HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 10: It Should Have Been You


How To get Away With Murder, I have missed you and you did not disappoint in this episode. No we don’t find out who killed Wes and we don’t see much of what happened to him after he left the station. What we do get is a focus on the characters and how the death affects their relationships and it was just amazing acting. Truly.

First of all, Annalise is still in prison when the episode begins and she is eventually searched. Clothes come off, hair is searched and God I was hoping that wig wouldn’t just slide right off her head and she’s put into her prison clothes. While this is going on, the medical examiner is performing Wes’ autopsy and is writing down the cause of death which happens to be the same thing Annalise is arrested for; homicide. After the search she is transferred to Philadelphia County Jail where she is searched and put into a cell. She has two cellmates, one who just loves to tease her and an older lady who seems a bit more respectful of her.

Eventually Annalise gets a visit from Bonnie who informs her that Nate will not be of any help to them in their fight and that she has contacted a few lawyers who would want to take her case. Annalise however tells Bonnie that she wants her to be her lawyer. I don’t know when Annalise got such respect for Bonnie but wow. I didn’t really see that coming. Bonnie enlists Frank’s help who bribes an officer to get the police call logs so they can figure out who their anonymous source is. They notice that Hannah Keating called the station and Bonnie mentions this to Annalise. Apparently Annalise called Hannah on the day of the fire and told her that she could have the house back. Honestly I don’t really know how this equals Hannah knowing about the fire but hey, that’s the great thing about this show right? You never really know anything until the writers want you to. The day of Annalise’s bail hearing Bonnie makes the case that the fact that the prosecutors source is anonymous is weak and that they need to disclose some evidence. Unfortunately for her they do and it’s enough for the judge to deny Annalise bail. Back to prison we go.

Meanwhile the Keating four are all dealing with the loss in different ways. It’s weird typing the Keating ‘four’. It will take a very long time for that to feel normal. Laurel is still digesting everything and is convinced that Frank is responsible. Bonnie goes to see her at the beginning of the episode to ask what she saw but Laurel doesn’t remember much. She does ask Bonnie where Frank is because she want’s to ask him herself. Eventually the rest come and pay her a visit too and their attempt to console her backfires massively. She tells them that she didn’t tell the police it was Annalise and that somehow leads to Connor saying that everything was Wes’ fault and that he pretty much deserved to die. Laurel tells them that the baby’s is Wes’ and Connor says that she should abort it because Wes isn’t a father figure. Out of no where it’s fight club in there. Asher jumps on Connor and punches him until he bleeds. Michaela sends Asher home and stays with Laurel.


Before all the mayhem Laurel has a flashback to the time she and Wes were in the bath tub talking about how the condom broke. They do it in the most nonchalant way every and it’s totally unbelievable! No college student in their right mind would react that way to a possible pregnancy. Listen they’ll be on their way to the nearest pharmacy to get the morning after pill. I know I would. Laurel gets her wish later on and asks Frank to his face whether or not he did it. He tells her no but then she says to him that “It should have been you. I loved him more than I ever loved you.” That must have hurt but honestly though BISH WHERE? Someone needs to show me how Wes and Laurel fell so deeply in love because it makes absolutely no sense to me! I swear they were together for like two weeks. This just feels forced.

Michaela and Asher have their own drama too. Her mother takes off and she tells Asher that she doesn’t care. After his fight with Connor he brings it up again about how no one is showing any emotion. Asher has always been a super sensitive guy and so this doesn;t bother me too much. I don’t know where all that rage came from though. I was unaware that Asher cared so deeply for Wes. We see a flashback where Asher remembers a time when Wes helped him get out of a situation with a girl. He mistook her for Michaela and smacked her bum. The whole thing was a little funny to watch to be honest. In the present Asher later on goes to apologise to Michaela and she makes him promise to never do that again. She also remembers a time with Wes where she caught him buying jewelery for Laurel. I never even noticed that those two didn’t talk until Wes mentions it in the flashback. It’s weird how little we saw of them outside covering up murders.

Connor is the one who irks my soul the most in this episode. He feels nothing that Wes is dead and he makes that very clear. That was exactly what got him beaten up in the first place. As in who in the world does he think he is? All that anger towards Wes and making him a villain in his head because he killed someone? Err Asher has killed someone too you know? I honestly believe that Connor has just always been jealous of Wes. Maybe he was jealous of his life, maybe he was jealous that Wes is dead now and so doesn’t have to deal with the repercussions anymore. I don’t know but what I do know is that Connor is an ass.

In other news, the D.A’s office announces that the official cause of Wes’ death was smoke inhalation which is some bullcrap. Everyone knows that. Nate confronts the medical examiner and she says that what she said was before the autopsy. Excuse me lady but we saw you write down Homicide after the autopsy so you better think again. You think all is lost  now but just before the episode ends, Frank goes to confess to killing Wes. We see that just after Wes left the station he got in a car with Frank. Just because they got in a cr together doesn’t mean Frank murdered Wes. I don’t belive it and I refuse to accept that it’s that easy. The show is way too clever for that.

In other news, Oliver has a copy of Annalise’s phone and downloads it onto a USB. The question is, what does he plan on doing with it?

The acting in this episode was superb. I’m looking forward to these flashbacks. hopefully they continue. The bring an air of freshness and lightness to the show and we could really use that in such a dark time. Plus a little bit more of Wes couldn’t hurt.


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