The Fosters Season 4 Episode 11: Things Are Not The Same


If you can all remember the summer finale of The Fosters left us all pulling our hair out. There was so much going wrong all at the same time. Callie was pretty much kidnapped and Jesus was knocked out. Episode 11 did not solve any one of these things, instead things just seemed to take a turn for the worst. Let me tell you what I mean. 

After Jesus is knocked out Stef calls an ambulance and he’s still conscious. For some of the ride he’s complaining about how he’s fine and none of this is necessary, until he suddenly starts smelling gasoline, and then out of no where has a seizure. He gets to the hospital and the seizing is only getting worse. Eventually Stef and Lena are told that his brain is swelling and to monitor it they need to insert a bolt into his brain and put him in a medically induced coma. However they do not know how long it will be until the know it has worked and when he does wake up, there is a possibility that he may have learning disabilities, trouble walking and talking or personality changes. Stef says “I just want our boy back” And honestly I couldn’t agree anymore. Jesus is perfect just the way he is. Can you imagine him being any different? I know I don’t want to. If you think that’s all with the Jesus drama, it really isn’t. When Jesus wakes up he has to deal with the police. Before he went into surgery he got questioned by the police because Nick filed an assault case against Jesus. Are you kidding me? Nick the victim? That has to be the funniest thing I heard all episode. When the day is done, Stef makes her children promise them that there will be no more drama because their plates are full. Uhm Stef, have you forgotten who your children are? What do you mean no drama? Your names might as well be the Adam-Forster Drama. Every single one of their children had their own drama they hadn’t told their parents about.


Let’s start with Callie because wherever she goes, drama follows. While in the car with Troy, she get’s a phone call from Aaron telling her that the DNA on the weapon belonged to a male relative of Martha’s. This of course freaks her out and she starts to suspect that Troy killed his grandmother. The two get in an argument and next thing we know, she swerves the car to avoid driving into another car and in the process causes an accident. She runs out the car and calls 911 when she sees the passengers of the other car unconscious. While on the phone Troy tries to come after her and she runs away. She speaks to Aaron about everything that went down and he tells her that she needs to make a statement and to talk to her mum. He specifically asks her not to mention the whole murder investigation thing however does Callie listen? No. Callie is stubborn and always thinks she knows whats best. After Stef makes them promise not to bring any drama Callie goes to the police station to gibe her statement. The thing is she mentions Martha’s murder. ARE YOU DUMB? The one thing you weren’t supposed to do, you do. Behind the mirror we see two detectives talking. one whom I’m sure was the one trying to cover everything up and the two mention the fact that leaving an accident scene is a felony. Something she herself doesn’t know. Honestly if she had just spoken to Stef about it, all this could have been handled better, then again I get why she didn’t want to tell them anything, but still! This is only going to make things so much worse. That is what Callie does best.

Marian’s drama continues in this episode. Emma tells Lena what has been going on with Mariana and Lena is P-I-S-S-E-D. Honestly she had every right to be. First of all, she’s dealing with one child in surgery and now this. She quickly arranges for Mariana to be tested and besides dehydration and a slightly high blood pressure she seems fine. There was one thing said that makes me feel like there’s going to be a little more to this story line. Before the nurse leaves she says she’ll send a phlebotomist in and a blood sample should tell us ‘more’.  I don’t know why but that line makes me uneasy. I don’t know what is about to go down with Mariana but something is. After her tests she walks back to see Emma and honestly I thought she would have words for her but it was actually the other way round. Although true, Emma very harshly tells Mariana that this is all her fault and that if she hadn’t still been seeing Nick, Jesus wouldn’t be in surgery. Unfortunately for her though, Matt overhears the whole conversation and asks what Emma means by still seeing Nick. I feel so sorry for Matt. Mariana just keeps hurting him and he comes back every single time. He loves her, he really does but she needs to start treating him better because this is ridiculous.

In other news, after Brendan finds out that he has ruined his academic life, he heads to Cortney’s house. Somehow the two end up having sex. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read that right. I don’t even know how she let herself have sex with a guy who broke her heart and dumped her by letter. Whet? Eventually she comes to her senses too and tells him that it was a mistake. Callie and AJ also made up in this episode. I thought that was very sweet and honestly it needed to happen. Lastly Jude and Noah broke into someones boat and got high. I genuinely believe this is going to have some serious consequences but I may be wrong.

There’s already so much going on in this episode that I just know that the rest of the season is going to be great. I can’t wait.


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