Suits Season 6 Episode 11: Not Coming Back


The last episode of Suits left fans wondering what was going to be next for the characters and this episode did very well at setting the tone for the rest of the season. It was every bit as satisfying as I hoped it would be with some teasing here and there but that added to the excitement. 

Let’s pick up right where we left off. Towards the end of episode 10 Harvey offered Mike a job at the firm as a consultant and he told him to think about. Well, Mike gave Harvey an answer and it was one that he didn’t want to hear. Understandably Mike doesn’t want to go back to the firm because he wants to use his talent for good. Everything he told the jury was heartfelt and he planned on seeing it through. Harvey however feels somewhat abandoned by Mike and sulks about it until Donna tells him to help Mike achieve his dream. Honestly my legal knowledge pretty much comes from what Suits teaches me so I had absolutely no idea what it would take for Mike to be able to practice again, so watching that scene I just kept thinking “wow… how is Harvey going to do this?” It didn’t take too long for me to get my answer. Harvey goes to see Anita Gibbs and asks her to testify on Mikes behalf in front of the honour and character board. Anita of course refuses and seems a bit insulted at the request. Next thing we know, bam! She shows up at Mikes front door telling him that if he ever tries to work in the law, she will stomp on him. A very angry Mike goes straight to Harvey and has a go at him. We’ve seen Harvey and Mike have intense fights before but this? This was personal and deep and very emotional. Mike saw red. The look in his eyes when he told Harvey to stop “meddling” with his life… I felt Harvey’s pain there and there.

The reason Mike was so bothered was because he had a plan. He was trying to use his gift to help others. We see him apply to a legal clinic however on the application form there’s a box asking if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime and our boy has been and so he had to tick the box. The whole thing just brings him down because he knows that no one is going to want to hire a felon. He goes to see his priest at the church and there he’s offered a job. GUYS…. Mike Ross as a teacher? Who would have seen this day coming? Mike gets a class of delinquents and they give him a hard time. On his very first day he finds his mug shot printed out and placed on his desk. How rude. That’s not even the worst part. The boys keep tormenting and trying him. After the class he goes to the priest and pretty much suggests that he wants to quit but then he finds out that the teacher whose class he’s covering has cancer and isn’t coming back. That makes Mike come back to the class and he uses that information to get through to the boys. Who would’ve thought? Maybe Mike is good at this teaching thing. Whether he is or not we don’t really get the chance to find out because a few parents find out about the whole convicted felon thing and ask for him to be let go. I think the episode set the scene for Mikes arc for the rest of the season pretty well. From my interpretation it looks like the second half of the season is going to see Mike try to figure out what his next step is. Whether that leads back to Pearson Specter Litt or should I say Specter Litt or not, time will tell in the end.

Louis and Harvey are paid a visit by Robert Zane who extends the same lifeline he did to Jessica to them. He also brings up the whole who will be managing partner thing and as soon as he walks out the door, Louis is all riled up. He takes it upon himself to prove Robert wrong because he believes he should not be underestimated. Louis pays a visit to one of his all time favourite associates, Katrina and asks her to  poach 10 of Zane’s best associates. Somehow she’s able to and Louis decides to implement phase two of the plan which is to steal Zane’s biggest client. Donna warns him and tells him that it’s a bad idea but he gets her to set up the meeting anyway and if I’m being completely honest the way he was going about it, even I knew it was a bad idea. Louis has a tendency to let him emotions take over and when he does he acts on impulse. He doesn’t think things through and previous episodes support that. I may not know the ins and out but I knew Donna was right. Louis meets Katrina for dinner and like I thought she tells him that it was a bad idea and that they need to start getting ready to apologise. As the meme goes, that was when Louis knew he played himself. Also that he wasn’t ready to be managing partner. After he comes to this realisation he realises that it would be best to stick to what he does which is manage the associates. That’s the right path to take. I think if he focuses on that right now, he could eventually become managing partner.


Our other contender for managing partner this week was very emotional. Following his argument with Mike in the morning, Harvey spent the whole day trying to fix things for Mike and when that blew up in his face with Mike asking him to leave him alone Harvey lost his cool. Okay so after Robert Zane finds out about Louis’ attack, he approaches Harvey and has a go at him. He takes his offer of merging back and asks Harvey to watch Louis. So remember all that emotion from his fight with Mike? That all came onto Louis. Harvey BLEW at Louis. We’ve seen him yell at Louis in the past but this was uncalled for. It was just misplaced anger. He was towering over Louis and made him feel so small. My heart. I wanted to push Harvey away from Louis. Donna eventually ends it and has a talk with Harvey in his office. She tells him that he can’t keep expecting them to fill the void of his real family and that he needs to make amends with his mum. Guys I think we have the Harvey arc for this season. Harvey is going to repair the relationship with his family. We’re about to see a vulnerable Harvey Spectre.

In other news, Rachel is struggling with whether to leave the firm or not. She’s told by her dean that she would have a higher chance at passing the character and honour board if she worked for her father rather than at Pearson Spectre Litt. however her loyalties lie there. Eventually Louis comes through and offers her a 2nd tear associate post which she happily takes. I guess her mind is made up now. What I found very weird was how she didn’t speak to Mike about the whole thing. Not once. This may not mean anything but I just thought it was odd.

Now that Jessica is gone, everyone wondered what the next step was. ‘She’s Gone’ did a very good job of setting the tone for the rest of the season and I couldn’t be happier with the direction it’s going in.


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