Scandal Season 6 Episode 3: All About Cy


We don’t often get episodes where the main characters take a back seat but that was exactly what happened in “Fates Worse Than Death” and it was brilliant. We find out the truth about Jenny Fields and what really happened to Vargas.

The episode begins with Cyrus who is in the kitchen with his family asking Michael to help him pick out a tie when he gets a call from Abbie who warns him to lawyer up. He later on has a meeting with fitz who tells him that he can make the whole thing go away if he just steps down. Cyrus feels insulted at this request and says that he will only step down if Mellie steps down too. Before he gets out of the car he tells Fitz that he will do exactly what he asked him to do the night Vargas died, which is to have the nations best interest at heart. At this point I was still convinced that Cyrus did it. I did no care what he said. He goes back home but receives a call from Tom who apparently knows what Cyrus did. I was even more sure than ever that Cyrus did it now.

In the last episode we found out the Jenifer Fields was the cinematographer on the campaign but this episode we find out that she and Vargas had gotten very close. OPA is convinced that the two were having an affair and Cyrus thought so too. This make shim reach out to his lap dog, Tom and implicitly ask for his help. Tom takes her name and tells Cyrus that he will handle it. Next thing, Tom walks in, tells Cyrus that it’s handled and in a very lustful embrace Tom is whispering into Cyrus’ ear how he’s a very ‘extraordinary’ man and that he needs to be the one wearing the crown. He then asks Cyrus if he wants to be president and after taking a moment to think about it, Cyrus says yes. The next day Cyrus gets called into Vargas’ office and sees Jenny’s face all beaten up. He confesses to having something to do with it but only because she was going to come in between them and the election. Now this is what causes the row between the two in the video that everyone saw. Frankie was referring to having Jenny beaten up. Cyrus then realises that Tom is a psycho and goes to break up with him. He specifically asks Tom not to touch a head on Vargas’ head and tells him that they are done. That is the story of how Cyrus Beene broke Toms heart.


After Tom makes a comeback in the present day, Cyrus decides that it’s time to have a conversation with him. They meet in a park in the middle of the night and Cyrus tells Tome what he thinks he’d want to hear. He gives him the whole I loved you but I didn’t use you speech. The thing is, Tom isn’t dumb, he could see right through Cyrus’ act. Cyrus is mid sentence when Tom starts to bark. He then cuts him off and tells him that he is not his dog anymore. He reaches for the gun Cyrus had stashed under the table and points it right at him before declaring himself on top. He then puts the gun in Cyrus’ mouth and tells him all about what could happen if he were to pull the trigger. Just when you think it’s all over, Tom pulls the gun out of Cyrus’ mouth and tells him that there are far worse things than death and that he should know. Well what Tom meant was that he was going to confess to killing Vargas and tell them that it was under Cyrus’ orders.

In other news Elizabeth North finally makes her first appearance this season. I was wondering when she would. She asks to help Cyrus in exchange for Chief of Staff if he’s to end up in the Oval Office. Lastly I think Charlie is officially a gladiator. He’s been spending an awful lot of time at OPA and just being cute with Quinn whom by the way he calls Robyn.

This was a very enjoyable episode. It wasn’t in the same way as episode 3 was but this one focused on Cyrus in a way that didn’t even make you miss the other characters.  We finally know that Cyrus is innocent. I was wrong. He truly did admire and believe in Frankie Vargas and I actually feel a little bit sorry for the guy for ending up in this position. Hopefully Olivia will realise that something isn’t quite right and come to his aid but then again I could be wrong. Shonda Rhimes just loves to throw us off doesn’t she.


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