HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 13: I Promise I’ll Fix It


“It’s war” was a very confusing episode for me to watch. If I’m being honest I’m not sure if I found it boring or not. There were some good aspects to it but the show is starting to look like it’s taking a turn for the worst. It’s giving me major Quantico vibes and what I mean by that is this whole new possible killer every episode thing that it’s doing. There were two major things that happened this episode. We find out what happened to Wes’ body and that the Mahoney’s might have been involved. 

Now that Annalise is out of prison, she makes a few rounds. The first is to stop by what’s left of her house. I don’t really understand why she would want to go back there but hey, you do you Annalise. The next thing she does is to meet Nate and have a little catch up session. He tells her about being framed with the transfer of Wes’ body and comes clean about seeing Wes that night. Apparently they had a chat about how Annalise isn’t as bad as people think. Wes told Nate that Annalise has always protected him and that he has also done some bad things to hurt Annalise. Alright Wes, so if you know all this then why in the hell were you even considering signing the deal? It makes no sense. Nate then got a call asking if he knew where Wes was, lied and then left. He sheds a few tears and confides in Annalise that he feels guilty for leaving Wes there. I could understand that. For all we know Nate thinks he was the last person to see Wes. Clearly he wasn’t, because Nate didn’t kill Wes.

The next thing on Annalise’s to do list is have a conversation with the Keating four plus Bonnie. I’m not too sure what exactly she was trying to do but she basically asks them not to say anything if the D.A approaches them. Laurel is to no surprise triggered and has a go at Annalise for trying to cover her own ass rather than help find out who killed Wes. She leaves right after, slamming the door on her way out. Laurel goes straight home and pulls a Stiles (from teen wolf) and prints out pretty much any and everything on the Mahoneys and then calls a PI over and hands him a huge envelope of money. Like huge. This is serious. While Laurel is doing that, Annalise is starting her own war. She writes a letter demanding that the Attorney General launch an investigation into the D.A’s office. She then goes to see the A.G, I assume, and threatens to leak the body going missing to the press if the investigation isn’t launched.


I’m not really sure what pushes her to but the last thing on her to do list is to go and see Oliver and check on him. When I say check on him what I actually mean is ask him to leak the story to the press. Obviously that was dumb! I really don’t know what good Annalise thought would come of it. Once the A.G catches wind of the article she calls Annalise on the phone to tell her that there will be no investigation. In addition to that she threatens her with the death penalty. ALRIGHT CHILL. Everyone just step back and take a deep breath. There’s really no need for this. The thing about Annalise is she’s brilliant. Her mind just works in beautiful ways. She comes up with a plan which she invokes through Frank. Frank calls an emergency hearing asking for Atwood’s communications that day to be subpoenaed. Initially it isn’t going too well for him but he starts hitting the court with things like bias, 6th amendment etc. In the end he wins and we later on find out that it worked. Atwood had Wes’ body moved but not just that, it was cremated.

Laurel’s PI is pretty good at his job if I must say. In that very short period of time, he finds out that the Mahoney’s had a DNA test performed on Wes. This means that they probably knew about Wes being Wallace’s son and may be working with Atwood. Laurel and the rest take the news to Annalise earlier on in the episode and she tells them to stay away from the Mahoneys. They don’t exactly want to, especially Laurel but then Annalise tells them about her baby and you would think that would be enough but no. Laurel tells Annalise that Wes deserved better than her. Ouch. Anyway, after Annalise finds out what happened to Wes’ body the first person she goes to tell is Laurel. The two cry about Wes and Annalise promises that they’ll find out who did it. Okay.

In other news, Oliver finally hacks Annalise’s phone and well he makes some discoveries. Connor comes home, upset but Oliver is even more upset. He confronts Connor about lying to him about not listening to Annalise’s voicemail and we get a flashback. The reason it took Connor so long to get to the hospital was because he was in the house before the fire giving Wes CPR! This means that when it didn’t work he freaked out and run away right? He probably heard Laurel come in, freaked out and run through the storm door. I bet you that’s who she saw.

I may be right but then I could also be wrong. The show is so ridiculous right now anyone could have killed Wes. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it turned out to be Meggie. Whatever the case I hope this is all put to rest on next weeks 2 hour finale.


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