Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 11: Your Life Will Be Beautiful Again


Most of us are still reeling and mourning the death of Michael. I mean we just didn’t expect it. This episode we see how life has changed for our characters after this huge change and how they’re coping. Especially after three years. 

Like most of us, Jane is still mourning the death of Michael. Don’t get me wrong, she’s moved on, taken it day by day but she still misses him and clearly still loves him. When we first see Jane she’s getting ready for a wedding and looks at her reflection in the mirror. She then glances at the photo booth pictures of her and Michael. The more recent one and the old one and she then imagines Michael cheering her on. Telling her that she can do this. We’re also reintroduced to a three-year old Mateo. Very quickly we realise that he is an absolute pain. They have a wedding to get to but Mateo isn’t ready to go anywhere. Jane spends quite sometime trying to get him ready for them to leave. Later on we see that she’s still  working for that lady she interviewed for in the previous episode, but the woman is an absolute bitch. The thing is, she has connections and could further Jane’s career and we see evidence of that. Jane’s boss asks her to give her a shortlist of books for her to read then select for Miami’s most wanted to read list. As this is such a huge opportunity, Jane submits her book and because she’s an amazing writer she gets the spot. So remember how Jane wrote a book on her abuela? Well that is not the book she completed or finished. This one is about Michael and their love l. It’s their story, complete, not cut short. Jane is asked to read some chapters at an event but the woman we saw so put together for the majority of the episode absolutely breaks down and cannot go through with it. It isn’t until Rafael tells her to grow some balls and do it that she manages to pull herself together for the reading. It went swimmingly as expected and honestly I don’t even know what Jane read to the audience but I wanted to applaud too. 


You recall Rafael deciding to go to prison and leaving Petra with the twins and the running of the Marbella? Well everything worked out. We have a new addition to beard gang over here. Rafael comes back from prison with a beard. Like a full on beard. It’s weird to see initially but honestly it’s not bad at all. He also has a new girlfriend. We don’t really know much about her right now so I don’t exactly have any feelings towards her. Petra on the other hand I am so proud of. First of all she did a brilliant job with the twins. Not only are they so well-behaved but they are just so sweet and apparently the perfect students. Also it should be noted that she finally changed Elsa’s name to Ellie. Besides the twins Petra has also done a brilliant job with her third child, the Marbella. While Rafael was  away in an effort to dissociate the Marbella with you know, murders, drug lords, fraud, the works, she had decided to make it family friendly and the happiest place on earth. Unfortunately for her though Scott had to ruin all of that. Well it wasn’t exactly his fault, being as he was dead and buried on the shore. The last we saw of Scott her and Aneszka were holding the will over Petra and Rafael’s heads. I wonder whose toes stepped on this time. 

Let’s move on to Jane’s parents. We know Jane was going to a wedding, but whose? Well it was Rogelio and Darci’s. Don’t freak out though, it wasn’t real! It turns out that their reality show is a massive success and the two have broken up and actually hate each other now. What I found sad was the so do Rogelio and Xio. Apparently in the show they portray her as the crazy evil ex and she’s upset that he didn’t stick up for her or try to fix it. Which he most likely would have done if he was single. Meanwhile Xio and Bruce are still going strong. Now that I know Rogelio is single I still have a little hope for them. 

Killing Michael off was a bold move but one that the show needed. It’ll be great to see how things have changed for all of them and what direction the show will take now. I’m looking forward to it. 


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