Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 8: The Meddler


I am so glad Jane the Virgin is back. Amidst all the murder, framing and battles going on other shows I watch, this was a very refreshing welcome. Jane and Xio deal with their Bruce drama, Michael is trying to figure out what the next step is now that he can’t go back to work, Rafael is trying to process things and Petra is back. The best way to deal with this would be by storyline and so lets just dive straight in.  

Jane vs Bruce and Xiomara 

It’s no secret that Jane does not approve of her mothers new relationship. Not in the slightest bit. With the way they left things in episode 7 I was surprised to see the two on speaking terms in this episode. Jane makes it clear that she isn’t on board but after Xio and Alba ask her to give Bruce a chance, she says she’s on board. Later on she heads over to the studio to give her mum a coffee but she sees Xio talking to Bruce and crying. She assumes Bruce has upset her mum and she has a go at him. I mean she just lays it all out there. How he always hurt her in the past, how she’s always the one picking up the pieces, the whole lot. To be honest I can understand why Jane was so upset. It makes complete sense. The thing is… Jane has a tendency to jump to conclusions. She saw her mother crying and assumed Bruce had hurt her again which was why she blew her top. It wasn’t even like that this time round. Bruce simply told Xio that his daughter didn’t like her and that was why she was crying. The whole thing goes from bad to worse when Bruce and Xio have a fight and her mother is very upset at her. She eventually decides that the right thing to do would be meddle and try to fix things. She goes over to see Bruce’s daughter, Tess and tries to get her to give Xio a chance. It worked. To be honest I’m not sure if I’m rooting for them or not. I really like the idea of Xio and Rogelio but they just want different things. I’m not ready to let them go though but I think I need to.


Jane vs Catalina and Rafael


Jane goes to visit Catalina and finds the man we saw at the end of the last episode kissing her. His name is Arnaud and he’s some monarch with no money. According to Catalina but then again we don’t trust her. Catalina tells Jane that he is her husband but they’re getting a divorce. Since Jane doesn’t want to meddle as it hadn’t gone too well earlier on in the episode she decides not to tell Rafael herself and asks Catalina to tell him herself, which to my surprise she does. Rafael is totally cool with it but then asks Jane to tell him if she knows anything. Well how convenient because very shortly she sees Catalina and Arnaud kissing and so she tells Rafael who then breaks up with Catalina. Catalina calls Jane and she’s not happy. She starts talking about how it was a friendly kiss, blaa blaa blaa. It was a pretty shitty lie. Jane doesn’t buy it either so Catalina all of a sudden gets very sinister. Next thing we know Jane goes to Rafael’s to drop off Mateo and who answers the door? Cata freaking lina! I mean what the hell Rafael? I thought we didn’t trust her? I don’t like Catalina one bit. She and her husband are up to some sort of game. I just know it and honestly I’m scared for Rafael.

Rafael vs Emilio plus Petra 

Rafael is still digesting that he is not a Solano. After he’s given his birth certificate he has Michael help him get a DNA test and it’s confirmed. He is not Emilo’s therefore not a Solano. He begins to wonder if his father suspected or knew which is why he always treated him so differently. honestly it would explain so much if Emilio suspected because I never understood why he always treated Rafael so badly. If you don’t think Emilio treated them differently then please help me understand why he felt the need to specify in his will that his properties should be divided between his biological children. Key word here is biological. This of course means that Rafael is entitled to nothing. His lawyer tells him that it’s not an issue as long as no one knows. Unfortunately for Rafael, someone else does. The bitch is back. Petra has gone back to her evil ways. I am so tired of this back and forth charade. Can she just accept that she’s a good person so we can all move on? During the episode she gets suspicious that Rafael and Scott worked together and played her and so she asks Rafael about it but he tells her that she’s being paranoid. She then goes to Scott as Anezska and finds out that there was indeed a deal. This makes her bug Rafael’s room and she just happened to be listening in when Rafael and his lawyer were having that conversation. She is totally going to use this against him. I’m not sure how but she will find a way and take everything from him. She tries to be evil like that.

In other news, Michael has quit his job as a policeman. It turns out that desk duty is not for him. He spends the majority of the episode focusing on being a stand up comedian and as funny and entertaining as Michael can be I’m so glad they didn’t make as suffer through that permanently. Michael decides that law is something he may enjoy and wants to pursue. We could have a lawyer on our hands guys! Also Rogelio has developed feelings for Darci. This of course can jeopardise their baby plan. Darci doesn’t want romantic feelings to be involved and we all know how difficult it can be for Rogelio to put his feelings for a woman aside. I don’t even know how that’s going to go now.

Clearly a lot happened in this episode but it was fun and light and evErything Jane the virgin is. it will be interesting to see how Petra takes down Rafael because that’s obviously her plan.There was one thing that the narrator said that bothered me a bit. When talking about Michael’s future as a lawyer and dreaming that far ahead he said “But alas….” The narrator doesn’t just say things guys. I’m worried.


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