Scandal Season 6 Episode 5: Return Of The Prodigal Son


We’ve had four episodes with barely any appearances from Jake. Well ladies and gentlemen he finally came back and he did so with a bang. Scandal threw us in more than one way this episode. There was the obvious plot twist but then there was a shocker, and for me that was what made the episode.

Remember how Jake and Vanessa got married and he didn’t really want to but he did anyway? Well it turns out that they were happy for some time. During he campaign things between them were good, but now, not so much. Jake and Vanessa are supposed to appear on an episode of the liberty report but Olivia gets a call about Vanessa which pushes her to reschedule the interview with Sally. Olivia tells Sally that Vanessa has a cold and it’s just that but we know better. Olivia does not react like that to a cold. Who do you think you’re kidding. Vanessa did not have a cold. She had driven into a tree…with a man in her car. Plus she was very drunk. Jake is not too happy when he hears this. In fact, he is furious. He yells at her, yells at Olivia and then goes off to work. Just when you think all the yelling is over it just manifests itself again but this time Vanessa is yelling at Olivia. She accuses her of having an affair with Jake which is actually not as absurd as you may think considering their history, but Vanessa doesn’t know that. She’s basing all of this off Liv and Fitz’s history. Naturally Olivia feels insulted and shoves Vanessa against the wall asking her not to come for her. Err wow Olivia. That escalated quickly. i can understand feeling insulted but all that aggression…where did that come from? Vanessa confides in Liv telling her that Jake has been running off to meet someone and that the night of the election he disappeared. We’ll get to that later though.


Vanessa and Jake go back home and she continues to pester him about being open with her. It turns out that that is the root of all their problems. Vanessa just doesn’t feel like she knows Jake. What she doesn’t realise is that it’s a good thing she doesn’t really know who she’s married to. That being said though, Jake treated her like complete rubbish. I truly don’t even understand why. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand that he was in a loveless marriage but the way he spoke to her, Jesus it was vile. Condescending, disrespectful, and worst of all enabling her to drown her sorrows in alcohol. I’ve never seen such an ugly side to Jake and it makes me so sad. Vanessa eventually comes clean and confesses to Jake that the reason she drove into the tree was to get his attention. If that doesn’t paint you a picture of how bad things are then I don’t know what else will. Jake tells Vanessa that he simply can’t talk about his past and that it’s a good thing she doesn’t know the real him. This freaks her out and she just rambles on about not knowing who he really is. She’s so freaked out that it takes Mellie talking to her to get her back on board. After her little pep talk with Mellie, she does the interview on the liberty report and all is well with the world again.

Ha! You thought! In the Scandal universe nothing is ever right with the world. If anything seems like it’s well then honestly you’re in for a storm. You thought we forgot about the shooting/Cyrus/who killed Jennifer fields? Well we didn’t. Jake did disappear the night of the election but it wasn’t to see a woman. He went back home. As in Eli Pope. Yup, the two are back in business. OPA gets to investigating Jake and after they close in on him, or so they think, Jake hands Olivia a paper linking her to Tom Larson. She goes to confront Eli about it as the account was a trust he had created for her that only he knew about. Normally I would not put that kind of thing past Eli but the look on his face when Olivia handed him the paper made me think otherwise. For the first time, I saw fear on Eli’s face. Olivia leaves her father but ends up being taken/abducted by Jake. Okay so maybe abducted is a strong word but he was being very shady. He confesses to killing Jennifer Fields because that was what Eli instructed him to do. Meanwhile while he’s telling her this, he’s leading Olivia through the woods in the middle of nowhere and takes her to a cabin. Guess who’s waiting for them in he cabin? Jennifer Fields. Yup, he didn’t really kill her.

Alright so from tweets I saw and just the pattern that is Scandal, Jennifer being alive was meant to be this big shocking plot twist and I get that. Yes it was shocking, I mean I didn’t see it coming but that wasn’t what makes me want to come back and watch the next episode. That is not the thing that has me anticipating episode 6. It was the fact that someone has Eli shook. After Olivia leaves him, he calls a woman whose identity we don’t know. All we know now is that she has a boss and well Eli works for her/her boss. She threatens him a little and then walks away. Guys…do you know what this means? SOMEONE TOOK COMMAND! After seasons of ‘You can’t take command’, someone finally did it. Eli answers to someone. How is this not a big deal for many people? Do you understand the severity of this? I just have so many questions. Too many.

I can’t even guess what’s going to happen now. I JUST NEED ANSWERS SHONDA!



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