Scandal Season 6 Episode 2: Back To The Beginning


What was it that made us fall in love with Scandal? It was the pace, the forbidden romance, the lengths people went to, the portrayals of the politicians, all of these are arguably what made Scandal so great in its earlier seasons and it’s great to see them bring that back. 

In the season premiere we saw Marcus act as Press Secretary which was odd because the last time we saw him, he was a gladiator. There was also the scene where he went to tell Mellie that Fitz would announce Cyrus and it was just weird between the two. I don’t think I mentioned it in my last post but there was that. Well, people, we find out why in this episode. During the campaign, Mellie and Marcus got close. We saw a bit of that last season. What we didn’t see we were shown in the flashback scenes in this episode. Apparently Olivia caught on quite early that something was brewing between Mellie and Marcus and she very quickly warned Mellie against it, using her and Fitz as reference. however there were very striking similarities between Olitz and Mercus. Therefore is Olitz were any indication, it would only be a matter of time before Mercus happened, and they did. They two celebrate a bump in Mellie’s polls with a jar of moonshine and it leads to them having sex on Mellie’s desk. Very Olitz isn’t it?  The next day Mellie is all smiles and honestly it was so great seeing her so happy. She confides in Olivia and tells her how happy she is and that she finally knows what love is. Olivia tries to plant seeds in Mellie’s mind about how Marcus could be a social climber but Mellie is still on cloud nine. Olivia then tells her that if Mellie is happy, the she’s happy. Right. Mercus doesn’t last long though. Abbie offers Marcus the press secretary job which he takes but Mellie is not happy. Turns out Olivia was successful when she planted those seeds in Mellie’s head. Mellie calls him  a social climber and walks out of his office. And that, ladies and gentlemen is how we got to where we are.

In an effort to move things forward after Liv still comes to him and plays the voicemail Fitz get’s Mellie and Cyrus to sit down and talk. Fitz simply does not believe that the voicenote is enough to go on and after the director of the FBI (more on her later) says that they didn’t find anything, Fitz tries to put it all to rest. In their little meeting, Mellie accuses Cyrus of murder and surprisingly her offers her VP. Naturally she’s taken aback but refuses to serve under him. Mellie calls Marcus to ask what his opinion is. He tells her that it would be great for her career and that as VP she can have a personal life. He then tells her that all she needs to do is choose him. Wow. In a way I’m sad that we couldn’t really experience how they got here because they’re obviously so in love with each other. That being said though she still doesn’t agree to take the position. However to make the decision easier for her, Abbie shares a piece of information. Olivia was the one who got Abbie to offer Marcus the job. Mellie immediately heads over to her new BFF’s and asks if it’s true. The strange thing is Olivia shows no remorse. She tells Mellie that she had a job to do and just like that, Mellie tells her that they’re done. I’m not going to lie, that made me so sad. I loved this new friendship that was developing between the two. However the break didn’t last too long though. Mellie eventually comes back to Olivia and the two share a drink and talk about how much it hurts to make sacrifices, before they are interrupted by Huck.


Don’t be fooled, Liv was still working on proving that Cyrus killed Frankie. She sends Quinn and Charley to the Cabin to recover anything they can however they weren’t successful. They eventually break into the FBI to steal Jenny’s laptop and recover her footage. It took a while but somehow Huck manages to fix everything and he finds some pretty incriminating evidence. Now while OPA is trying to prove that Cyrus did it, the white house, so pretty much Abbie and Fitz are trying to get Nelson McClintock the suspected murderer to confess. He’s pretty adamant that he’s innocent and refuses to sign the confession, that is until Abbie enlists Jake’s help. Now I don’t know what kind of B6-13 antic he pulled but he terrified Nelson into signing. I don’t mean scared, terrified to the point where Nelson was shaking in a circle of his own pee. I forgot what Jake was capable of. After Abbie manages to frame a man for murder, Liv heads over to the white house where she interrupts Fitz and the FBI director on a date and shows him the footage. After seeing Frankie and Cyrus having a row where Frankie says when he’s president he will send Cyrus to prison for what he did, Fitz decides it’s time to launch an investigation.

That was a lot to take in, yes but you’re also thinking Fitz and the FBI director? Trust me I was surprised too. In an effort to steal evidence from the FBI, Olivia takes FBI Director Angela out for drinks. Huck and Quinn need time and so Olivia has to talk about something interesting and somehow the topic is Fitz. I’m sorry I just need to rant here. Two very strong successful beautiful black women in powerful positions are having drinks and all they do is talk about a man? Are you kidding me? This is so annoying! Then again necessary for the plot. Angela tells Olivia that she would never go after Fitz unless Olivia gives her the green light. For some reason Liv does, telling Angela that she should ask Fitz out and if he says yes, great. No woman ever truly means that and it was dumb for Angela to not realise that. When Liv went over to show Fitz the footage and she sees Angela there, gosh if looks could kill.

To sum up, this episode felt live everything Scandal used to be. i am so excited and honestly I can’t wait for the rest of it. I said that already and I will keep saying it if the rest of the season is like this.


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