Scandal Season 6 Episode 1: President X


After what feels like an eternity, Scandal is back on our screens! The last episode was very intense and this one continued that same momentum. The season premiere did a very good job of shuffling the cards and setting the tone for what seems to be a very promising season.

They put us out of our misery pretty quickly and tells us who the president-elect is. In a very unexpected fate Frankie Vargas is the president elect. Initially Mellie refuses to accept this and tells her staff that there has obviously been some rigging and so they  need to get on it. Olivia manages to get through to Mellie and make her realise that they’ve lost. She calls Vargas and hands the phone over to Mellie to concede. The disappointment in the air could be felt through our screens and hearing Mellie on the phone with him, you could just tell how hurt she was. I am so here for this new friendship between Mellie and Liv because we next see them in a bathroom sharing a jar of moonshine and drinking away their pain from losing, that is until they hear screaming. They come out of the bathroom only to find out that Vargas has been shot. Okay THAT was totally unexpected. Like what?

The first person to come into Olivia’s mind is her father and although I would normally think so too, the culprit seemed very obvious to me. Truth be told, I was surprised Olivia didn’t even think about him but her father. She approaches Eli who tells her that although he though about it, this time he had nothing to do with it and opens her eyes to the very same possibility I had thought of. Cyrus Beene. Next thing we see is Liv giving her gladiators a task, asking them to investigate everything between the suspect and Cyrus. She then goes to see Fitz and tries to talk him into picking Mellie. He refuses to listen to her and so she shares her concerns about Cyrus. Fitz gives her till the morning to find some proof. Olivia then heads back to OPA where her associates tell her that they have nothing. When Liv believes she is right she doesn’t let anything stop her and so she heads over tot he hospital herself to have a word with Cyrus.


When she gets there though what she finds throws her. Cyrus is standing alone in a room, covered in blood and in shock. As in he was not speaking at all. The look on his face, even I changed my mind. Only for a little bit though because I remembered how good of  liar that man can be. Unfortunately, Olivia doesn’t see through his act. She goes back to Fitz, tells him she was wrong and that he knows what to do. Earlier on Olivia pays a visit to Mellie who is pretty shaken up by the shooting as it hits her that could have easily been her. She is ready to pack up and move to Spain and live on a beach. She doesn’t want it anymore,  but Liv does. I’m not too sure when Mellie changed her mind in between Olivia leaving and Fitz coming to see her but then Mellie tells Fitz that she wants it. Unfortunately for her though, he chooses Cyrus.

Just as Fitz is announcing to the world that Cyrus Beene should be the man to run the united States, OPA find a voicemail that they miss. It turns out that there was a deleted voicemail in the FBI system and when they download the message it’s a young woman saying that “It was Cyrus Beene”. They identify the woman, Jenny and her last known location and Liv sends Huck and Quinn out to find her but the cabin blows up in front of them and all they bring back is a charred hand. Wow Scandal. Chill. At this point Olivia is convinced more than ever that Cyrus is guilty and I am too. She goes to his office to offer her ‘condolences’ but then as they share a hug she whispers in his ear that she know what he did and she’s onto him. Errr Olivia, are you not scared that he will barbecue you the very same way he did Jenny? Just don’t poke the bear too much.

In other new, Quinn and Charlie are engaged. I never ever in a million years thought I would type that sentence, but here I am. It’s nice to know that there is some form of normalcy in this show. It would be so interesting to see Quinn in bride mode. You know the glass wall that they stick photos of their clients or whoever they are investigating on? Can you imagine that being full of possible wedding venues/ flower arrangements etc? Am I hoping for too much here?

It will be really interesting to have Cyrus Beene as the villain for this episode. It’s a different angle that I did not expect but am truly grateful for. Shonda, you’re amazing. This season is going to be good. I CAN FEEL IT.


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