Scandal Season 6 Episode 4: Your Bill Is Due


It was doing so well! Scandal was off to a good start and I had such high hopes. I still do, but in my opinion this episode was just a bit of a let down. It had it’s pretty great scenes but some things just did not make sense. Let’s get into it.

“The Belt” opens with Cyrus arriving in prison and being taken through the whole entry process. He’s asked what he’s in for, has his mug shot taken, fingerprints scanned and is searched. As in clothes off, ass cheeks spread and inspected. This was a very interesting scene for me to watch because for a very long time, Cyrus has been one to crave power. I mean everyone on the show does, but Cyrus, Cyrus is like Eli in a lot of ways with regards to how badly he wants power. Therefore to see him like this, absolutely humiliated and powerless was just completely new and oddly entertaining. The lack of power continues once again as when he realises he and Tom are in the same prison he tries to talk to him but can’t. He then decides to write Tom a letter about how much he loves him in hopes that he will recant his statement after reading the letter. The thing is, Cyrus is in prison and does not have access to paper or a pen. He makes a dealing with a shady prison guard and in the end gets the supplies he needs and writes the letter.

Before we get back to Cyrus let’s talk about Abbie. For a long time now, Abbie has been getting way too big for her boots however this episode she crosses a line. She marches into David Rosen’s office, for reasons we know not and demands that the death penalty be dropped. She then invokes the president’s name when Angela whom by the way I’m going to call rebound bae because that’s exactly what she is. After her little stunt, she calls Elizabeth North in and asks her to deliver a message to Cyrus that he doesn’t have to worry about the death penalty anymore. For some reason Elizabeth agrees to play messenger. Okay not for some reason, I actually know why she agreed. Abbie said she might give her a job. Still, I don’t know why Abbie felt the need to send someone to tell Cyrus directly.


Elizabeth goes to see Cyrus and agrees to give Tom the letter however next thing we see Michael is handing Cyrus the letter and he is not happy. He tells Cyrus that he is leaving him and is pretty much taking everything. This made me sad, I’m not going to lie. For some strange reason I liked these two together. Michael was normal. He was good for Cyrus. Also what in the world compelled Elizabeth to give Michael the letter? Where is the sense? As if Cyrus’ day couldn’t get any worse, the shady guard takes him outside for some ‘fresh air’ but instead he’s ambushed by some Latino prisoners and they beat him up so badly. The next scene is Cyrus in the hospital with Michael and Liv then he’s being sworn in, and I knew it had to be fake. It was some weird dream sequence that was somewhat unnecessary in my opinion. After he’s found and stitched up, he calls the one person he thinks can help him, Olivia. Wait a second, why did he wait so long to reach out to Liv? It makes no sense. Anyway, Cyrus tells Olivia that he’s innocent and needs her help but she washes her hands of him. At this point, I felt so much sympathy for Cyrus and the only other time I ever felt something remotely close to this for him was when James died. That’s saying a lot. Before Liv ends the call though, she tells Cyrus that he needs to man up and pay his dues, and he takes that to heart.

Cyrus Beene aint no bitch and so when he asks the shady guard for his belt so he can kill himself, I knew something was up. it turns out that Cyrus and his crazy hallmate who is a cannibal by the way had come to an agreement. Ray or Roy (cannibal prison mate) I can’t exactly remember, was going to kill either Tom or the guard and so predictably self servingly the guard takes them to Toms cell where Ray/Roy strangles him with the belt in front of Cyrus. Tom manages to get out that he is innocent and Cyrus quickly orders his prison pal to let To go. This of course means that the guard dies. While Ray/Roy is killing the guard, Tom tells Cyrus that he didn’t kill Vargas, He only wanted to see Cyrus suffer. Just as he says that the rest of the guards rush into the cell and take Cyrus away who happily screams that he is innocent. Well Cyrus no one cares if you say it. If Tom doesn’t tell anyone relevant it won’t matter. The only thing now is that I’m not sure if Tom is alive or not. It wasn’t very clear to me.  While this whole prison sequence was unfolding, back at OPA they were simultaneously also realising that Tom was innocent. At the time of the murder he was at a drive thru and had been paid $2 million only a few days later. Now the question is WHO orchestrated the whole thing?

In other news, Fitz and the FBI director are sleeping together. She’s clearly rebound bae. This thing, whatever isn’t going to last very long. It’s just wrong. She was good for one thing though, she tells Fitz about Abbie’s behaviour and he puts her back in her place plus bans her from being involved in the investigation. Well done you. Secondly Huck may have a potential bae. I’m happy for him. He deserves some happiness in his life. Lastly Mellie may not be president after all. After ‘twerking’ in Olivia’s office because the presidency is within reach, it’ll be very difficult for her to give that all up now.

All I want to know is who framed Cyrus and why. I hope to God the answer isn’t as easy as Papa Pope because if it is I think I’ll  lose all hope in this show. Maybe it could be Jake? He’s been quiet so far. I wonder if his lack of appearance is just a set up for something big. I won’t even have a clue for three weeks because Scandal is taking a little break friends. How nice.


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