HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 11: It Should Be About Wes


In all honesty this episode didn’t really do much for me. Yes we got some more information on what happened to Wes after he left but after the winter premiere this was just a let down for me. 

Frank confesses to killing Wes and when he’s asked why, he says it was because he found out about Laurel’s pregnancy. Right… we all know that’s some bullshit so surely that must mean Frank is lying right? When the detectives don’t buy his story, Frank points them in the direction of some footage that shows Wes getting in his car. The story he tells them is that he took Wes to Annalise’s house, knocked him out and then set the house ablaze. That would be plausible if Wes got into his car at some point in the evening but it was only 4:30 when Wes got in. There are hours unaccounted for. We the viewers are allowed to see what happened. After Frank drives off from the station he parks in an alleyway and has a conversation with Wes about Annalise. Wes pretty much tells Frank that Annalise and Laurel both love him more and that he may end up snitching on Annalise and then he just leaves. Therefore Frank may not have killed him. Note that I said may. You never really know with this show.

When Atwood realises she isn’t getting anywhere with Frank, she sends Nate in to go and speak to Laurel. He asks Laurel if she ever told Frank she was pregnant and she just asks him to leave. He’s a detective, obviously he can tell when someone is lying. it doesn’t take much for him to realise that something isn’t right. His next step is to go and speak to Frank and tell him that he knows it’s all a lie. Frank however doesn’t seem bothered. At this point they don’t have enough to officially charge him but they also can’t let him go. Bonnie eventually realises this and she asks the four to get Oliver to hack the DA’s office. This is when Connor tells them that Oliver knows the truth about Sam and Michaela freaks out. Next thing we know they’re at Oliver’s and Michaela is pretty much trying to be Annalise.

She sits Oliver down and has a talk with him about how he can’t say anything because their lives are on the line. It was a bit eerie watching her speak to Oliver in such a calm manner almost as if speaking to a child, but then snapping at Connor in the back. After she pretty much threatens Oliver she asks him to hack the DA’s office to see what they have on Frank. However he finds something else instead. We knew the DA’s office was investigating Annalise but we didn’t know to what extent. These people have information on everything from Rebecca and Sam to Sinclair. Therefore even if they pinned Wes’ murder on Frank they would come after her for something else. bonnie tries to leverage this new information, offering Atwood a deal. Information on everything else for immunity, however Atwood throws it back in their faces. She wants Annalise and only Annalise. Bonnie comes up with another plan that she thinks is sure to work. She goes to laurel and tells her that she’s the only one that can fix it now. Next thing we know Laurel is lying to the detectives about how she saw Frank in the house. With this new information they charge him but only as Annalise’s co-conspirator, meaning she’s still in prison.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 3.01.28 PM.png

In prison Annalise goes through a lot in this episode. She takes her first communal shower and it doesn’t go too well. While showering she’s bullied by her cellmate and another woman and she tries to defend herself but very poorly. Luckily for her, her other cellmate, the nice one comes to her rescue. Later on she offers Annalise a blade but she doesn’t take it. it isn’t until she finds out that she’s not getting out that she goes back and asks for the blade. She starts to cut off her weave and this ladies and gentlemen was when I realised that she was broken. Do you know what it takes for a black woman to cut her own weave like that? No but on a serious note, Annalise has given up. I said in my last post that her newly found trust in Bonnie was odd because in all honestly as things progress I’m just realising that Bonnie is a terrible lawyer. She needs to call someone else because at this rate, Annalise will go down for everything.

In other news, the Keating four a still a mess. Laurel is in pain and suspicious of Meggie who brings her jello and asks questions. Michaela and Asher may bicker all the time but at the end of the day are really cute and there may be hope for Oliver and Connor. The thing is now I don’t even care. The two have gotten equally annoying and if I’m being very honest they can both just leave. I won’t miss them. In fact I won’t even be surprised if Connor is the one who killed Wes with the way he’s been talking and acting. Lastly in an attempt to ‘console’ Connor, Michaela and Asher, president Hargrove has a meeting with them but it backfires when Michaela calls her out on hanging Annalise out to dry and not having a memorial for Wes. She takes this all to heart and surprisingly goes to visit Annalise in prison to see how she’s doing. The most surprising thing about this episode is the end where we find out that Bonnie asked Frank to keep tabs on Wes. This of course means that she must know something. She’s always been shady anyway. I don’t know why I was surprised.

I feel like things could get very slow and boring very easily. This episode didn’t have much substance to it in my personal opinion so I just hope that the next ones pull it back up.


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