Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 9: Stress Levels


This was probably the most normal episode of Jane the virgin we’ve had this season and it was great. Don’t get me wrong, it was still pretty weird because you know, Jane the virgin. There was the usual plotting and scheming but for the first time in what feels like a while, it focused on something real that we could all relate to. Stress. 

“Chapter Fifty-Three” shows Jane and Michael being real passive aggressive with each other in the kitchen. In an earlier scene we learn that Jane has completed her novel and is waiting on her grandmother’s approval before she turns it but also that Michael is very irritable because of the stress from applying to law school. Yes so back in the kitchen the two are just very passive aggressive and it’s not exactly nice to watch because you know… it’s Michael and Jane. In addition to Michael drama, Jane realises that Mateo is not at the same level as his peers in relation to speech. Plus on a completely different note she still has all this stress about Catalina.

Jane decides to take on yoga classes as she feels they’ll be good for her. Help her de-stress and what not. Before her class though she sees Rafael and talks to him about Catalina and he mentions that he’s going to end things. Jane admits to being happy about this and the whole time they’re having the conversation, Petra is eavesdropping. She then tells Catalina about the whole conversation and asks her to take Rafael out in exchange for ten thousand dollars. Okay so now we’re up to speed. Imagine a very anxious Jane on the beach practising yoga and trying to forget about all her worries, Catalina included. Now imagine her shock when Catalina joins her in the yoga class and tries to address the whole issue. Lets just say that conversation could have gone better.


As if things couldn’t get any worse for her Michael has an allergic reaction to one of Jane’s oils on the day of his law interview. He freaks out, like completely and takes it out all on Jane. They get stuck in traffic which isn’t supposed to clear for three hours. They start yelling at each other in the car with his swollen face and the whole thing is a mess. They decide to stay the night in a camping site. Jane hates camping and since Michael is temporarily blind in one eye she has to set up everything. Yeah that doesn’t go very well either and leads to another argument.Eventually they’re honest with each other and Jane tells Michael that he’s stressing her out and he confesses that it’s because he has failed all his practice  tests. When they are finally honest with each other, our favourite couple resolve their stress issues to have a lovely night under the stars. In my opinion this was the most normal thing that went on in the episode. Every couple goes through something similar and it’s refreshing to see them not being perfect for a little bit. Glad they made up though.

Rafael is still dealing with the whole Emilio will situation but before he can really do anything about it, Catalina takes him away so Petra can work her magic. By that I mean steal the copy of Emilio’s will. Catalina takes Rafael to this ‘rebirth’ tent and not only does he faint but it hits him that he needs to start afresh. He for some reason tells Catalina about his father and that gets her to come clean about Petra. It doesn’t take much for Rafael to realise that Petra has camera’s because there’s no other way she could know what they said. He finds the camera’s and Petra confesses that she’s traumatised. She also comes clean about taking the will but then she tells him that she destroyed it. Before Anezska paralysed her she was finally bonding with her daughters but now they cry when she holds them. That is so sad. I mean when you think about the fact that she had postpartum depression and she was finally getting somewhere with her children, this happens.I really just want Petra to be happy. In my last post I said that evil Petra was back I was so wrong. What we have is a broken Petra.

In other news, Rogelio and Darci are officially dating. After an attempt to push him away, she can no longer hide the fact that she does indeed have feelings for him and the two share a passionate kiss. Also Rafael finally broke up with Catalina, and….SHE’S GONE! I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of her though. I’m skeptical. Lastly and most importantly, Scott and Anezska got married this episode and the two are coming after Petra and Rafael. They’re pulling out all the stops this time as we see Scott hand Anezska’s Emilio Solano’s shredded will. Well we’re in for some trouble.


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