HTGAWM Season Finale: Wes


It started with #UnderTheSheet and #WhoIsUnderTheSheet and then once we found out it was Wes it became #WhoKilledWes. Well ladies and gentlemen, we have our answer. If you follow me on twitter you have some idea of what I thought of the episode and my questions. Oh there are many questions but let’s get into the recap and then we can discuss later.

Who killed Wes? That has been the question on everyone’s lips since the show made its return in January. With recent revelations the most popular fan theory was that Atwood was working with the Mahoneys and they killed Wes. Everyone else in the show seemed to think so too and so Annalise and everyone who wants to save themselves are looking into Atwood. Even Nate is helping out Annalise. After snooping through everything there possibly is to snoop through all Nate does is simply ask Atwood and it turns out that she had nothing to do with the Mahoneys. Well there goes that theory.

Annalise then decides that the best thing to do would be to have a talk with Sylvia Mahoney face to face. The lunch escalates pretty quickly and pretty much ends with Sylvia telling Annalise that she’s wrong about so much. The first being that Wes wasn’t Wallace’s son but Charles’. Okay wait a minute. How? She also tells Annalise that her car accident was just a car accident then reminds her again that she’s wrong about a lot of things before getting up and leaving. Wait wait wait. So did Wallace know that Wes was Charles’? Why did Sylvia even have Wallace’s DNA checked against Wes’ then? If she knew about Wes then why did she just allow him to suffer his whole life? If she has nothing to do with this then what even was the point of that whole storyline? I just feel like none of it is coherent anymore. I’m not sure if I’m making sense but it’s almost as if they’ve given us too much information which has left us with a bunch of questions but not enough answers. The whole lunch just proved that the Mahoney’s had nothing to do with it so there goes that theory too. So then what really happened to Wes? I’ll tell you.


The last time we saw Wes he was receiving CPR from Connor. Connor continued with the compressions until he heard a noise, smelt gas and left the house. Well before that, just after Nate left there was someone in the house. Wes calls Annalise and leaves her a voicemail but as he’s about to end the call he gets attacked from behind. His mouth covered and has something injected into his neck. He struggles with the man for a while, smacks a bottle against his head and tries to make a run for it. However his body starts to weaken and next thing we know, he’s falling to the ground and crawling towards the door screaming for help. The mystery man eventually catches up to him and sits on top of him. Wes asks why he’s doing this and the man just shoves some cloth into Wes’ mouth, covers it and hold his nostrils closed , suffocating him before dragging his body to the basement, breaking the gas pipe and leaving the house. This is where Connor came in.  He saw the broken glass and the basement door ajar, went down and saw Wes and so started the compressions but run out the storm door when he smelt gas. This was what Laurel saw when she said she saw a man running out. Just a few seconds after Connor runs out, the house goes up in flames. The mystery man then makes a phone call telling someone that “It’s been done but things got messy”. It isn’t until the final minutes of the episode where we find out who the man is.

For most of the episode Laurel is acting unreasonably. To be honest she’s been unreasonable for the second half of the season but this episode was by far the worst. She manages to get Asher and Michaela to help her confront Charles Mahoney but once they back out Laurel decides to face him herself and this girl had a gun. What was she going to do? Shoot him in the middle of the street? Thank God that didn’t happen because I would have been mad as hell. Just as Laurel is rushing towards Charles she bumps into our mystery man and the two know each other. Apparently his name is Dominic and he’s a family friend. We get a flashback to the night of the fire and it turns out that Dominic was speaking to Laurels father. LAUREL’S FATHER KILLED WES! What the actual fuck? I’m sorry but there is no other way I can react. I have so many questions. WHY is the first one. I mean seriously. Laurel’s dad is not even a part of his daughter’s life. Why get involved by killing her boyfriend? Did he accidentally kill the wrong person? Was he trying to kill Frank but accidentally killed Wes? I don’t get it. Please someone try and help me crack this because it makes zero sense. When the show returns in the fall they better have a darn good reason for this nonsense of a plot twist.

Meanwhile in the midst of all this we find out that Denver is shady. Then again I’m not really surprised because the D.A’s office has had it in for Annalise for the longest time now. When they were investigating Atwood they found a number for a burner phone but it belonged to Denver not Atwood. He’s the one behind everything. He’s so desperate to see Annalise behind bars that he even hold Connor against his will in some shady cell and offers him blanket immunity in exchange for pinning it on Annalise.  It then goes from an offer to a threat and when Denver makes good on his threat to charge Connor with murder Connor tells him about the copy of Annalise’s phone to get himself out of it. When Denver leaves Connor, who does he go and meet with? Dominic! Wes’ killer. Just hold up.

Does this mean that Denver and Laurel’s dad were working together? How do they both have the same hitman and if so what was the point of inviting Wes to the station to offer him the deal? In the end that scene didn’t do anything for the episode besides suggest that Denver is in on the murder because they didn’t even use Wes’ phone in the end! Once Annalise is told about the police finding the copy of her phone she goes to Denver and pins the whole thing on Wes.It turns out that when Wes called Annalise that night he left a voicemail confessing to killing Sam but it sounds like confessing to killing Rebecca too. She then comes up with a story of Wes committing suicide and Denver initially rejects it but then after Annalise threatens him he agrees. He and Nate take the voicemail to the judge and ask for the case to be dropped. Therefore they’re good for Sam’s murder. They got away with murder. Because when it comes down to it, a dead man can’t go to prison.


It wasn’t all gloomy though. Some big steps were taken in this episode. First of all Michaela and Asher said the three magical words; I love you. Yeah guys, these two are in love and I’m still trying to wrap my head around them. Secondly Oliver asks Connor to marry him. After this whole ‘I need a break from you’ nonsense we got a proposal. I guess it’s true what they say. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Connor doesn’t exactly answer him though so I’m not too sure what will be going on there.

You know how I said I had questions? I’m just going to list them here because I just feel like they need to be pointed out.

  1. Why did Laurel’s dad kill Wes?
  2. Why did Annalise even call all of them to the house?
  3. When did Laurel and Wes fall so madly and deeply in love?

The next season better have answers to these questions because if not I’ll be very very upset.


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