HTGAWM Season 3 Episode12: You Phony


This episode was much better than episode 11. Something actually happened. Emotions were evoked and I was highly frustrated. That may not sound exactly nice but honestly this is what I want and miss from the show. It was good. 

First of all let’s deal with Annalise. She’s taken to court for her arraignment and on her way to the courtroom walks past Frank. This woman unsaw him so quickly even I felt pain for Frank. Annalise is cold, wow. I mean this isn’t new information but still. In the court room she asks Bonnie about the four and Bonnie mentions that it’s Wes’ memorial so they will be there. Annalise seems a little disappointed but she actually had people in her corner. Her parents turn up. The lovely Cicely Tyson reappears and as usual her acting was just magnificent. Annalise is refused bail once again and back in the prison is visited by her parents. During their conversation her mother says that she will take the fall and that Annalise shouldn’t be put away for a crime she committed. Ophelia then goes on to describe how she burned her brother-in-law alive. Wrong crime Ophelia! Annalise’s father comes clean and tells Annalise that Ophelia has dementia. That becomes the heart of the episode, not this Laurel crap which I’ll get into later. Annalise speaks to her parents again later and Ophelia asks Annalise and her father to sort out their issues. For those who may not remember, their issues are Annalise being molested by her uncle and her father not believing her. He takes responsibility for her childhood but refuses to be the reason she’s in prison. He calls her selfish and tells her that if she really wants to help her mother she will get out of prison.

Her father’s words really get to her and Annalise comes up with a plan to get out. She provokes her cellmate, the bully into beating her. We’re talking beating like Cyrus level so it’s pretty mad. When an inmate gets hurt their lawyer is called and so Bonnie comes, takes photos of Annalise and goes to the judge. She threatens to release the photos to the press and file a bias claim  unless Annalise is released on bail. I was so close to saying ‘well done Bonnie’ until I realised the whole thing was Annalise’s idea. For real though, is Bonnie even a lawyer? She’s terrible.  Annalise is eventually released and she goes home to have dinner with her family where she tells her mother that all charges against her have been dropped, just to put her mind at ease. In all seriousness though, I wonder whose house they were in. It’s clearly not Annalise’s since that burned down and it didn’t look like Bonnie’s, so whose?

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 3.42.29 PM.png

While all of that was going down, the Keating four had their own drama to deal with. It was the day of Wes’ memorial so emotions especially were particularly high. For some ridiculous reason they decide that it’s smart for Laurel to give the eulogy. Well it wasn’t. After her failed attempt to talk about how great of a guy Wes was, because truth be told, how much did she really know him, she eventually has a go at all the attendees calling them phonies and asking them to “go cry somewhere else”. Michaela quickly ushers her off the stage and then next thing we know, they’ve lost her. We find out that she’s in the morgue. Alright first of all are we supposed to believe that she just became invisible and left Michaela’s arms? Secondly did she walk all the way to the morgue? That makes no sense whatsoever. And lastly how did she even know which morgue Wes’ body was being kept at? Anyway she asks to see Wes’ body but it told no. She then mentions that they were in the fire together and is still told no. She tries using the pregnancy card and when she’s told no again she tells the poor receptionist that she’ll go to hell someday. Damn Laurel. You’re hurting, we get that but wow. Chill. She then enlists Nate’s help and he takes her to the morgue. There we discover that Wes’ body is MISSING! As in it was gone. Just like that. Wow. The next day she goes to see Frank to ask if he really did it but the meeting is cut short when she asks what Wes’ last words were. She then goes back to the Keating 4 plus Bonnie and tells them that she’s sure Frank didn’t do it. She then has a her final outburst of the episode and accuses everyone else of not caring about Wes. When that is all over, she goes to his apartment, breaks past the police tape, puts on one of Wes’ shirts and just rolls around on his bed crying and smelling the shirt. My whole issue with this level of grief Laurel is displaying is just that it seems forced to me. Wes and Laurel just weren’t in love like that. The show never successfully sold that idea to us and so this whole act is just unbelievable and is starting to get irritating.

After the memorial, Oliver gets a call from the police department asking him to come in for an interview. They prepare him for it as much as possible but the Keating four are pretty much shitting themselves when he’s away. Luckily for them Oliver is able to lie to the police and later that night starts laughing in bed like a crazy person. It freaks Connor out how good of a liar Oliver is. Can I just say that with each passing episode my dislike for Connor slowly grows into hatred. Anyway, Oliver confesses to Connor that he saved a copy of Annalise’s phone. I guess this means they’re going to read it now and find something.

In other news while investigating Wes’ body disappearing, the DA’s office learns that Nate was the one who signed an order for Wes’ body to be transported. Okay Nate is clearly being framed right? Yeah not so easy to say. Nate himself is being shady! During the flashbacks after Wes got away from Frank, he got in a taxi and called someone under ‘In Case of Emergency’ and says ‘Hello, it’s Christophe’. First of all…WHET? Who even knows his real name besides Annalise? What’s going on here? Anyway after his taxi ride, Wes arrives at Annalise’s house and there he finds Nate. End of episode. See? Shady.

This episode really was better than the last but even with Wes’ missing body I’m still not excited about anything.


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