boundaries especially with Greg and discuss police brutality but I can forgive the writers. The episode focuses on Niecy and her family and the aftermath of the incident but not too much. The family has clearly been affected and it has brought them closer. We find out that the family faced a lot of scrutiny especially Patrick, with this history and all and that put them through a lot. Eventually after a court battle, Niecy was given a settlement which hasn’t come through yet. I wonder if that is going to be a story line. The police officer who tased her is apparently going back to work and the media asks for Niecy’s statement. She doesn’t want to have to relive the whole thing and we can totally understand that. Patrick writes a statement and it was just so real because it was so true. Police brutality is something that black women face too. Often it’s the men we hear about but it’s not limited to just them and this statement reminded us of that.

Mary Jane 1.png

Being in a new city of course means that Mary Jane is away from all this drama and tension in her family but that doesn’t mean that drama doesn’t follow our sweet girl. Her new job is not an anchor position but she takes it on with a different kind of confidence. I’m not talking about the bad-ass ‘I run this place’ type of confidence she had in the first three seasons and well it makes sense. In this office she’s the new girl, she can’t be walking up in there like she owns the place. This confidence we see is a humbled one, but don’t worry, that powerful I like to run things confidence makes an appearance elsewhere. It was weird seeing MJ like this but honestly I liked it. She is working alongside her idol this season and like I said, it’s weird seeing her admire someone like this. When she first meets Rhonda, the anchor and her idol her smile is so wide and the two get on pretty well. Rhonda even lends MJ her stylist. Okay what I’ve leaned from all these different Tv shows s that no one is ever that nice, and so instantly I was cautious of Rhonda. Garett who is pretty much New Yorks Greg takes MJ out for lunch and tells her that she’s soon to be Rhonda’s replacement. When MJ gets back from her lunch just as she and Kara are celebrating, Rhonda pulls her aside and tells her that she’s not going anywhere and that Garett is just trying to pit the two of them against each other. What in the hell? I don’t buy it. There has to be more to this story.

You’re probably wondering how I’ve written this much and not mentioned MJ’s love life once. I may not have mentioned it but I’ve hinted at it. To calm her nerves before her first day, MJ decides that she needs some good loving if you catch my drift. She picks up a guy from a comedy bar. oh let me be specific. She picks up an English guy, a Londoner who has no idea who she is. She takes him back to her hotel room and places a rubber band on his wrist. She then smacks it against his skin and tells him that it means she wants more, faster, or harder. Well damn MJ. This is what I meant by the whole ‘I run this’ kind of confidence appearing elsewhere. However when they’re in bed she does the most bizarre thing. This woman actually asked him to tell her that he loved her. WHET? I promise you my neck just sunk into my body. I genuinely thought he’d be out of there faster than she could blink but to my surprise he indulges her. One night stand over, and MJ goes to see a matchmaker. One that cost $20000 for that matter. Can you imagine paying someone who much when you could just join or something? I guess that’s for us average joe’s. When  you’re a somewhat celebrity you can’t really be on those things. MJ is supposed to complete a self assessment and send it over but when she does she gets dumped. The woman who was supposed to help her find love dumps her because she has too many red flags. God help this woman because she’s about to make the same mistakes all over again. Being upset and all, MJ goes back to her one night stand whose name is Lee. Yup. No longer a one night stand. This is obviously going to be the potential husband for this season unless of course we are introduced to someone new in like episode 3 because to be honest, that is her life.

If I’m being completely honest, this season isn’t at all what I thought it was going to be but I love that. I can’t wait to see what crazy ride she takes us on this season.


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