Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 10: In Memory


I normally have the season poster up there but today it’s a crying gif. Chapter fifty-four has completely shattered me. I had to take a few days off to gather myself and just type up this post. I’m writing this with such a heavy heart and so bear with me. This post will still be a recap one but more than that. He deserves that at least.

Michael dies. You see how short that sentence is?  That was how quick and unexpected his death was. The thing is…I say that but it wasn’t really unexpected. We were just led to believe that. When Michael dies all the signs just hit me in my face. It was like they had turned on all the lights at once and every hint came flooding back to me. It goes all the way back to his recovery and how quick it was and even more recently him failing his physical. If you think that isn’t hint enough remember when at the end of episode I pointed out that the narrator made a very ominous comment when talking about Michael’s future? Michael had just decided that he wanted to go to law school and I remember the narrator going “But alas….” It just made me so uneasy but at the time I thought it was just related to his future as a lawyer and maybe it not going well. Not that HE WAS GOING TO DIE.


You watch the whole episode and yes you notice that they’re focusing on Michael and Jane’s relationship a bit but hey, sometimes that’s normal for JTV. What I don’t understand is why now? I mean what was the point of this? Okay okay let me talk about what happened a bit more. It’s the night before Michael’s test and to calm him down Jane decides to take him back to the place where they admitted how serious they were about each other. On this date we see a very nervous Michael just totally awkward around Jane. they look younger, they look happy and honestly it’s just cute. We are taken on a journey where they retrace their steps. From the love measuring machine, to the photo-booth and the ferris wheel where they finally decide to be exclusive and it’s all contrasted with present day Michael and Jane. Now present day Michael and Jane are not nervous or shy, in fact, whereas in the past their photo’s from the booth were very awkward, this time it was pretty much PG-13. The whole sequence and dates scene was just beautiful to watch. You could really see how much they had grown as a couple but then also how much things has stayed the same.


That’s the thing about Jane and Michael. No matter whether you’re team Michael or team Rafael there is no arguing that no one else knows Jane like Michael does. He totally gets her and the two were just weird in a way that was good for each other. They were funny and light and so in love and even after everything they had been through they found ways to make it work. One thing you can never fault him for or deny was how much he loves Jane. This episode they had a pregnancy scare and all though he had just quit his job and they had a timeline, the look on his face when she told him that they might be expanding their family was just incredible. I wanted it for them. I wanted it so badly but no. They don’t let us have nice things because if they did Michael wouldn’t be dead. Or Jane would have had a two-year old as a piece of him!

I’m going to get to the heart breaking part now. Jane has the opportunity to get her dream job and on the day she goes after it, Michael is meant to take his LSAT. They do this cute little thing where he has his bag, she hands him a lunch box and she has her folder and before he walks out the door, she tells him she’s proud of him. SOMEONE GET ME THE TISSUES NOW! I should mention that the theme of this episode was memories, specifically flashbulb memories. People remember things how they want to and the rest, the background noise eventually fades away. This moment with the lunchbox was a flashbulb memory. There was a whole halo light around Michael and the narrator and his very ominous words saying “Jane would replay this moment over and over again”. At the time I thought it was very weird but once again I didn’t think HE WOULD DIE but now it makes total sense. I should have known. Jane and Michael  go their separate ways and that’s it.

It would have made more sense to me if he died on the job. Maybe got hit when exchanging fire with some criminal or something. It definitely would have hurt less if he died in any other way. Hell even if he died in the hospital after he got shot that would have hurt less, but this? This was just awful. He just collapsed. He finished his test, was in a queue to get his phone back then he just sort of spasmed  and collapsed, then died. That wasn’t even the worst part for me. What broke me was the scene where Jane got the call, her scream. I was shook. I mean I was already in shock from him dying but Jane’s reaction was so heartbreaking. Thankfully Rafael was there to pick her up but I wanted to just hold her and try to comfort her.

I’ve said everything there is to say about the episode but to such an amazing character I just want to say thank you. Michael Cordero you made us laugh, we felt your love, we wanted you to make it and we loved you. You brought something to the show that could never be replaced and for that we truly thank you.

Elsewhere in the episode, Rafael decides that he needs to wipe the slate clean and set a good example for his children. He’s going to prison. A nine month jail sentence for covering up his fathers crime. Anezska and Scott pay Petra a visit and blackmail her but it all that happens is Anezska spends time with the twins. Rogelio’s penis is cut from the film and he is NOT happy about it. We get a scene where he shouts out penis penis penis about twenty times plus he’s going to do a reality show with Darci and lastly Rose is back, oh and Louisa. Rose is back under of course a different face but no one besides Louisa knows this.


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