Quantico Season 2 Episode 9: Terrorist Inception

Quantico is back from its winter break. Don’t get me wrong, it came out ages ago, I just haven’t had the time to write this post but honestly it was worth the wait.
The episode begins with Alex in an interrogation room (once again) and guess who she’s being questioned by? Hannah. As in Ryan’s ex-wife who very strongly dislikes her. Hannah asks Alex to explain the whole situation and she starts by telling her about her time on the farm. Hannah doesn’t see the relevance of Alex’s little anecdote that is until Alex mentions that Ryan is a terrorist. 
That accusation throws Hannah and she involves Shelby, asking her to listen in on the questioning since she knows Alex best. At some point Shelby comes barging in and announces that Ryan isn’t a terrorist. The AIC aren’t even the terrorist in this case. They’re the target. I’ll give Hannah QOTE because she very aptly described the whole situation.

“One group of rogue agents is holding another group of rogue agents hostage?”

They decide that they need to inform Miranda of the situation and Alex is surprised to hear Miranda is there since you know, she ignored her call and all. Hannah and Shelby leave to go and find Miranda but then we see her behind the mirror putting a silencer on her gun. Okay so they clearly wanted us to think Miranda was going to harm Alex but we know better! She enters the room and tells Alex that they need to talk. Next thing we see, Hannah and Shelby return to the interrogation room but find it empty. Miranda took Alex. Who is getting season one vibes? It can’t be just me.
The past

I am so tired of opening scenes of Alex and Ryan in bed having sex. We get it. They’re in love, sex is nice blah blah blah. Jheez. Sorry guys, I don’t know about you but when it started off like that for about the tenth time I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. When they’re finally done they have a serious conversation where Ryan reminds Alex that now that she’s no longer FBI and strictly CIA he can no longer share information with her. Surprisingly she’s okay with that and shortly after we find out why. There was no way in hell Alex Parish was going to be okay with taking a back seat. That’s one massive LOL. It turns out that she and Harry are still working together and they have a plan. Lydia leaving had gotten Owen very down and a depressed Owen is an easy target for Alex. She wastes no time with her plan. While she’s having her meeting, Ryan is having his own with Miranda. He fills her in on the AIC getting him and the other 2 to kill that man and they ask him not to tell Alex about the phone. Meanwhile the other 2 new AIC recruits are on two extreme ends. Diana seems more carefree than she has ever been and honestly I found that a bit scary, meanwhile Leon was barely holding on. More on them later. They’re still in training after all.
The task this week is the art of seduction. Ooo la laa… okay I don’t know why I typed that. It just seemed appropriate. Anyway Owen tells them that they will each be assigned a guest at a wedding dinner and they had to wake up next to them. Alex is given the groom and Ryan the bride. However Alex ditches him and focuses her attention on Owen. Harry gives her a little pill to slip in his drink and after he starts slurring his words she takes him back to his room. They have a weird conversation over who wants the other more and by the way it’s clearly Owen but noting happens between the two and she doesn’t exactly get any information out of him. Is it bad that a little part of me wanted something to happen between them just to make the storyline even more complicated than it already is? Just me? Okay never mind.

Her new bff informs Alex that Ryan has a phone and this plus the fact that Ryan slept with his target leads Alex to have a conversation with him. He tells her that she needs to back off and accept that the AIC chose him and not her. And them bam! Just like that, my girl pulls out an AIC phone and tells him that that’s what he thinks. HOLD UP JUST ONE SECOND PARISH! When did this happen? How? Are you sure you didn’t steal the phone? Because if you really were chosen why were you left out when the other three were put there committing crimes? Something doesn’t add up here.
You know who else thinks something isn’t adding up? Leon. He begins to think if very odd how much Jane aka Shelby gets him to share and confronts her about it. After she looks at him with those big eyes he falls for it. Or so we think! The next thing we know he’s doing some recon outside her house and sees Nimah leaving her house. Meanwhile in attempt to sleep with her target, Dayana knocks him unconscious. Whatever torturing antics she was taught came into play. She gets Leon to help her clean it up and someone needs to give this girl an oscar because she had me fooled. We see her on the phone telling the person on the other end that’s she got Leon to clean up her mess because he’s weak and shouldn’t be involved. What’s going on here? I’m so lost but so intrigued.
Lastly if you were wondering what happened to Alex back in the present Miranda pretty much abducts her. She tells Alex that yes she is one of the terrorists and that after the conversation they’re about to have Alex will be one too.
I have absolutely no idea which direction this is all going in now but I’m so excited to find out. Well done Quantico


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